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It's Buzz and Jessie once again, with a bit of Woody and Bo. It also has Buzz Lightyear of Star Command in the mix too.

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His breaths were sharp intakes as his pushed against the water with his legs and arms. Each stroke caused a splash and a ripple to spread across the pool. He was alone in the Star Command swimming pool, next door was the gym but all was quiet in there to. The white in Buzz's eyes were bloodshot red, clashing against his navy eye colour. It wasn't the chlorine that was stinging them.

Twelve hours ago when Buzz had been on duty with his team, Mira Nova, Booster and XR a distress call came through on their monitor from Capital Planet. The call hadn't been just from anybody. It had been from Emperor Zurg. He had shown up on the screen to gloat to his archenemy, Buzz Lightyear, that he had captured Buzz's parents.

Being the hero he was Buzz had flown to the planet at top speed, ignoring the protests from his team that it could be a trap. But Buzz was never wrong, especially when it came to Zurg. Buzz was usually one step ahead. However, the fear for his parent's safety caused Buzz to be reckless and he journeyed down to the planet in the solo space craft fitted to rocket 42 alone.

When he reached his parents home, it was deserted. Buzz searched from top to bottom for his mother and father but they weren't there and the knot in his stomach twisted even tighter. It was when he returned back downstairs did he hear Zurg's victorious laughter.

Buzz had turned on the spot, aiming his laser and set to kill. Zurg stood at the end of the hallway opposite Buzz, dressed in a royal purple armour and helmet with gleaming blood red eyes and a mechanical yellow mouth. Buzz's fingers slightly pushed down on the laser on his arm, ready to fire but Zurg gave him a choice.

"A choice?" asked Buzz, his fingers still hovering over his laser.

"Yes Lightyear. You see, while you've been dillydallying down here, my robots have been making themselves welcome on your rocket. Don't worry your crew members are fine...for now. They are being held captive on the rocket but your parents are back at my lair on Planet Z, surrounded by robots. You must choose Lightyear. Who are you going to save? You crew members or your parents?"

Buzz reached the end of the pool and rested his muscled arms on the side, as he caught his breath back. His feet stood on the shallow end of the pool. He wiped away the tear that was slowly trailing down his cheek. The door creaked open, causing Buzz to look up.

The blue skinned Tangean princess cast her eyes around the room before they settled on Buzz.

"There you are," she said, relieved. Mira pulled the door wide open and entered the warm swimming pool. Even though she was off duty, she was still wearing her space ranger outfit. She slowly approached Buzz and sat down on the tiles around the pool. Buzz didn't speak a word.

"I've been talking to the crew members who went to Planet Z," Mira said, gently. Buzz stared at the moving water below him.

"Buzz, your parents were dead before they got there. Zurg had already murdered them. He wanted you to go to them instead of coming back to Booster, XR and I, so you could loose your crew and parents in one day," explained Mira. Buzz shook his head, allowing the new information to process in his mind but he didn't want to hear it.

"Mira, I failed," he said, with a heavy heart. Mira's bright blue eyes blinked at him.

"Don't do that to yourself Buzz. You didn't fail anybody. It wasn't your fault," she said. Buzz smacked the water with his fist, causing Mira to jump back away from the splash.

"Then how come my parents are dead!" he shouted, his voiced echoed around the pool. "Zurg won! He beat me!" Buzz drifted backwards from the edge of the pool and murmured in a lower voice.

"They're dead, because I failed them."

Mira's eyes filled with sympathy for Buzz as she watched him carry the guilt on his shoulders while floating in the water. The door opened once more and Commander Nebula hobbled in, his peg leg clanked on the surface. Buzz stood up along with Mira and saluted him. He waved them off with a hand as he strode closer. Buzz swam over to the steps and hauled himself out from the grasping water and reached for his towel. Water dripped from his black trunks and trailed down his toned body from his medium brown shaggy hair.

"You're both off duty. What are you still doing in your rangers suit Nova?" the Commander asked.

"I haven't had chance to get out of it yet sir, I've been busy questioning the crew members on rocket 23," said Mira. The Commander nodded his head.

"I've had a word with them too. Well run along back home ranger, I need a word with Lightyear," said Commander Nebula. Mira nodded her head and gave one last look at Buzz, who was now dry, before leaving the swimming pool. Commander Nebula waited a couple of minutes to speak when the door had crashed shut.

"Have there been any sightings of Zurg?" Buzz asked. Nebula nodded his head.

"He's been see this past hour in his rocket travelling towards Planet Z," said Commander Nebula. Buzz gave an abrupt nod and went to walk past his commander but Nebula placed a firm grip on Buzz's shoulder.

"You are not going after him." Buzz turned his head to the left, a look of utter disbelief on his face.

"With all due respects Commander, but I am going after him!" he snapped.

"You're off duty Buzz," Nebula reminded. Buzz rolled his eyes.

"Then I'm going after him in my own time," he said. He removed his commander's grip and started to make his way to the door.

"Don't you think this is what Zurg wants?" Commander Nebula asked, raising his voice. Buzz paused at the door and turned around. The Commander took a couple of steps closer to Buzz. "Zurg knows you'll go after him, and if you do it in your own time then you'll be alone and he will win. Remember Buzz, revenge is something we don't promote at Star Command. Your parents won't want you doing this."

Buzz gave a sigh, his eyes brimmed with tears.

"Okay then. I'm back on duty in the morning and I will go after Zurg," said Buzz. Nebula rubbed the back of his neck, his expression distressed and slightly guilty.

"You won't ever be going back on duty again Buzz," he said, sorrowfully. Buzz's face dropped.

"What do you mean?" he asked fearful for the answer.

"After these recent events Madam President from Capital Planet flew over to have a meeting with me. We both agreed that you are too emotionally involved to carry on work at Star Command. I don't want to see you go Buzz. You're one of the best ranger's we've got here but it's for your own good," said Commander Nebula.

The hope inside Buzz to have his revenge on Zurg burnt out like a candle come to the end of its wick. His job had gone, his parents were gone and he had nothing left.

Buzz inhaled a deep breath, wishing all of this was a dream.

"Commander, please. I have to stay, I have to get Zurg!" he argued. Commander Nebula shook his head sadly. Instead of a strong grip, Nebula placed a comforting hand on Buzz's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Buzz."

Without another word Commander Nebula wobbled out of the swimming pool to return to his job. Buzz listened to him walk away, with the sound of humming from the pool filters in the background. He scooped up his clothes and stormed out of the swimming pool with the thought that Zurg had effectively ruined his life in just a few hours.

"Some dream, this is a bloody nightmare!" he seethed.

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