Author's note:: This is a cross between the show and the books and being AU. Set post-The Gun Goes Bang Bang, and possibly into Season Two. Jane is recovering from the shooting and Maura is looking after her. Implied Rizzles (femslash).

Disclaimer; I do not own the characters of Jane Rizzoli, Maura Isles or any others portrayed in this fanfic. They belong to TNT, and Tess Gerritsen.

Chapter One:

As they came crashing through her doors; of the morgue, Maura only heard the trio to know that something was wrong, and with Frankie Jr. He was groaning and clutching tightly onto Jane as she and another Detective all but carried him to seek her help. The Doctor bit her lip as she heard Jane calling out for her to come to their aid. She was sitting with Bass, and keeping him calm as the horror and terror broke lose around them in the Boston Police Department. Maura had never been happier to hear Jane's voice calling for her and as she patted Bass' shell, she muttered to him in a hushed whisper, "It's Jane!"

She hurried out of her office and behind them into the morgue, her heels clacking on the flooring, "Jane!" she gasped, seeing her with her brother and the other Detective before she whirled around to close the door behind them, "I was hiding...there are men..." she gasped, catching her breath as she turned back around to the trio, "There are men...shooting in here."

Jane nodded and looked at Maura, "Yeah, both of them have been shot." she told Maura, hoping she would be able to help the men.

"I'm fine, take care of him." Bobby spoke up, nodding and gesturing to Frankie Jr.

Upon seeing Frankie's injuries, Maura gasped yet again, focusing upon that dark patch of scarlet soaking into his uniform, "Oh my God, what happened?"

"He's been hit twice." Jane replied, sighing at the thought of possibly losing her brother.

"No, I'm fine. It's alright, my vest stopped it." Frankie replied, trying to be more a hero than a hassle to his sister and the Doctor.

Maura's breathing was erratic as she whipped around and rushed towards one of her tables, "Alright. Get him up here." she told Bobby and Jane.

"The table? Already?" Frankie tried to joke, but he was afraid. He knew that the vest hadn't stopped any damage from the rounds that had been fired at him. And as Bobby and Jane escorted him to the table Maura had suggested, he groaned and tried to hide the fact he was hurt, instead he continued, "You mean the dead person thing?"

"Come on, shh!" Jane scolded him, just as their mother ofter did to her children.

Maura, out of courtesy, covered the body she had been working on before the hell had broken loose as Frankie got up onto the slab so she could examine him. She helped out a little and gently muttered, "Careful! Careful, careful." as Frankie swung his legs up with some effort and lay back.

Jane handed Bobby her weapon as she held onto Frankie's arm, "Keep this. Watch the doors, I'm gonna stay here with Frankie." she looked back to her brother as he continued to groan and expel air as Bobby took off to man the doors and hopefully keep the Rizzoli siblings and Doctor Isles safe while she was helping Frankie.

Maura stood outside Jane's room, seeing the Rizzoli's; Angela and Frank in the room with their daughter. They had been to see their son, and had thanked Maura for what she had done, given the severity of Frankie Jr's injury and the pressure that Jane had put onto her, to help her brother. She sighed as she saw the balloons and the flowers from family and friends, colleagues and neighbours. All were wishing Jane a fast and healthy recovery. And yet, Maura's flowers or card was not in the room. No trace of Maura was in that room. She hadn't been able to take herself inside that room to see Jane.

The Doctor softly sighed as she remembered back to when she was helping Frankie relieve some of the pain caused from those two shots that had placed him in the hospital now, along with his sister.

"It's worse than bad." she told Jane.

She always had hated delivering news like that to family members or spouses, which is part of the reason why she had chosen the profession she was in now. There was no news as such, that type of news was up to Jane to tell the families, and not her. Maura just worked for finding the cause of death, and listening to when the victim had to say about their life. She could speak for the dead. And they spoke back to her.

Jane had already known it was bad, as soon as she had rushed down those emergency stairs to get to her brother and take him to Maura, so she moved back to her brother's side, holding onto his hand to give him comfort and familiarity as Maura bustled around, trying to think of something she could do to help Frankie Jr.

"I need an MRI or CT scan, an x-ray machine...something to check his internal injuries." she as frustrated that she was a doctor and couldn't do anything without the proper resources. As Maura continued to check over Frankie's external bruising to even give her a clue as to how critical his internal injuries were, Frankie began to tense up and hold onto his breath. She went wide eyed and muttered, "I was afraid of that."

"What?" Jane looked to her, searching her face for some kind of inkling as to what Maura may be saying.

She remained outside Jane's room, sitting now on one of the chairs, so that Angela and Frank wouldn't see her there. Maura didn't want to be invited inside to see her friend laying in the hospital bed, she had enough dreams about it since it had happened those four long weeks ago. The memories still fresh as ever in her mind, the emotions that had coursed through her body that day had been an entire spectrum almost.

Maura really didn't know how to deal with grief or loss, since she hadn't experienced it first hand. Yes, she had lost her half brother when he'd ended up on her operating table with an ice pick lodged in his cranium, but Maura hadn't known her half brother until she had taken his DNA to find out who he was. But, up until that moment, Maura had been alone, her parents had raised her and both of them were still alive, she hadn't experienced death or loss, or grief as such.

That was, until now. Until she had walked into Boston P.D as the new Medical Examiner for the Homicide department, she hadn't been prone to those complex emotions. Jane Rizzoli had taught her how to feel. Jane had taught Maura how to live in fear. And Jane Rizzoli hadn't done it intentionally.

When Maura first met Jane, the two of them clashed, they were so different and Jane had been slightly jealous of Maura's wardrobe that she hadn't wanted to get friendly with the newest member on the team. Korsak however, had talked her into it, mainly because he wanted to know if Maura was single. Though once the two got to know one another, Maura realized that Jane was capable of making her feel fear, and feel the need to protect the Detective. All because of The Surgeon.

"I've never done it!" Maura told Jane, sternly. She didn't want to be wrongly diagnosing Frankie Jr and run the risk of losing him for her mistake.

Jane rushed towards Frankie on the table and looked at Maura, determined to make her perform the make-shift surgery on her brother, "Maura...please. Get a needle, do it." she stood before the Doctor, pleading with her to save her brother, "DO IT NOW!" she demanded of Maura, who threw down her stethoscope onto the table.

"Al...alright. Get alcohol, and a cotton ball...and tape." she watched Jane rush over to the storage facilities to gather the said supplies for the procedure as Maura prepared herself, getting the needle and making her way back over to Frankie with it.

As she realized this, Maura knew that she'd do anything for Jane, if she needed it or asked politely, and thinking back now to that day in morgue, Maura had weighed up those feelings and relived that first day she and Jane clicked as she decided what to do.

"His heart can't pump!"

"Please don't let him die, Maura, please." Jane whimpered.

The Doctor hadn't realized how hesitant she had been to perform the procedure on Frankie, and she could have kicked herself. She was sure if she had been in Jane's shoes, she would have kicked herself. Maura had been hesitant to save a life, what had been racing through Jane's mind as she watched Maura make the decision to perform the surgery on Frankie? She may never know, but she didn't want to think about losing Jane. Jane wouldn't give up. And neither would she. She had the patience to handle Jane for many more years to come, if Jane would let her.

Hearing Jane's whimper over and over again, ever since that day, Maura was haunted. She heard it as Frankie telling her not to let Jane die. She couldn't stop it until she knew that Jane was going to be alright. She had to visit Jane, but not while her parents were there, she would see Frankie first and come back later.