Author's note:: This is a cross between the show and the books and being AU. Set post-The Gun Goes Bang Bang, and possibly into Season Two. Jane is recovering from the shooting and Maura is looking after her. Implied/eventual Rizzles (femslash)

Disclaimer; I do not own the characters of Jane Rizzoli, Maura Isles or any others portrayed in this fanfic. They belong to TNT, and Tess Gerritsen.

Chapter Fourteen:

Maura had heard Jane's door slam, so she moved up the stairs to her own room. She quietly closed herself in her room and moved towards her bed, gently settling herself down among the throw pillows and the counterpane. She sighed, hearing that Jane was quiet, obviously in some kind of mood with her but she had somewhat expected that from the Detective. Maura took a few moments to compose herself, all the while listening out for any signs Jane might need her before she stood up and crossed to her dresser, ready to remove her make up and undress for the evening.

It was just at that moment, Jane opened the door to Maura's bedroom and saw the Medical Examiner removing her days' clothing as she reached into her drawer to pull out a soft night slip. Jane could see the slip was satiny and she had to smile at that before Maura turned around to face her, holding the slip in her hand. Jane stood, lingering in the doorway before she eventually stepped into the room and closed the door as she stared at Maura, who was standing dressed only in her underwear and blue cobalt sling-backs, her dress pooled around her ankles.

"Jane..?" Maura tilted her head at the Detective, not bothering to cover herself up. She saw the way Jane was staring at her.

"Maura, don't speak...please, let me just do this." Jane said, crossing the room towards Maura. She knew what Maura wanted, and after speaking with Gabriel Dean, Jane knew she could give her that. She moved around the edge of the bed and stopped just a step or two away from where Maura was standing, and she looked over her before bringing her hands out to graze over Maura's bare sides, "Let me do this, Maura. This is what you want."

"What do I want, Jane?"

"You want me. You want me to make love to you, so you can tell yourself you're right about being attracted to me." Jane replied, closing the gap between the two.

Upon hearing Jane's words, Maura felt her heart rate increase by 200%, she looked at Jane and saw that the Detective's eyes were dark with desire and realised that she must be seeing a mirror image of herself as she looked at Jane. The Medical Examiner softly lowered her gaze and she nodded slowly as she shivered when Jane moved her hands up from her hips to rest just short of her bra. Her eyes flicked upwards and she swallowed a little, "Jane, I..."

"You want this." Jane nodded and she gazed into Maura's eyes, "It's okay, I've got you. I've got this."

Maura was hesitant to let Jane continue, but she wanted Jane and Jane was willing. Maura hadn't any idea why or how Jane had re-evaluated their current situation and decided to give Maura what she wanted, but the Medical Examiner didn't want to question it until later. Especially not when she felt the Detective's hands on the move again, this time around her back to unhook her bra. Maura slowly let her eyelashes flutter while she closed her eyes, feeling Jane's fingers stop as they reached the bra clasp, but she didn't open her eyes.

Jane softly leaned forward and pressed her lips to Maura's, feeling the Medical Examiner respond instantly to her kiss. The taller brunette deepened the kiss and held Maura against her, her fingers once again prowling across Maura's back, playing with the bra clasp but not yet unfastening it.

"Jane..." Maura murmured against Jane's lips before she felt the Detective begin to move her backwards, towards the bed.

"Maura." Jane looked down before they reached the bed, holding onto Maura's hands before she spoke up, "I have something to tell you." Maura looked at Jane with a slight frown and waited upon Jane's response. Jane felt her eyes upon her, so she continued, "I didn't know what hit me when you told me you and Dean had been together. Now, I know what it was jealousy, it whatever. But I knew that from the moment you told me about the feelings you have for me while two of you...I hated him, and I wanted you."

"Jane, I'm sorry I did that to you."

"No, Maura. It's a good thing." Jane smiled softly, tucking Maura's hair behind her ear, "After you told me how you felt, I didn't know what to do. I was scared of admitting my own feelings to you so, I called him. I called Dean to see what he had to say." Jane smiled softly down to Maura.

Maura frowned a little and she tilted her head, "You called Gabriel? What did he say?"

Jane softly sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed before gently pulling Maura to sit down beside her. She softly caressed Maura's cheek as she spoke to her, "He told me to tell you...what I was feeling. He told me that you two had broken it off because of things you'd told him, but I think he knew that we were going somewhere. It was his act of kindness, and hearing it...just...hearing everything, gave me the slap in the face that I needed, to see that I'm in love with you...I'm in love with you, Maura Isles."