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The first time Rapunzel asked Flynn to not freak out, she had been about to heal his hand with her magical glowing hair.

This was a lot easier asked then done.

In a way, Flynn had already accepted that the incredibly strange yet attractive young girl before him was beyond weird. Personality wise, he blamed her mother, figuring that eighteen years locked away in a tower with only a frog for a friend had to have some negative effects on her mental stability. But the hair? Yah, that was all Blondie.

Sitting there, watching as she wrapped a lock of hair around his hand, Flynn couldn't help but start to freak out, even with her prior warning. Of course, he kind of knew what to expect. Just a few hours ago, it had been her hair that had saved them from drowning to death, and he had been fine with it. A bit curious, but fine. As it turned out, however, that being fine with something that could save you from dying a horrible death while you are in the process of dying said death is a lot different from being fine with something while sitting in the middle of a tranquil forest besides a happily crackling fire, death the farthest thing on your mind.

So Flynn would admit, if only to himself, that when Rapunzel started to sing, he started to freak out. His heart started to pound, adrenalin pulsing through his body, filling him with the need to move, to run, to leave whatever it was that was threatening as far behind as he could. At the same time he froze, captivated by the miracle before him. With each word she sung, the clearing became a little brighter, her hair flooding the area with enough light to drown out the fire, the flames looking like a candle next to the sun. As she reached the end of the song, the glow from her hair began to die away, once more plunging them into darkness.

For a few moments he sat there, struggling to regain his whits and not scream, when he noticed that she was watching him, her eyes examining every his every feature, looking as if she herself was about to bolt should his response be negative. So, in an attempt to lighten the mood, he began talking, asking the first questions that came to his brain. Later, he would bemoan his questions, for although they brought more of her past to light, they also turned up his own, but for the moment they served their purpose of releasing the tension that had built up. Although she had been nervous talking about her past, a soft smile soon appeared on Rapunzel's face while his own muscles began to relax, the sudden spurt of energy tapering off into his normal nerves at being in open spaces, spaces where a horse would easily be able to run up and catch you, especially if you were a highly wanted thief.

After a few minutes of talking, he left to gather firewood, using the walk to get rid of the last of his pent up energy, the brisk night air helping to cool his heated muscles. It was not long afterwords that the two of them went to sleep, Rapunzel jittery and jumpy with what he assumed was her excitement at seeing the lanterns tomorrow. Forcing himself to lay still, Flynn couldn't help but feel a splash of shame over his response to her gift. She had only been trying to help, and he had been terrified of her, freaking out despite her plea for him to remain calm. If it wasn't for his natural charm kicking in, he could have made a huge messing out of everything. It didn't help that he wasn't really Flynn Rider anymore, but some confusing mixture of Flynn and Eugene.

Laying there, looking up at the stars above him, listening as Rapunzel's breathing slowly deepened and slowed, he promised himself that he would never react so strongly at anything she did or said to him again, instead taking whatever it was like the man he was becoming. Or at least, he would do his best to hide his feelings for her until, no matter what, he could comply with her request to not freak out.

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