AN: A little over three months ago, I decided that I wanted to take a shot at completing a multi-chapter fanfict. However, due to past attempts ending in a case of writer's block that eventually meant I would scrap the whole project, I wanted to do something that, while it was connected and continuous, it also could read like a series of one-shots. This way, if I did get writer's block, I could end the story there and continue on to the next project. Thankfully, this did not happen, but instead the entire story actually unfolded quite nicely.

The second time I tried to write it, that is.

My first attempt at writing 'Don't Freak Out' ended in three pretty horrible chapters that really made no sense together what so ever. I became discouraged after this, and my original plan had been to let those chapters rot here on my hard drive until the day I finally got over the shame and deleted them. Seeing as how this did not take place, it brings me to the first person I must thank: Savvy P. My next door neighbor, even though she doesn't have a fanfiction account, she still played an active part in helping me write this story. Even though she was mainly just a soundboard for me to bounce ideas off of, her just listening to me talk about the stories I want to write for a couple of hours while we were hanging out really helped me to figure out which direction I wanted to take the story.

Looking back over my story after talking to her, I realized that, while the second and third chapters were really pretty bad, the first one not so much. So I deleted the second chapter, kept the third one as a point of reference for where i eventually wanted the story to end up (though it is not one of the chapters that was posted), cleaned up the first one and sent it to my beta, the second person I thank today: Ulquihime4ever. Although she didn't always get to edit the stories before they were posted, she was always a support beam that helped me to keep going, even when I felt like I wanted to stop.

Then there is my second beta and supporter: Slothy Girl. She's the one who told it to me like it is and captured every grammatical error there was in the story. She also helped me come up with ideas when my original plans for the story fell through or turned out horrible.

Of course, then there are my parents, who have always supported by writing even though I never let them read it. They're pretty awesome like that.

Finally, I have all of you guys to thank. Everyone who ever reviewed, favorited, alerted, or even just read the story have all been a huge help in helping me finish this. Mainly the reason why I didn't give up with this story is because I felt like I would be letting all of you guys down if I did. Thank you all for your support and kindness throughout these last few months, and I hope to see you all again in the future.

Until then, good luck, good lives, and good bye. :)