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Alice POV

"Mom, I seriously hate this! Why did we move here? I liked Tennessee. It was warmer..."My brother Edward complianed. Emmett punched him in the arm.

"Come on, Eddie! Look at the bright side, you could meet a totally hot chick here! It's gonna be wicked fun!"Emmett said, getting excited. I rolled my eyes.

"Emmett's right, Edward. You have to look at the glass half full, not empty."I said, smiling. He still looked a little upset but nodded. We pulled up to Forks Middle School. There were a few kids hanging out in the front yard before class. Edward, Emmett, and me were triplets and all 13, all going into the seventh grade.

"Okay, kids, I love you. Have a good first day!"She said to us as we piled out of the car. It was august and already I could feel the slight chill coming on.

"Okay, guys, we need a game plan. Where are we going?"I asked. Edward and Emmett glanced at each other and shrugged.

"Main office?"Edward suggested.

"Maybe we can ask those guys."Emmett pointed to a group of three kids. There was a gorgeous blonde girl, a very hansome blonde boy, and a pretty brunette all hanging out a small table.

"Sounds good to me."Edward said. I rolled my eyes. Boys, I thought mildly and followed them over to the small group.

-Rosalie's POV-

"Man, another year in the famous Forks Middle School. I think I might die of excitment."I said dryly. School here was so boring. Always the same immature boys, same annoying girls. Never any new meat.

"I think I agree with ya, Rosie."Jasper said, looking hesitantly towards a small group of brunette huddled outside a car. They looked a little confused.

"New meat!"I exclaimed. This just might be an interesting year.