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Chapter 4

Two hours after Hotch had left JJ was thankfully still sleeping. Morgan and Reid had both popped in to check on her, but had returned to the waiting room; leaving Emily to watch the sleeping agent. JJ had stirred on a number of occasions, her sleep disturbed by coughing, but hadn't really woken properly. Emily could tell, however, that she was still struggling to breathe properly. As Emily watched her, JJ began to stir again, coughing violently. Emily watched, hoping that she would be able to settle herself, as she had done before. Unfortunately this coughing fit seemed to be worse than the others and JJ was soon completely awake and gasping for air.

Emily grabbed a glass of water and headed over to the bed. Recalling the Doctor's actions from earlier, she calmly talked JJ out of the coughing fit, before handing her some water.

"Thanks" JJ croaked.

"No problem" Emily responded. "How are you feeling?"

"Like someone is sat on my chest" JJ answered sardonically, "but I've felt worse. Have you heard anything from the others?"

"Not yet" Emily said.

"What about Katie and Kayla?" JJ pushed.

"I haven't been out of your room Jayje" Emily answered. "I'll go out and send Morgan and Reid in and I'll call Hotch and ask the Doctors how things are going, OK?"

"Thanks" JJ said with a grateful smile.

Emily gave her friend a quick hug before making her way back out to the waiting room.

"How is she?" Derek said, standing as she approached.

"She's awake" Emily informed him; "Coughing alot, but she seems OK. I'm going to talk to the Doctors about Kate and Kayla and call Hotch. JJ wants to know what's going on. I told her I'd send you both in."

"I spoke to Hotch about ten minutes ago" Spencer said. "They have a name and address for our main suspect and they were on their way to arrest him. At the moment, we're still not sure why he targeted Katie."

"Hopefully we can get this sorted before Jayje is discharged" Emily said. "You go and tell her about the case and I'll talk to the docs."

Reid and Morgan agreed and walked in the direction of JJ's room. Emily made her way over to the reception area.

"I need to speak to the Doctors who have been treating Katie and Kayla Leonard" she requested, displaying her badge.

"I'll find Dr Shaw" the receptionist replied helpfully. "She has been leading on both cases."

Emily thanked her as she picked up the phone, hopefully to page Dr Shaw.

"She's on her way down" the girl said a few moments later.

Emily smiled and turned round to wait for the Doctor. She looked around the waiting room and noted that it was unusually quiet. There were a couple of drunk teenagers and a small family group who were obviously waiting for news, but that was it. Emily hoped that meant that nobody else had been injured in the fire.

"Agent Prentiss?" a voice called from behind her.

"Dr Shaw?" she responded, turning towards the voice.

A young female Doctor was approaching her from behind the reception area. She smiled at Emily and indicated an empty area in the waiting room for them to sit down in.

"You want to know about Katie and Kayla Leonard?" the Doctor asked.

"We were given some information a few hours ago" Emily answered, "but Agent Jareau would like to know if there's been any change."

"Is that the Agent who got Kayla out of the building?" the Doctor asked, continuing as Emily nodded. "Katie is doing much better. She is conscious, although she is still receiving help with her breathing and it is likely that she will need assistance for some time yet."

"And Kayla?" Emily asked, almost cringing as she waited for the response that she was dreading, but expecting.

"Well, that young lady has actually managed to surprise every Doctor who has worked with her" the Doctor replied. "We honestly didn't expect her to survive for more than a few hours, but she has actually made a small improvement. Don't get me wrong; she is still critical, but things are looking slightly brighter than they were when she first got here."

"Will she make a full recovery?" Emily asked.

"It's still early to tell at the moment" the Doctor said cautiously. "She will have to be monitored carefully. She may still deteriorate rapidly in the next 24 hours and even if she survives there could be some serious long term effects."

"Thank you Doctor" Emily said, standing as it became obvious that the Doctor had finished speaking.

"I'll let you know if there's any change" the Doctor offered as she walked away.

Emily quickly thanked her before walking back towards JJ's room. As she approached the door she could hear Reid babbling on about stalker cases and a variety of relevant statistics whilst Morgan teased him. When she walked into the room she could see that JJ was sat up in the bed and was smiling at Reid as he talked.

"Give it a rest Morgan" Emily said. "Leave him alone."

"What?" said Morgan, trying to look innocent. "I was just..."

"You were just what Morgan?" JJ said quietly, sounding a little better than she had done earlier.

"It's OK guys" Reid interrupted. "I barely hear him anymore."

JJ and Emily laughed at Morgan's mock-hurt look, causing JJ to start coughing slightly.

"How are they?" she asked as soon as the coughing stopped.

"They're both doing a little better" Emily answered. "Katie is conscious, but still receiving assistance with her breathing. The Doctor seemed confident that she would make a good recovery. Kayla is still critical, but is doing better than expected. The Doctor said that there is more hope than there was before, but she could still deteriorate."

"CanI go and see Katie?" JJ asked.

"Not at the moment" a voice called from the doorway. "You're still being monitored."

"I'm feeling fine" JJ said firmly as Dr Matthews walked into the room.

"Mmmhmm" the Doctor said sceptically. "Let me be the judge of that."

The Doctor checked JJ's chart and asked her a few questions, pushing JJ to be completely honest in her answers.

"You do seem to be doing much better" the Doctor said when she had finished her checks. "Your oxygen saturation is higher than it was, but is still not where we would expect it to be and your hands are clearly still causing you some pain."

"But I'm..." JJ started to argue.

"Fine..." the Doctor finished, clearly not fooled. "I know –you said. Look Agent Jareau. I know you want to check on Ms Leonard. I do understand that, but you need to be aware that you are still receiving oxygen at the moment. You cannot leave this room until we have your sats up to normal without the oxygen."

"But..." JJ stuttered.

"But nothing" the Doctor said firmly. "I know what you FBI agents are like. Ms Leonard is recovering well. Her boyfriend is with her and you can visit her in 24 hours, when we discharge you, and not before."

"24 hours?" JJ whined, causing Emily to have to conceal a smirk – it looked like the blonde agent had met her match.

"24 hours" the Doctor said firmly before leaving the room.

Before JJ could start to bitch about the Doctor's decision they were all distracted by Morgan's phone ringing.

"Hotch?" he answered before going quiet for some minutes as he listened to Hotch's update.

"I'll let her know" he finally said, quickly finishing the call.

"Well?" JJ prompted, pushing herself up slightly as she waited for an answer.

"They got him" Morgan said simply. "His name is Declan Godden. He apparently dated Katie in High School and developed an obsession with her. He targeted Steve and Kayla because they were in the way of him starting a family with Katie. He never meant for her to get hurt in the fire. Both he and his brother are in custody now."

"He was willing to kill a baby for some ridiculous fantasy?" JJ asked incredulously.

"It wasn't ridiculous to him Jayje" Emily said. "I'm sure, in his head, it was all perfectly reasonable..."

Emily stopped as JJ snorted her disbelief, quickly regretting it as it caused another coughing fit.

"Damn it" she said, clutching at her chest.

"Are you OK Jayje?" Emily asked worriedly, handing her a glass of water.

"I'm just sick of it" JJ said through gritted teeth.

"Give it some time" Emily said, attempting to placate her. "The coughing will calm down soon."

"I know" JJ said, lying back against the pillows as the coughing stopped. "It's just so exhausting."

"Then get some sleep girl" Morgan said lightly. "You're not going anywhere anytime soon. You might as well make the best of it."

Emily was amazed when JJ didn't argue, but merely turned her head and closed her eyes, quickly falling asleep.

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