Disclaimer: I don't own KHR but this story idea is mine and is connected to the Sir Apropos's Mafia Games Universe.

A/N: Takes place 7 years before the series and 10 years before Sir Apropos's Mafia Games.

Romario squealed like a man as the compact car flew down the narrow road. Pedestrians screamed and jumped out of the way as they passed, three police cars chasing them with sirens blaring.

"Boss! Maybe I should drive!" Romario yelled over the sound of the roaring engine.

"No worries I got it Pops!" the blond 15 year old yelled from the driver's seat as he jerked the wheel suddenly, throwing them into oncoming traffic in order to miss a slow moving van.

"Aahh!" the older man yelped, clutching the 'package' tighter as they barreled toward a mass of cars. "Boss!"

Dino swerved back to the right side of the rode barely missing the front of the van. "Relax Old man I told you I have it handled! Woah!"

"Right Boss! Right! Right!" Romario screeched at him.

"Alright Jeez," the kid growled indignantly. He jerked the wheel violently to the side throwing Romario and the oh so precious package against the passenger side door. "There I turned right what's the big deal?"

"We have to get to the pickup point Boss. We can't just lead thes guys back to the house!"

"Oh yeah! This way is faster" the teenager yelled turning left violently before taking a curve too fast so he was driving along the train tracks.

"Boss what are you . . ." Romario began annoyed that the kid wasn't following the established route.

"I'm losing these guys and getting us where we need to go. I know what I'm doing okay!"

"Losing them? Boss they are closer now."

"Not for long! Hahaha!"

"What?" A long whistle of an approaching train cut through the sound of racing engine and made Romario's blood run cold. "Boss you can't possibly think . . ."

"It'll get rid of them!" Dino yelled looking back to the chasing police cars.

"Boss no! Don't you dare!" Romario yelled, trying to convince his future boss this was crazy. The stubborn kid ignored him so he pulled out the big guns as they neared the railway crossing. He could see the train racing to the side of them, gaining on them. "DINO EMILLO CAVALLONE DON'T YOU DARE!" he shrieked just as the hyper active teen threw them into a ninety degree turn, catapulting them over the tracks.

"TOO LATE POPS WE CAN MAKE IT!" the teen crowed back at him.

Romario couldn't help the totally unmanly squeal that came out of him as they passed in front of the train, close enough that he could see the driver's frightened face. Then suddenly the car was spinning to a stop on the far side of the tracks.

"Holy shit . . . I can't believe we actually made it!" Dino panted laughingly his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. He couldn't help but start to laugh as he pried them free, adrenaline still pumping through him. "Romario did you see that . . . did you see how awesome that was!" he asked excitedly, looking to the other seat only to find it empty. "Romario?"

The teen looked around in concern before trying to open the door. It was dented in and he couldn't force it open so he climbed out the open window. He barely managed to keep from tripping before looking around again. "Romario?" he asked in real concern.

He stopped when he saw the older man hunched over, package in hand and leaning against a lamp post. Dino stumbled quickly over and clapped the man on the shoulder. "You alright Pops?" the teen asked brightly.

Romario tensed under his hand before shoving him roughly away.

"Romario? What . . .?"


"Oww what the hell was that for!" Dino yelled rubbing the side of his head where the older man had boxed him.

"You . . . You . . . YOU. . . ." Romario sputtered too angry to speak at this point.

"Me?" Dino snapped back like a smart ass.


"You'll what?" the teen asked snottily.

Romario glared at him a second before boxing his ears again and stalking away.

"OWW . . . HEY!"

"Shut up . . . it's a block to the pickup point and we're walking SILENTLY the rest of the way," Romario growled, signaling the end of the conversation as he stomped away.

Dino just sighed moodily and followed the older man, dragging his feet as he went.