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Leeann, Ngana's daughter, pointed to the sky. She didn't speak, even though she was six, but she conversed in other ways. Nellie, her step-grandma, looked up.

"Yes, Leeann, a plane. I wonder who it's carrying. Do you want to go see?" Leeann nodded. Nellie picked her up and they walked to where all the planes landed.

"Hello, Miss Nellie. Or should I say Mrs. de Becque?"

"Oh, Luther..." One of the SeaBees, Nellie's friends from her day as a WWII nurse, Luther, was now on the island in the south Pacific.

"This place holds so many memories for us, huh, Nell? That Thanksgiving day when we performed Honey Bun, you dressed up as a SeaBee, me as an island girl?" Nellie had the grace to blush. "Remember Lt. Cable, and Bloody Mary? She tried to sell us those shrunken heads..."

"Maybe she tried to sell them to you, but, then again, you would've been fool enough to buy them. She never offered such items to us. Mayhaps she understood that they would repulse a refined lady, such as myself, or the other nurses. How about the time you went to Bali Ha'i, and insulted those tribal dancers. I wasn't there, of course, but I heard about it. You dear idiot. Emile, may he rest in piece, loved to hear about the SeaBees." Nellie fell silent, though whether in remembrance or in mourning for her dead husband it couldn't be said. "Oh, where are my manners? This is Leeann, my granddaughter, of a sort." Leeann held up six fingers. "Yes, darling, you're six. Now what do you say, should we take Mr. Luther home, or should we leave him here, to either terrorize the local ladies or get killed by cannibels? Take him home? That's what I though, too, if only for the sake of those poor women."

They walked slowly to the de Becque's mansion on the hill.

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