I Tried to Keep My Promise

"Mizoguchi, please forget about me." Those words Sherry said to him when he last saw her still hung in his mind. He looked up at the Arc Cradle and wondered what had happened. Had Sherry been brainwashed by this Zone person, or had she decided to join him of her own free will? Either way he had felt as if he had failed.

Mizoguchi began thinking about when he first became the Leblanc family's faithful butler and how he had promised himself that if Sherry ever experienced great tragedy, as he had, she would not end up like he once was.

He took out a very old deck of duel monster card. These cards were old and almost completely worn out and even though he rarely used them anymore he swore he'd never get rid of them. They had once saved his life.

He had never told anyone about his life before he was a butler. He wanted to forget all the hardship he had went through but now he couldn't help it. His mind started to wander back to his early childhood was a very different person not to mention he had a completely different name. He was rich, happy and his life was perfect. Someone out there thought it was too perfect and then one night on a cruise ship tragedy struck.

The ship was steered into a storm and sunk. He found himself stranded on an island. He was the soul survivor.

He looked at his old cards. He remembered how these old cards had kept him sane for over four years. Then he remembered how after his rescue he had been brainwashed by an ancient mad man who wanted to wipe out mankind and, as he put it, "rebuild paradise". Mizoguchi did terrible things to for that man. Then he remembered how another man, a legendary duelist, helped him see the error of his ways.

Yusei reminded Mizoguchi of this man, this legendary duelist. He smiled as he thought of the similarities. He decided that if anyone could save Sherry it would be Yusei and the rest of Team 5D's.

He looked deeply at these old cards and said "I have faith in them, my guardians, I have faith in Team 5D's."

One of the cards began to glow and then a pair of transparent wings formed on Mizoguchi's back and embraced him.

"We have faith in them too," A voice said, "Raphael."

Mizoguchi smiled at hearing his given name. A name he had changed when he decided to start life anew. As he finished his trip down memory lane he realized that all that hardship would always be a part of him. As would all of Sherry's hardships be a part of her but he hoped that when this was all over and Sherry returned that she would live the life she wanted to, not the life she felt she had to.