Title: Thoughts of You, Moments of Us

Fandom: No Ordinary Family

Couple: Katie/The Watcher ("Joshua")

Warning: Maybe slight spoilers for episodes already aired. If you're up to date on the show you should be fine.

Rating: G right now. Could go higher as the stories progress

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be mine. The characters/show belong to people much richer than me. This is merely fan-fiction.

Feedback: Please. I love hearing from you all.

A/N: I was looking through old posts on LJ and saw a couple of fiction tables on my page. I have wanted to write for Katie and the Watcher for a while but didn't want to do a long story since I have so many going already. This will have multiple chapters, but the stories might not move in a linear fashion or connect in any way. The hope is that the chapters will be snapshots of moments and thoughts between the characters. I really hope you like it...

Prompt: 06. Different

Katie's quirky in the best way possible.

Smart. So smart. Her intelligence borders on genius, he's sure about that.

She doesn't think in a linear fashion. A doesn't always connect to B in her mind, sometimes it has to go through J to get there.

She knows almost all the comic book heroes and their powers by heart. Has watched Star Wars (and the sequels and prequels plus the cartoons) a hundred times. She rattles off plots and such when she's nervous or unsure of herself. Which is often. Not that he can understand why that is... Katie has no reason to be doubtful of herself.

She's beautiful in a shy why. She blushes when he looks at her. Light pink under a porcelain cheek. Her brown eyes shine at him. She can make him feel so good when she does it. It's like he's washing away his sins in her innocence.

She bites the inside of her cheek when she thinks and grins brightly when she figures out the problem. Sometimes even clapping a little to herself. It's quite a sight to see. Makes him smile because she has no idea how cute she is.

Their first kiss was sweet but also funny. The way she jumped back, having realized something important while he was trying to steady his heart beat. She got into her car and drove off, but not before telling him how much she enjoyed the kiss. He has never told her but he felt it on his mouth long after she was gone.

She gets excited over so many things. Always finding something else, something new to marvel in. The world is a wondrous place to her.

Darkness doesn't touch her because she shines so bright.

He has a lot wrong with him. But she doesn't see the broken pieces when she looks at him, she sees someone she likes and wants to know more about.

He admits, he took advantage at first. He was supposed to. He was given orders. Meet her. Get to know her. Use her to get in good with the Powell family. Break her if necessary.


It was supposed to be easy.

The problem is. It's not.

Because he did meet her.

Because he did get to know her.

Because even though he did use her to get into the Powell residence and he knows she's loose end he needs to sever eventually...he can't.

He can't break her the way his boss wants him to...

She's different. And when he's around her, he wants to be different too.

Maybe she can help him discover something new, about himself.