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He walked through the streets toward the house number on the slip of paper Dr. King gave him carefully. The lights from the street lamps lit circles on the concrete. Orange spotlights he avoided. Stepping around them, making sure the tip of his black shoe never touched one.

The Watcher stayed as deeply imbedded in the shadows as he could.

Demons should never show their faces in the sunlight and the Watcher should never be put on display.

Not that it would hurt even if someone did see him. He could erase their memories, change their thoughts, make it so he was never there. A ghost. Maybe someone was standing there, but no one could really be sure. Like mist in the night floating through life's keyhole.

No problem. No issue.

It was always so easy to do what he needed to do.

He stopped at the driveway, checking the number on the front of the house with the one on the paper in his hand. The quiet neighborhood was still as he looked up and down the street before moving closer to the residence. He stopped a couple of steps from the door, catching sight of the woman in the window. She sat on a big chair with her right hand in a bowl of popcorn, bringing the kernels slowly to her mouth. Her auburn hair swung back in forth as she gestured toward the television screen for a moment as something major happened in the show she was memorized by. Then her left hand came to touch her lips, pausing as she watched the characters. A second passed, and he waited for whatever she would do next. She laughed. He could see it in the way her body moved. He could almost feel it through the glass and the walls. Warmth. She radiated warmth.

Light shone on her face. Shone in her big eyes. She clapped her hands excitedly as the man and the woman kissed on the TV. The Watcher smiled as she reached for the remote to see the moment again. The expression felt wrong on his face and he tried to wipe it off...really he did. But he couldn't. It's been so long since anything made him smile. Actually he couldn't think of the last time he did without it being forced and contrived.

She paused the image on the screen, looking around her for something, standing up and reaching into her purse. Her back was to him now. This would be the perfect moment. He could do what he needed to do and leave, but he doesn't move toward the door. He doesn't move at all. He just continued to watch her. The voyeur spying on this woman he didn't know.

She started pacing, gathering different items in her hands as she moved. Her lips move at a rapid fire speed. He can't make out what her side of the conversation was, but from her body language he can tell it's important. She disappeared completely from his view, lights going dark in her home and he shifted into the shadows just before she exited, turning to lock the front door behind her. She licked at her lips, shifting the papers in her arms.

"Yes, I'm on my way," her voice sang in his ears. Sweet like candy, kind and open like a child's- he twisted the paper in his hand. "Okay I'll see you in the lab in a minute...well not a minute. At least not for me, you on the other hand, for me it will take about twenty-fiv..." She paused and then laughed a little at her own rambling. "Sorry. I'll see you soon."

Hopping in her car, she drove away, never sensing him or noticing his presence. The mist in the night, the dark of the shadows, the ghost on the fringes of the subconscious- that's what he was and it worked for his job- for what Dr. King demanded. But at that moment- brief as it was- the Watcher wished this woman he was assigned to deal with- had looked up and noticed him.

He shook off the thought and made his way back onto the street. Careful to avoid the light and the eyes once again.