okay it's weird, lately i've had a weird obsession over superheroes, so i thought i would look back at an old favorite show of mine, x men: evolution! :D so i got to thinking and came up with these new characters, so i hope you like them and also just saying, i will be following the show. like going in chronological order, unless i don't think the episode is necessary which is hard to find in this series...so yea hope you find them worth learning about. o and one more thing, the next chapter i will only be introducing Olivia, Annie will maybe come in chapter three (it'll show as chapter 4 but i mean like legit chapters wise).


X Men Story:

Original Characters (basically):

Name: Olivia DuBois

Age: Seventeen

Description: brown skin, curly dark brown hair, brown eyes

Powers: static electricity, magnetic levitation, when powers get to high levels, she is stronger and can move faster, and can change into a electric form allowing her to go inside telephone wires, power lines, TVs etc. (combination of static and electro)

Likes: sports, swimming, dogs (has a Great Dane named Champ), music, Logan :)

Dislikes: gangs, bullies, Quicksilver (later)

Biography: Olivia is a small town girl from Ohio, with three older brothers, a 29 year old brother Kobi (basketball player) who has twin 7 year old boys named DJ and Chris with his wife Michelle, a 27 year old brother named Markus (football player) who has a four year old named Sophie with his wife Nina, and a 25 year old named Jared (soccer player) who has a year and a half old girl named Deijana with his wife Mari. Because she grew up in a house filled with all boys, she became a bit of a tomboy. Her father is a widower. Olivia's real mother, Laurie died when Olivia was three of cancer. After four years, her father got remarried to a woman named Natasha who died two years ago in a car crash and died after being in the hospital for two days. And after that, Olivia has taken the longest to recover from it because Olivia and Natasha were really close and Olivia even considered her to be her mother. And with Natasha around, she taught Olivia how to more of a girl instead of acting like a tomboy.

Name: Annie LaRue

Age: Sixteen

Description: French, can almost speak fluent English, short black hair, pale skin, hazel eyes

Powers: ability to take on the abilities of certain animals and their characteristics, like growing wings or tails and can increase that power if needed to (somewhat like Vixen except she doesn't need a necklace like she does)

Likes: fashion, cats (has a kitten named Liana), art, designing, helping others, Kurt :)

Dislikes: loves all animals EXCEPT dogs, guns, bullies, and blood

Biography: Annie is a regular schoolgirl from Paris, France. She lives in a high-class society and her parents are Claire and Mason LaRue but they are divorced and Annie lives with her mother. Although Annie's parents are rich and give her everything, she doesn't like to be rich because she gets teased at school for it. Also she gets picked on at school because she is in all honors classes and doesn't talk much. To act more like a regular kid, she decides to get herself a job at a little café in town as a waitress. But when she's not working, in her spare time she likes to stay after school and find a quiet spot in the art room and design new clothes or just paint. Her room is full of art and paintings. Her mother is a designer and helps her with her designs, that's why they're so close. But her father and her don't always see eye to eye. The reason why Claire and Mason got divorced was because Mason cheated on Claire with another woman named Nicole (mistress) and after that Annie never forgave him. And now every so often Annie has to switch from house to house and she always sees Nicole there because Nicole and Mason are now married.