10 Thing I hate About Riku

I know your expecting the EXACT SAME THING from the movie but I don't want to do that. I wanted to be original. Yay for me. So enjoy, several things are changed and I skipped over A LOT of things but I felt it ran smoother this way. Enjoy!

I hated school. Honesty I did. Nothing but consumer driven people being happy and living life like they weren't killing what was so graciously given to us. I didn't want to go to the stupid party tonight but stupid Roxas says it would be good for me to get out. Yeah, like Cloud already isn't a huge ridged mess about us. Ever since our other father, Leon, died he was always taking care of us.

It's not that I didn't want to go to the party but my 'beloved twin' was going out to meet his major flirt toy and I was the coverup. I didn't particularly like it that he could get me into anything but it pissed me off that I was that easy to offer my brother help. Damn Roxas' pout.

Breaking myself from my angry thoughts of Roxas, I walked into my last class of the day and sat down. I sighed and got my books out. It used to be my favorite class but ever since Professor Tifa left it was just about book work, no real projects. Yes, art class, what I was majoring in, had become a bore. I looked up at the new Professor and sighed louder. Pink Hair, Seriously? This was a man, you could tell, but what the hell? Was the school system really that low? It didn't matter. They obviously didn't care if they hired a pedophile to rape everyone so long as the class was covered.

He looked up at me and smiled some. He went right back to work and I could practically hear him moaning in anticipation. I rolled my eyes and took out a notebook. I sketched out a bunch of things, stuff like flowers, butterflies, guitars, and under that I sketched out a bleeding rose.

"That sketch is very beautiful" I heard behind me, I rolled my eyes and faced my professor. I faked a orgasmic face and smiled.

"Oh! Thank you! I'll forever treasure that compliment." I said sarcastically, going back to my original facial expression.

He laughed some and smiled. "Class starts in ten minutes. Why so early?"

"None of your fucking business screw boy" I bit back sarcastically.

"oh! Ouch" he put his hand on his heart and gasped.

I smirked and continued drawing for the next ten minutes. I smiled at my drawing. I had been catching myself drawing my dream guy and quite honestly, he was fucking sexy. I loved his eyes. I was an eye kinda person. While in my fazed out sexual fantasy of who ever the hell I drew pounding me senseless into my mattress, I missed the bell ringing. I was only to be snapped out of this when the pink haired gay lord started to speak.

"Welcome to Art class. I am your new professor. Call me Professor Marluxia" He said, Marluxia? The hell kind of name is Marluxia?

"But what happen to Professor Tifa?" I heard a girl asked. I easily pinpointed the voice as Yuffie. Tifa was her idol, she'd be the most impacted on this.

"Professor Tifa is on her honeymoon but she will be back in at least a month or two" He said.

I smiled when everyone else gasped. She told me that she was getting married when we saw each other at the Art Supply Store last week. I was extremely happy for her,and the ring was beautiful. But everyone else seemed disappointed. I rolled my eyes and tried to watch the rapist teacher.

"now, to talk about our first project" my ears perked up at that and I smiled. Maybe he wasn't so bad.

"We will be writing a poem then drawing something to represent what we have written" He said, passing out paper with instructions on it.

"Excuse me Professor Marluxia" I said, sending vibes or annoyance he apparently picked up on. "But shouldn't we just draw our lives in the direction we wish it to go?"

"Here we go again, class mouth has to speak out" Hayner spoke up and said. Ah, I was expecting the bitch to speak. It was very common for him to mouth off.

"Unlike you I'm in here to improve my work not see naked men" I said, verbally flipping him off.

Professor Marluxia chuckled. "Very productive idea Sora, but this is, in fact, is my classroom until Miss Tifa comes back."

Hayner smirked at me and I returned it with the finger. I rolled by eyes when Hayner whispered something sexual my way. That was it, I was going to wring his neck! My plan was short lived when Marluxia caught us arguing silently.

"Out Sora!" He yelled at me.

"But Mr. Marluxia!"

"Leave" He said, turning around. I sighed, rolled my eyes, grabbed by stuff and left. All teachers hated me, but I cant blame them. I am a bitch, but at least Im proud of it.

I took my sweet time getting to Mr. Xemnas' office. He was the school counselor along with a porno writer. I sighed and walked into the office, he was already expecting me to be there.

"Hey Xemnas" I said sitting down. He looked up from his computer and smirked at me.

"Hey jail bait" He said. "Terrorizing the new teacher? Oh, and Xigbar's testicle retrieval operation was a success"

"I still claim he kicked himself in the balls" I said, crossing my arms and leaning back in my chair.

"hm, very nice response." He said, glaring at me. "Maybe you should work on your attitude a little. People tend to call you...well.."

"Artistic?" I responded, smiling sarcastically.

"Haynes Bitch is what they say most often" I rolled my eyes. "Try to work on that, 'kay?" He smiled. "That's all for today m'dear"He said, turning his attention back to his computer full of porn.

"and of course, thank you for your sagely advise" I faked a smile and left the room, being welcomed with the bell signaling that school was out for one day. I smiled, now to find my only best friend.