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"You love me?" Riku whispered, his eyes were huge. I stare at him, my face heating up to collasel temperatures.

"I..." I started to say, but I cut myself off. What the hell could I ultimately say? Nothing that wold make a damn sense, thats what.

Yazoo giggled to himself and came over to me. He casually wrapped his arm around my should and squeezed it gently. "He does, kiddo. Proms in a couple weeks, I'd strike while the flames are high." He said.

I shook Yazoo off me and hugged myself, I was looking down angirly.

Riku still stood rather dumbfounded, then he began to chuckel. I looked up at the noise to glare at him icily.

"I thought the all mighty badass didn't love." Riku said coyly.

I walked over and punched him in the shoulder, hard. "Jerk!" I growled out. I went for another swing but my wrist was caught in his hand, a shiver raised down from where his skin connected with mine and down my spine.

Riku leaned forward and leaned his forhead against mine. He smiled softly.

"I'm flattered that you love me, and I gotta say; I love you too." My face flared up at those words.My face radiated heat and I felt light headed.

No. No one loves me, it's understandable that I love him already; I've been dreaming and thinking about him all my life appearently but he... he met me at the begining of the damn year. This just wasn't adding up.

That part of my brain, the logical one; remember him? Yeah he died as soon as riku pulled me into his arms. I fussed around and bit but eventually let it go and fell limp into Riku's embrace completely. I sighed loudly and wrapped my arms around him.

I couldn't give a fuck if all of this was happening so fast; I didn't care. *Mars Niccals be damned; this may have been every bit of what those starcrossed lovers were feeling when they first saw each other; **Marth something or other had to feel this way at one point too.

I heard clapping and that was all it took for me to rip myself out of Rikus arms and turn away from him. I glared at yazoo and opened my mouth to speak but Riku beat me too it.

"Oh, fuck off Yazoo. Atleast I'm not getting pounded into my bed by my older brother every night. I atleast have enough sense to fall for someone without the same last name"

I winced at the words, It was known around town that two of Rikus older brother were in love but I never thought he'd use that. I had to give Riku credit though, sounded just like something I would say.

Yazoo just smiled. "Oh, details details. Your just jealous" Yazoo waved his hand arond carelessly. "I'm going to go contine doing my duties now. You kiddies have fun now!" Yazoo winked in what I assumed was supposed to be a subtly way; and grabbed Rikus laundry basket then was gone.

I stood awkwardly next to Riku shifting from foot to foot. He was probably staring at me. Asswhipe. My head hurt, I needed some kind of meds or some other substance to make all this go away.

"Sora..." Riku said softly. I turned away from him and crossed my arms. "Sora, come on don't be like that." He gently rubbed my arms, I tensed at first but relaxed soon after he made it clear he wasn't going to fuck off. I sighed and leaned back against him.

"yes, let me win." He whispered into my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist. I scoffed and playfully elbowed him in the gut. He chuckled.

I let out a relaxed moan and snuggled backwards into his body. He wasn't so muscled that it was uncomfortable but made it so he felt like a very comfortable matress. God, I could seriously get fucking used to this. I shut my eyes and tilted my head back.

Riku gently kissed my cheek, then my jaw and slowly down onto my neck. I shivered as he latched onto it; God it felt good. Shivers wracked up and down my spin as I held onto his arm with one hand and his leg with the other. He suckled on my neck gently, stopping to lightly run his teeth across my veins.

"you like that, little bitch?" I froze instantly and had Riku off and away from me in a second flat. Funny how such smalll relapses can ruin something so nice. I dind't realize I was in an actual relapse till Riku grabb hold of my flailing body and pressed it flush against him till I calmed.

He stood, whispering sweet nothings in my ear and rubbing my back gently. "I'm sorry." he whispered, holding me tightly against him. "I got carried away; I'm sorry."

I nodded, clinging to his back. "He won;t ever get to you any more, I swear. Want me to take you home?"I shoke my head no. Home was somewhere I most certainly didn't want to go.

"Let's go do something. Grab your tacos and we'll go somewhere" I found myself whispering. He nodded in return.

"Let's go." He threaded his fingers threw mine and before I knew it we were eating tacos and sitting in a drive in theature. I didn't even think they had anymore of these in town.

I stared at the movie in disdain. Opening credits sucked, but this was one of my favorite movies; and by the looks of it, one of Riku's too. I'd survive the opening credits if it meant I got to see my movie.

Riku smiled over at me as I stole a glance his way. I finished my taco and threw the paper out the window. He followed suite soon after. I smiled as the opening title popped up FrenchKiss. possible one of the best movies out there; even if it was about the worst kinds of people out there. God; ***I dispised the french.

"So,"Riku leaned over to whisper. I shh'ed him but he just chuckled. "Would it be okay if I had my arm around you?"

I scoffed. "No stretch and reach tactic? hmfp; I don't know if I'm offended or relieved." I looked at him slyly. I unsnapped my seatbelt and snuggled into his side, deciding to reward his heroic efferts to calm me down earlier. He smiled and warpped his arm around me, I leaned into his side.

God this kid is comfortable! I sighed softly and settled in to watch my favorite movie. Worries that this was a fucking set up be damned, I felt to damn good to care. But then again that nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right with him was still there. I continued watching the movie with one thought ever present in the back of m mind;

I've fallen too fast and now maybe things aren't how my ever romantic; romeo seeking side think they are.

How right you are Sora, How right you are!

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