Name: Apolla Curtis

Age: 18

Siblings: Bryce (12) Collin (10) Colt (14)

God/Goddess parent: Apollo

I was out on another walk like I do every night before bed. Parents day was in a couple days and I would see my father for the first time in so long. The last time I saw him is when I was five years old.


I was in the back yard practicing my archery. My mother always told me that I was born to do it and that I was a natural. My mother told me that she would also give me voice lessons and teach me how to play the guitar just like her when I was older. Soon there was a knock on the door and my mom and I looked up. "You keep practicing Apolla I'll get the door" she said. Soon a man with dark brown hair and eyes walked out onto the patio.

Apollo's POV: "She's beautiful Jackie what have you named her?" I asked. "I named her after her father her name is Apolla" she replied. I smiled and looked back at my daughter who was practicing archery. "She doesn't even need practice Jackie she's the daughter of the god of Archery she was born to do music and archery" I said. "I know she just enjoys it so much" Jackie said. "Apolla come here please I want you to meet someone" Jackie said. Apolla put down her bow and arrows and ran as fast as she could. I picked her up and she smiled at me. "Apolla this is your father" Jackie said. "You're quite the archer Apolla I'm proud of you" I said smiling. "Thank you daddy" she said smiling as well. "Keep practicing baby" I said as I put her down and she ran off back to the targets as I sat down with Jackie and watched her.

My POV: I picked up my bow and arrows and continued to shoot targets when I saw something come out of the bushes. I screamed and shot an arrow at it killing it instantly. I stood there shocked and then I heard my parents yelling my name and running towards me. My father was the first to pick me up. I clung onto him and cried. "Shhhhhhhh it's alright baby it's ok you're safe now" my dad cooed. "Apollo it's starting" my mom said. "I know we need to get her to camp and quick" he said. "How are we gonna do that?" my mom asked. "I will take her she'll be safe with me" my dad said. I hugged my mother goodbye and my dad took me to Camp Half-Blood.

End Flashback

I was suddenly brought out of my thoughts when I heard the voice of one of my worst enemies Ally Parker a daughter of Ares the god of war. "What do you want Ally?" I asked annoyed. "Just wondering if your dad is coming our dad is. Unlike yours our father actually loves us Apollo doesn't care about his kids" she said. I quickly took out my arrow and bow and pointed it at her. "You will not talk about my father that way he loves us more than anything and if you want to live than you will leave me alone do you understand" I snapped. She nodded her head and ran back to her cabin I knew that she would most likely tell her siblings she was such a baby daughter of Ares my ass. "You really are like your father more than any of your siblings" I turned around and saw Chiron. "Chiron it's not what it looks like she was disrespecting…" "I know Apolla I'm not angry with you she had no right to disrespect your father just because hers is the god of war" Chiron said. "I wouldn't of killed her even if I wanted to I won't sink as low to be compared to Hades himself" I said. "Apolla you could never be compared to Hades you are to kind. However I must say that I'm surprised that Ally ran off like that I would expect that a child of Ares would throw back another threat instead of doing the exact opposite Ares will not be pleased" Chiron said. I chuckled and slightly shook my head. "It's getting late I suggest you go back to your cabin you and your siblings have a lot to do tomorrow and parents day is the day after so the four of you must be ready" he said. I nodded and walked back to my cabin.

Next day

"Arm strait, keep your eye on your target, trust your bow and fire" Chiron said and we let go of our arrows hitting our targets dead on. We were shooting moving targets from the air on horseback. After we finished we all came in for a graceful landing and got off of our horses. "The four of you will be having a mock fight against the Ares children" Chiron said. We all nodded and my siblings went back to the stables while I stayed behind. "Chiron I know this mock fight wasn't your idea" I said. Chiron sighed and nodded. "Cole is not happy with you he is the one who set up the mock fight but between you and me I think you Apollo children have a better chance of winning now go get washed up for dinner" he said. I nodded and put my horse away then went to get ready for dinner. After dinner everyone went back to their cabins. We were almost to our cabin when the Ares kids blocked us. "Move Cole" I said. "You got a lot of guts to threaten a child of Ares" he said. "She's the one that ran off when I threatened her instead of standing her ground and fighting" I said. "Come on Cole just move we'll settle this in the mock fight" Bryce said. "Don't forget sudden death" Cole said smirking. "What did you say?" Collin asked. "You heard me I said sudden death" Cole replied. "You can't just randomly call a sudden death you have to get permission first" I said. "I already got permission from Chiron you and me on the battle field sudden death" Cole said. "Fine" I said. "Don't sound so confident Apolla I've got a weapon that will make you so sick not even daddy can heal you" Cole said. "Yeah right sure you do we all know the rules of sudden death no camper is to be violently harmed in any way just because it's called sudden death doesn't mean there's dying involved" I said. "Whatever get ready to die daughter of Apollo literally" Cole said then walked back to he cabin with his siblings in tow. "Are you insane Apolla this is sudden death we're talking about not to mention you're fighting a son of Ares and Cole didn't look like he was kidding when he said that he had a secret weapon" Colt said. "Would you guys relax nobody is gonna get injured or violently hurt in any way and I will win sudden death" I said confidently. After that was said we all went to our cabin.

Next day Parents day

Apollo's POV: We all sat down in the dining hall waiting for our children to come in. Chiron stood up at the front of the dining hall. "Welcome to parents day it is now time to bring in the children. I watched all of the other cabins walk in while I patiently waited for my children to be called. "And last but not least please welcome the sons and daughter of Apollo" Chiron said. My children walked in with proud expressions on their faces and greeted me with smiles as they sat down. The oldest child always sat down next to their god or goddess parent. "There will be two new events that will be taking place today" Chiron said. "What are they?" Athena asked. "A mock fight between children of Ares" everyone at the Ares table cheered. "And the children of Apollo" all of my children cheered and high-five each other. "What's the second event?" Aphrodite asked. "Sudden death" Chiron said. Everyone but the children gasped. "Between who?" I asked hoping that none of my children were involved. "Cole the oldest child of Ares" he said looking over at the Ares table who cheered while their father sat their basking in pride. *Please don't look over here* I prayed. However Chiron shifted his gaze over to the Apollo table and my heart dropped. "And Apolla the oldest child of Apollo" he said. I looked at Apolla who looked like she was going to break down and I took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Ares just laughed and I glared at him. "What may I ask is so funny Ares?" I asked. "My dear Apollo my son is strong while your daughter is well she's not strong at all she's weak my son will surely win" Ares said. I immediately stood up glaring at Ares. "Don't you dare call my daughter weak" I snapped. "Please both of you calm down this is a day where we all finally get to spend time with our children" Athena said. "She's right Apollo please sit down" Artimis said. I slowly sat back down and we all ate breakfast. After we ate we all went out to an open field and watched my children shoot moving targets from the air on horse back hitting each and every one dead center I chuckled when I saw Apolla almost hit Cole she was about to make him her target but Chiron sent her a warning look. Ares glared at me but I turned my attention back to the kids. After that we watched Aphrodite's daughters dance to a song my children sang. "Apollo and Ares cabin please go get ready for the mock fight" Chiron said. They did as they were told and went to get ready. The fight was intense I was proud of my kids and how skilled they were. I smiled with pride when they were announced the winners and I could tell that Ares was not very happy. "Apolla and Cole please go get ready for sudden death" Chiron said. The two of them went to get ready while the rest of my kids stood by me. "Do you think she'll be ok dad?" Collin asked. "I'm sure she'll be fine Collin your sister is very strong" I said. I heard the Ares children laugh but ignored it. Apolla and Cole took their places on the battle field. "You may start when your ready" Chiron said. Without another word the two of them began to fight. Halfway through the fight Cole ran into the forest and Apolla followed him. Everyone followed but Chiron stopped us. "This is their battle it would be dangerous for anyone to interfere" he said.

My POV: I had just shot an arrow at Cole and it hit him directly in his shoulder causing him to yell out in pain. I smirked while he glared at me. I reached back to take another arrow from my quiver but there wasn't one there. Cole smirked when he saw that I was out of ammo. "Bow and arrows aren't the best weapon don't ya think?" he asked. "Just because I'm out of arrows doesn't mean I cant fight you in combat I'm very skilled" I said. "So am I" Cole said as he slashed me across my stomach and stabbed my shoulder with his sword causing me to cry out in pain. "What did you do to that sword?" I asked as excruciating pain ran through my body. "Whenever this sword touches someone a toxic poison enters the wound and spreads through the body my father gave it to me have fun dying daughter of Apollo say hello to Hades for me" Cole said and ran off.

Apollo's POV: I began to hear noise coming from the forest and hoped that it was Apolla but instead it was Cole. Ares patted his son on the back while his siblings cheered and the other cabins booed. I looked back at the forest expecting Apolla to come out but she didn't and I began to worry. "Cole where is Apolla?" I asked. "Why should I care where she is I just won the first sudden death battle in years" he said. Chiron ran off into the forest in search of Apolla while I stood with my other children hoping that my daughter would be ok.

My POV: I laid there on the cold ground groaning in pain. "Apolla!" I heard Chiron said. "Chiron" I cried. I began to hear the sound of hooves pound against the ground making my headache worse. "Oh dear Zeus Apolla what happened?" Chiron asked. I could only say the first thing that came to mind. "I want my dad" I cried. The pain was terrible I couldn't bare it. Chiron picked me up and ran back to where everyone else was. "APOLLA!" I heard my dad yell. "Dad" I groaned. I was instantly taken out of Chiron's arms and in my fathers. He held me tightly as I cried. "Dad it hurts so bad" I said. I began to cough up blood and everyone gasped. "Shhhhhhhhh it's ok everything will be ok Apolla" my dad cooed. "I'm taking her back to Olympus with me". "Dad can we go with you?" Collin asked. "Yeah we want to make sure that Apolla will be ok" Bryce said. "I'm sorry kids but I'm only going to take Apolla with me she's very sick right now" my dad said. I coughed again and more blood came out of my mouth. "Apollo we need to get her back now" my aunt (Artemis) said stroking my hair. I groaned in pain and my dad held onto me tighter. "Hold on Apolla and don't close your eyes everything will be ok" my aunt said. "Dad" I groaned. "Shhhhhhhh it's ok Apolla just listen to your aunt don't close your eyes" he said.

Fast forward to Olympus your dad was finally able to stop you from coughing up more blood but you're still very sick

Apollo's POV: I sat on the bed next to my sleeping daughter. She was still very sick but at least I got her to stop coughing up blood. "Apollo we are all going to discuss what happened at the camp today I'm sure she'll be fine alone for a while" Artemis said. I nodded and bent down and kissed Apolla's forehead then followed Artemis. I sat down on my throne next to Demeter who put a comforting hand on my shoulder and smiled. "We are all here do discuss what happened at the camp today between Apolla and Cole" Zeus said. "What happened was a certain son of Ares almost killed another gods child" Artemis said glaring at Ares as was I. "Artemis we will get to that in a few moments please sit back down" Zeus said. She did as she was told and sat back down. "Ares do you know how serious this is you're son had almost killed another demigod if it's anyone's fault is it more or so yours but I'm not saying it's not Coles fault either I'm sure he knows better than to use that kind of weapon" Zeus said. "Ares why would you allow your son to possess such a dangerous weapon?" Athena asked. "It was a sword Athena all of the kids have fought with one" Ares said. *Is he really that stupid?* I thought to myself. Artemis smiled at me and nodded and I could tell she was thinking the same thing we were twins after all. "What she means is why would you give your son a sword that could harm another demigod?" Demeter asked. "I did not know that he was going to use it and Apolla should've thought in advance she could've used her last arrow to knock the sword out of Coles hands" Ares said. "Apolla is a smart girl Ares I've seen her fight she has her own strategies of fighting she reminds me so much of her father" Aphrodite said smiling. "She was simply wounding her opponent making him weaker I see that as a well thought out strategy" Poseidon said. "Why is everyone on Apolla's side and against my son?" Ares asked. "Because your son almost killed my daughter another gods child he deserves to be punished for what he did" I snapped. "Apollo calm down lets not jump to conclusions and Ares we aren't playing favorites" Zeus said. "Maybe we should send him back to his mother and forbid him to come back to Camp Half-Blood" I mumbled. "Apollo" Zeus said in a warning tone. "We will think of a punishment for Cole but it will not be rejection from the camp" Zeus said. "I think Apollo is the one that should come up with a punishment for Cole it was his daughter that was harmed " Hera said. Everyone turned their attention towards me. "I will think of something but if you don't mind I would like to be with my daughter" I said. "You are free to leave" Zeus said. I got off my throne and left.