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Vanessa James

1. Snow. Real, honest to God snow. She'd never been able to get enough of it, and growing up in Minnesota, there'd been plenty to go around. Her family had a cabin and sometimes she'd go up there just to be at peace with the wide openness, always in winter, always alone. Her brother thought she was crazy, her sister didn't speak to her and her parents were too old for the cold but it didn't stop her from making her trips whenever possible, with thick sweaters and the cabinets stocked with hot chocolate and marshmallows. She tired going in summer, but it was too busy, too hot and sticky for her liking and after Iraq, she really had no reason to want to be that hot ever again. No, it was the snow that made it special, not the memories.

2. Poker. Vanessa had spent all of her adult life on military bases (some in California, one in Seattle, a few in the middle east) and at every single one of them there'd been poker. There wasn't a lot else o do for downtime, but hell, she loved the game, had been playing it most of her life (the only time she and her father got along, it seemed, was when they played the game) and it was fun to hustle some of her fellow officers. At the SGC, there had been no poker for whatever reason, but when she'd made her way over to Icarus via the George Hammond there had been. Colonel Carter was the first person to ever beat her (and after playing a few hands against the quirky Laura Cadman who'd come along to help get the base up and running, she'd understood why) and if she hadn't all ready admired the Colonel, that would have been enough of a reason. Laura had immediately officially instated girls' night poker before she left, but it wasn't until TJ and Lisa joined some eight months later that Vanessa knew things would get interesting.

3. TV. She hadn't been able to watch it growing up, due to her parents (her father spent most of his time sitting in front of it, either drunk or close to it and her mother had also been her principal, so it was always homework first, TV later, if dad hadn't passed out again) and as a result of being stationed all over the place, had never really had the chance to get into a lot of shows. But then Greer transferred to Icarus, and insisted on bonding, and somehow she'd gotten roped into Simpsons marathons, and Law & Order reruns, TJ had supplied Friends and CSI and Bones (Lisa teased them both about their crushes on David Boreanaz, but Lisa was more of a T.J. Thyne kind of girl, herself anyway) and she had somehow come across Nip Tuck and Burn Notice (though she thinks that was also TJ, but could have easily been Lisa or Camille.) She had gone the first twenty four years of her life not really paying much attention to it, but now that it was gone she couldn't help but feel as if whatever normalcy she'd known had been ripped out from under her.

4. Clocks. Vanessa's life had always been about schedules and order, long before she had enlisted. It felt weird not to look up on the wall and see a clock or a chore chart. It wasn't so odd, she thought, that her favorite place to be was in the Gate Room, with the Gate active, blue-gray puddle glittering against the wall, alien timer counting down just above her head.

5. Mission Reports. She had never minded paperwork in the, unlike most of her fellow officers, so she was usually the first to get her reports in. General Landry had appreciated her promptness, the whole six months she served at the SGC before her transfer. They helped her reflect on the mission, give her new perspectives, and a clearer understanding of what she's doing and why. Stranded in the middle of the ass end of the universe, heartbroken, is the time when she think she actually needs to write a report. But they'll run out of paper sooner rather than later and the Lucian Alliance is causing trouble and McKay is being obnoxious and doing inventory doesn't seem to help.

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