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So here is the last person of the series - Colonel Young. I Hoesntly, I could say that real life got in the way, but I sort of forgot that I never finished this. Real life did get in the way, but also crazy writing professors and my lack of memory. So thank you so much for the wait, here we go.

Everett Young

1. Emily. He had waited so long for her - he had met her as a cadet, she had been going to school nearby with a boyfriend who was studying to be a lawyer or a doctor or something better than him and he had fallen in love with her the moment he saw her. But he got shipped off and she graduated (and as far as he knew, dumped that jackass for cheating on her. He doesn't want to think about the parallels there, because he wanted to be a better person than the one that he is.) He would write her letters and she would send him cards for the holidays - he was her friend, if nothing else, and that was better than nothing. When she finally loved him back he had just been shipped out again - he wouldn't see her in person for another year. It had taken him the better part of fifteen years to get her to fall for him, to marry him, and it had taken him less than four to realize that image he had built up in his head never quite translated to what he saw in reality. Even now, after TJ and David, after the baby and being stranded on this stupid hellhole of a ship - he still wants her, and that dream he had built for them, once upon a time.

2. Beer. Honest to goodness beer. Brody's still gets the job done, but for him there's nothing quite like sitting in a bar, on game day, with all of his buddies and drinking an ice cold beer. He knows that Emily hates the stuff and tried really hard to never keep it in the house, but on games days he just needed it. It was part of his ritual, and there were so few of those that he got to keep that he could never really part with it. Even when he would come home drunk, half stumbling to the couch, he couldn't give it up and Emily never made him. Perhaps, he thinks, that was the real problem.

3. David Telford. The old David, not this new David that's been tainted by the Alliance, but the old David, who used to get drinks with him after work, and come over for barbeques when they were off. The David that was his friend. There was too much between them, too many years of friendship for them to stay angry for long. Everett hadn't wanted this command, he had wanted to go home to Emily, but David had - but, the nagging voice in his mind kept telling him, something wasn't right, not after P2S-569, not after those people had died. So he watched as his best friend became unrecognizable to him - and Everett had wondered if David cared about the people under his command at all, or if it was just the command. Even now, after his return from the Ursini, when David admits that he's in love with Emily, and has been for years, Everett can't even be mad because he did this to himself.

4. Horror films. He would never admit it to the crew, but he got a small thrill out of seeing people (ones he knew, ones he didn't know) jump during the movies. He always knew when the scary bits were coming - he had always been very mindful of the score. Still, he loved to see people's reactions. Emily was sort of a chicken when it came to thrillers, somehow always wound up half in his lap with her face buried in his neck and he can't say that he ever minded. He never has time to see them when he uses the stones, but when he overhears Volker and Eli discussing the old Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he can't help but grin.

5. TJ. He sees her every day, hears her voice every day, and yet still he aches for the girl he knew before. She wasn't like Emily. She was delightfully quirky, with an odd sense of humor, still struggling to find her footing - but she knew who she was and she knew what she wanted. Everett thinks that maybe that's why he fell for her. He's only ever really loved Emily, and they had spent most of their relationship separated by entire continents, and in more ways than he cared to admit, they barely knew each other... but there was something about TJ... something about the way she always gave more than her best, something in the way she joked with the civilians, something in the way that she was able to form an easy familial bond with the personnel that he envied and admired. He doesn't see her smile anymore - more specifically, she never smiles at him anymore. Scott and Eli get smiles, Park and Volker and Brody, and he's sure that Chloe gets her best, most comforting smile when TJ goes in there twice a day to check on the girl. Greer had even mentioned that she'd been smiling at that Alliance traitor, and that caused the fury to burn behind his eyes, and it had only been worse when he saw it himself. Because it was that smile. That smile used to make him want to kiss her senseless whenever he saw it, regardless of who was watching. Now she's smiling that smile at some traitor whose people had invaded this ship and killed their daughter. He had only meant to talk to her, not throw that in her face too, but his temper is always getting the better of him and now she barely speaks to him at all. There's no more awkward but professional reports, just a cool stare and a deep loathing he can feel and it makes him want to cry.

Now, all he sees is a straight faced doctor, because she is probably one of the most naturally gifted women he's ever met. All he sees is the soldier with the spine of steel, because even when he screams at her, even when he regrets that he's made her cry, he knows she can take it, and will be better off for it. All he can see of the TJ he knew, of the pretty girl he knows he loved in ways he probably could have never loved Emily, is this beautiful young woman who is destined to be a far better person than him. He hopes that if they all live through this and make it back to Earth, when she becomes the best damn doctor in the world (he hopes that she'll stay with the program, that someone will convince her, even though he knows it won't be him), that she knows that he's proud of her, even if it kills him that she doesn't smile for him anymore.

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