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I walked down the corridor clutching Kurt's little hand. We were both smiling like fucking retards but we didn't care. The corridors were empty anyway and we were on our way to Glee. To cut a long story short I had just proclaimed my love for the beautiful soprano and he, luckily, felt the same. So here we are. Smiling like two idiots in love and about to tell the Glee club where they could stick their disapproval (we were both hoping they wouldn't disapprove though).

We got to the choir room and I looked at him. He was giving me a worried glance.

"Noah-" He began but I shushed him.

"Yes, I'm sure I want to do this and no, I don't think they'll disapprove." I told him smiling.

He gave a heart-melting smile (yes that sounded gay and I don't care!) and I opened the door for him.

The Glee club looked confused at our joined hands as we walked in. Berry was about to open her mouth when Mr Schue spoke.

"Kurt, Puck take a seat." He smiled. Quite oblivious to our hands.

"Actually, Mr Schue, we have something we'd like to tell the Glee Club." I said proudly receiving a squeeze from Kurt.

Mr Schue glanced at our hands and raised an eyebrow. "Um…okay. Well me first?" He asked pointing to the chairs.

I shrugged and led Kurt to the chairs, everyone's eyes glued on us.

"So guys, since our big win at Regionals this year I've decided we all need a little break. How would you guys feel, about going to New York!" Mr Schue exclaimed excitedly.

The Glee club went nut's. Rachel was babbling to herself and a little to Finn. The boys were hi-fiving and the girls were chatting excitedly. I then turned my attention to Kurt. His eyes were practically shining. He was being silent but Puck knew that this obviously was a big deal for him.

"Fan of New York are you?" I smirked.

He turned to face me, a brilliant smile on his face. "Fan is an understatement! I've always wanted to go to New York Puck! It's like a dream!" He gushed happily.

I smiled. Not my normal trademark smirk but a genuine smile.

"This is like the best day ever! New York with all of you, got the sexiest boyfriend ever, and Eastenders is an hour long tonight!" Kurt babbled.

I smirked at the sexiest boyfriend part. What? I am sexy! Kurt noticed me smiling. "What are you grinning at?" He asked.

"You. You're adorable." I blushed. "Don't tell anyone I said that." I added hastily.

I didn't regret the comment. Especially when Kurt grinned cutely and wrapped his arms around my neck.

"Thank you bad-ass." He giggled.

"Are you questioning my badass-ness?" I asked incredulously, but I was smiling.

"Maybe." Kurt smiled.

With that, I swung him down so he was sort of lying on my lap but I had his head in my arms. If we'd been standing up he'd have been a couple of inches off the floor. His eyes were wide but he kept the smile on his face. He reached up and nipped my nose and no one, no one get's away with that! I crushed my lips to his and kissed him thoroughly. It was hot.

"Puck? Kurt?" Mr Schue cleared his throat.

"Yep?" I looked up from attacking Kurt's mouth to find 11 pairs of wide eyes staring at me and Kurt. "Oh…" I grinned bringing Kurt back up to sit back on his chair but not letting go of his hand. (Because I'm that badass!).

"So, I guess this is what you wanted to tell us?" Artie asked gently.

"Um, yeah." Kurt said, rubbing the back of his neck. He was a light red colour.

"How…when…?" Tina began.

"Well actually, just now. I finally got the balls to tell Kurt I was in love with him and well, fortunately for me, he felt the same." I told them all giving Kurt a small smile.

"I know it's a shock but we're hoping you won't treat us any different." Kurt half asked half said.

It was silent for about half a second. "Of course we won't!" Mercedes breathed. "But if you dare hurt him Puck…"She trailed off.

I shivered. I'm badass but even I wouldn't take on Aretha. "I won't hurt him."

"Man. Shouldn't I be pissed because it's my step-brother you're dating?" Finn asked, sounding confused.

"Well, hopefully not? I mean, it'd be cool right? I mean I get to hang out with my boyfriend and my best friend when I go to your house." I explained to him.

"Oh. Yeah I hadn't thought about it like that. Okay!" Finn happily agreed putting a dopey grin on his face.

"And you guys are all cool with it?" Kurt asked anxiously.

"Sure!" The club cried.

"Well that's enough drama for today guys. Let's get on with some songs yeah? And Kurt, Puck? I'm happy for you two." Mr Schue nodded at me and Kurt.


"Can I just ask?" Matt started. "Are you two going to be making moon-eyes at each other all the time from now on?"

The club laughed.

"Hey! We're not that bad!" Puck exclaimed.

"Please. Puck you tripped over your own feet four times this rehearsal because you were staring at Kurt."

The club laughed again.

Kurt rolled his eyes and blushed slightly. "If you had a boyfriend as hot as this, how could you not stare at him?" Puck asked them cockily, slinging an arm around a now scarlet Kurt.

It was the glee clubs turn to roll their eyes.

"You want a ride home?" Kurt asked.

"Actually…I was wondering…if it's not too much trouble…" Puck started.

"Spit it out…" Kurt smiled.

"Could I come introduce myself to your dad?" Puck looked shy and faced downwards.

Kurt's face broke into a huge grin. "Of course! You actually wanna do that? You've seen my dad right?"

"Yeah, but the sooner he knows about us, the sooner I can get him to approve of me."

Kurt looked at Puck, wondering if this was still the same guy who used to throw him in dumpsters and slushie him. He leant forward and kissed Puck gently on the lips.

"Get a room!" Artie shouted from across the parking lot.

"Let's go." Kurt whispered.


Puck and Kurt were stood in front of Burt Hummel looking like naughty teenagers sent to the headmaster. The plan to 'let Mr Hummel know how much I love your son and would do anything for' hadn't gone down too well. They had been caught making out on the doorstep and before either could say anything they were dragged inside by the collar.

"Dad. I can explain." Kurt started.

Burt raised an eyebrow. "Can you?"

Kurt opened his mouth a few times. "No." He settled on sighing.

"Mr Hummel, if I may?" Puck asked nervously.

Burt nodded slightly. "I am helplessly in love with your son. He is amazing and perfect in every single way and me with my tongue down his throat wasn't the way I wanted to tell you how much I love him but it's just sorta happened that way. I'm sorry and I really hope you can accept me as Kurt's boyfriend."

Burt looked Puck up and down a few times. Then leaned back and squinted. "Kurt? Are you sure he's gay?" He whispered. Puck held back a laugh and Kurt rolled his eyes. "Look, I need to know, what would you do for my son? How would you protect him, make him happy?"

"I would love to say I'd die for him, but I wouldn't. Truth is, I'd rather live for him, that way he'd never be alone." Puck explained.

"Good answer Mohawk. Just…don't let me catch you doing that on my doorstep again please?" Burt pleaded. The boys blushed and nodded. "And…be…safe. Alright?" Burt told them.

"Oh God dad, please!" Kurt cried as he dragged Noah down to his basement.


"Sorry about my dad. He's just protective of me. I love him to pieces but he sure is embarrassing." Kurt told Noah. They were snuggled on the sofa watching Eastenders.

"Don't worry about it. He just loves you and doesn't want you to get hurt." Puck told him rubbing circles onto his back.

"Yeah I know." Kurt said. "Why have you stopped?" He pouted when Puck stopped rubbing the circles.

"Sorry baby I didn't know you were enjoying it." Noah laughed and started again.

"Hmmm." Kurt hummed.

Noah bit back a laugh at his noise. "Kurt?


"You want a massage?"

Kurt moaned. "Please?"

Puck flipped himself so he straddled Kurt from behind. Which would've been a pretty sexual position if Puck was still that guy, but he wasn't, so he lifted Kurt's shirt off his body gently and folded it onto the table. He gently started to knead Kurt's shoulders.

Kurt moaned loudly.

"You ever had a massage before?" Puck asked.

"No. But hmm, it's definitely going to a hmm, experience I will enjoy." Kurt told him in between his moans. "You are amazing at that you know?"

"Yeah, give my ma massages when she get's stressed y'know?" Puck said.

"Hmmm." Was the only reply from the drowsy Kurt.

After half an hour massaging Kurt's back, Kurt stopped him. "What?" Puck asked.

"Kiss me?" Kurt asked quietly. Puck smiled and turned him over.

He slowly leant down and began to slowly kiss him. It was slow and passionate. Kurt was opening his mouth a lot. Puck leaned back and looked at him. Kurt rolled his eyes. "Tongue. In my mouth? Jeesh Puck you sure you are the super stud of Mckinley?"

"Hey! I didn't wanna go too fast!" He protested.

Kurt just smiled and leant back up to kiss Puck. Puck slowly let his tongue enter Kurt's mouth and they kept a slow rhythm.

Burt walked towards his son's door and opened it slowly. He began walking inside. He looked down from the stairs to see his son slowly kissing the boy who claimed to love him. Burt was about to storm down there with rip the young man away from his son (who had his fucking shirt off!), but then he stopped. The kiss was slow and loving. It wasn't a 'I wanna fuck your son into the sofa' kind of kiss'. It was more of an 'I love you so much' kiss. Burt pretending he couldn't see Puck's tongue slowly go in and out of Kurt's mouth closed the door again and left them too it.

The boys looked up when they heard the slight click of the door. They looked from the door to each other. "Do you think he was angry?" Puck asked worriedly.

"If he was, he wouldn't of left us." Kurt reassured him.

"Okay. If you are sure."

"Puck? Do you wanna stay the night? Just…fall asleep with me?" Kurt asked.

"I'd love to." Puck smiled kissing Kurt's nose and carrying him to the bed.


Burt had to wake the teens up in the morning, with the help of Carole and Finn. Kurt never was a morning person and with a warm body lying next to him it was even harder. I wasn't a shock to Burt to find them in bed together considering he hadn't heard or seen Puck leave. He was pleased to see that they clearly hadn't had sex though.

"Kurt! Puck! Wake up! You have school!" Burt shook them.

"Too loud!" Kurt whined and pouted, crawling closer to Puck. Finn and Burt rolled their eyes when Carole and Puck began to coo at Kurt.

"Come on guys!" Finn tried.

"Hey, Kurt. If you get up I will give you another massage tonight." Puck whispered softly, though loud enough for people to hear.

Carole put her hand on her heart and smiled. "Dude, massage?" Finn asked Puck.

"Leave him alone Finn! You might wanna do something romantic like that for Rachel!" Carole scolded him.

The massage plan had worked though as Kurt had sat up. "You coming?" Puck asked.

"Carry me." Kurt demanded like a little boy.

Puck just laughed and stood up. Making the gesture for Kurt to climb onto his back. Burt rolled his eyes again and followed them upstairs with Carole and Finn. They stood in the doorway of the kitchen as Puck dropped Kurt onto the table and kissed him quickly. "Can I take a shower?" He asked the room.

"Sure, down the hallway second on the left." Burt told him.

"Thanks." He said giving Kurt one last kiss before leaving the room.

Kurt jumped up from the table with a grin on his face as he switched on the coffee machine. "What?" He asked the two grinning faces and one with a raised eyebrow. "What!

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