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After 2,352 miles, many bathroom breaks, and countless tears, some of them mine, we had finally made it.

"Woah," I said when my grandparents Alaskan home came into view. If the house in Forks was the big house, then this was the "Bigger house," Jacob said echoing my thoughts. It was made of light gray stones in all different shapes, and it had three stories. The bottom floor had gorgeous picture windows, framed by cream colored curtains.

"Dat's our house?" Swan asked from the back seat.

"It's Nana and Grandpa's house, but you'll have your own room here. This is where we'll live until our house is done," Jacob explained to her. So we were home, sort of. We all hoped out of our cars, and Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosalie got busy taking my family's car collection off the back of the truck, and driving them into the mammoth garage that was attached to the house.

My Dad looked more excited then I'd seen him in a while, as he lead Mom towards the house. He grinned at her as he literally swept her off her feet. "Let me show you my room, well, it's our room now," he said to her. She smiled up at him as he carried her through the doorway. She looked truly happy, and I was glad. I'd been so worried about her.

"Go ahead in!" Nanna said to the kids, who were all just standing there staring up at the house. "Go explore, pick out you rooms!"

They caught Nanna's infectious excitement and ran through the open doorway. "Third floor!" I called after them. I knew that the third floor had all of the bedrooms. The house was decorated in shades from the cool side of the color wheel. There was a lot of white as in the old house, this one also had creamy blues, and lavender. Even though I hadn't lived here before, the house had that feeling about it that someone had, this was a home.

The kids were all scrambling up the big wooden staircase, with big brother Anthony in the lead. Seth followed behind them with his hands out protectively behind both Mollie and Xandra. Swan stopped at the top, and looked down at Jacob and I as we stood in the huge, open living room.

"This can be my room!" she proclaimed, spreading her little arms wide.

"Oh no it can't be. I don't think so. Third floor," I said. She stomped her foot, then ran after her siblings to catch up to them on the second staircase. When Jake and I got up there Grandpa was closing four of the doors. He told the kids any of the rooms with the doors left open, they could have. Jake and I had already decided we'd let them pick out their own rooms first, then we'd pick one close to theirs. We watched them run back and forth though the long hallway, out of one room, and into the next.

"Mommy, look!" Swan called from one. I followed her voice and found her sitting in a window seat, gazing out into the snow. My little birdie had found her room.

"Like it?" I asked.

"Uh huh, it's pretty, Mommy."

"I think so too."

"Renesmee, come here, I'd like to show you these rooms," Grandpa called. I padded down to the end of the long hallway on the soft white carpet. At the end, Nanna stood in the doorway of last room on the right, Grandpa was in the one on the left, waving me in. The room had the same carpet as the rest of the upstairs, and like the others this room was large. Nanna came through a door on the right I thought was a second closet. "They are connected," she said. "I thought Mollie and Xandra might like these rooms."

"Hey Mollie, Xandra!" I called. They came running in, wearing their matching overalls, and looked at me expectantly. They did decide they wanted the connected rooms. After a careful inspection of several rooms, Anthony chose his also. Jake and I picked a room next to Xandra's, Seth took the one next to Mollie's. Once we'd decided on our rooms, boxes were brought up. Things got busy quickly after that. Nanna got on the phone to have the beds we'd ordered delivered, now that we had arrived. Building materials for our new house began to be delivered by burly looking guys. Jake and I went for a run through the evergreens with Esme to find the location for our house. We found a clearing where no trees would have to be removed, it was close enough to provide some convenience and far enough away for privacy.

When we got back Jake went upstairs with the kids, to help them get settled. We weren't going to get all of the way settled here though, we'd be living out of boxes and suitcases until the house was ready. I stayed downstairs with Nanna as we finalized the blue prints on the house.

The first floor would have the play room, the big eat in kitchen, and also a dining room. Next to the dining room was the family room, and inside the wall they shared was the fire place. We could enjoy it from both rooms, it was going to look amazing. Nanna had enlightened me to a design trend I hadn't heard of. Luxurious master bedrooms with double doors, on the first floor. After thinking about that, I liked it. Soon the kids would be older, and wouldn't need me close by. Until then, that's what baby monitors were for. Our bathroom would have a shower enclosed in glass, and a jacuzzi tub which I was really looking forward to trying out. There was also a small room connected to ours, that you could only access from our bedroom. The plan was, maybe that room would end up being a nursery, maybe not. But I really hoped that it would.

Upstairs we had two more bathrooms, the kids rooms, a computer room, and two extra bedrooms. We'd put a lot of time into this, and I knew this house would be perfect. The only last minute modification we made, was to put a door in the wall that separated Mollie and Xandra's rooms.

My family would be building our house so that it could get done quicker. There'd always be a few of them, working around the clock until it was finished. We spent the day day getting set up in our rooms. We set up the beds, and hung out a few outfits in each childs closet for them to keep here. Jake and I did the same, just for the heck of it. After Anthony went downstairs to use the bathroom, he couldn't find his room again, so I'd found him wandering in the hallway alone. Another minute and he would have been crying, I'd be willing to bet.

After that, I abandoned helping Jake with the beds and asked Seth to take over. The kids and I did a spur of the moment art project, after I dug some supplies out of a box. I sat at the dining room table with my little ones and we made signs for the bedroom doors.

Anthony could write his own name, he did so all over his piece of paper with varying colors and sizes. There would be no question about who's room that was, same with Swan. She could also write her name, and she embellished it with a lot of swirls. She was a big fan of the glitter crayons, and made good use of them while working on the sign for her door. "My name is so pretty," she murmured to herself as she was making sure not a millimeter of white paper would be visible.

Mollie and Xandra could only write a little bit, I wrote their names in big bubble letters on their pages. They enjoyed coloring in the letters, and the flowers I had drawn.

"Are you making a sign for your room?" Anthony asked me without looking up from his masterpiece in progress.

"I don't need one sweetie, I'll remember where my room is," I assured him.

"But what I can't find you?" he asked looking up at me. He had a point. So I made one for our room. I spelled out, Mommy and Daddy, and drew some hearts. I enjoyed myself more then I thought I would, coloring them in shades of red and pink.

Mollie threw down her crayon out of nowhere, her little mouth forming an O. "Sef need one!" she exclaimed.

"He do!" Xandra agreed. I grabbed another sheet of paper and handed it to Mollie. I could hardly get the four letters down before she took over making it as colorful as possible, with help from her sister. While we were at it, we made signs for all of the bedrooms.

Jacob and Seth clattered down the stairs, and announced the beds were all put together. The kids waved their signs at Jacob, showing him what they'd made. "Very nice!" he told them.

"Dis yours," Mollie told Seth proudly. He took the sign from her and looked at her scribbles with genuine awe.

"This is really good!" he told her. "Thank you, I love it. Did you help too?" he asked Xandra.

People started coming home from shopping trips, and hunting trips. Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett stayed to work on the house, but everybody else came home and was given their sign for their bedroom door. The kids were thrilled that everybody loved their signs, they were quite proud of their work.
~~~~~~~~~ XandraPOV ~~~~~~~~~

I made such a pretty sign for Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett's room. Mommy drew roses on the page for me, and I colored them in. I made them green, and Mommy said they were very special flowers, and that they would love it.

When Daddy and Seth came down the stairs, it was very loud. They have very big feet. I've never seen anyone as big a them. Not even grandpa Charlie, and he has a mustache! Seth was so happy with the one that Mollie and I made for him. He kissed us both on our hair, and went back up the steps to put it on his door.

Clomp, clomp, clomp.

Then he came back down. Daddy liked his sign that Mommy made for him. He said, "I love you," to her. He does that a lot, and she always smiles when she says it. A lot of times, she will give him a kiss after he says it. I think he says that, so that he will get a kiss.

After Seth was sitting at the table, he picked up Mollie and put her in his lap. I asked Daddy if he would hold me, and he said that he would. Sometimes he lets me sit on his shoulders. When he does that, I can touch the ceiling! I like the way that Daddy smells. He smells really good, and sometimes I smell his t-shirt.

Grandpa and Grandma came back from hunting, and sat at the table with us. Grandpa said, "Ol ! meus g meos," too us. Then he said hi to Mollie. Because she did not know what he said, but I did. Grandpa was teaching me how to say things in Portuguese. So I knew he said, hello my twins. I thought saying things like that was fun, Mollie didn't though. And Grandpa told her, that she didn't have to if she didn't want to.

Grandma called us her twinnies. She calls us that because we were born at the same time. We lived in Mommy's tummy together. Grandpa asked me if I remembered that once. I wasn't sure what he meant, so I just looked at him. He said that it was dark and warm, before I ever saw any light and the only one there was Mollie. I thought about it, and that was when I had never seen Mommy, but I heard her voice all the time. She would sing songs to me. She looked just the way I thought she would.

Daddy said to Mommy, "The only thing that will stink about this week, is there's only one bathroom here."

Mommy shrugged. "I know, but why would they have more then one when they don't use it? The one they have has just been for show until us."

They don't use the bathroom? Do they wear diapers? "No, we don't," Grandpa said. If you asked Grandpa something, you did not have to say it with words, he already knew what you were going to ask him. I looked under the table to try and see if Grandma and Grandpa were wearing diapers, it didn't look like they were. "We don't use the bathroom at all darling, but it's been a long day, and we can talk about it another time." Fine with me.

"Should we go see our new beds?" Mommy asked.

"I want to see!" Anthony shouted. He and Swan got up and started running up the steps. There were so many! Daddy took me to my room, and Seth carried Mollie to hers.

Daddy put me down and said, "What do you think?" I liked my bed, it had purple sheets, it was pretty. There were lots of open boxes, I went over to see what was in them. There's my stuff!

"You can pick a few toys to keep here, I think Nanna is going to decorate your room for you. Let me show you the best part." He opened the other door, and there was Mollie! Seth was holding her.

"Hi, sissy!" I said, and waved to her.

"Hi, sissy!" she said.

"Bye, sissy," I said.

"Bye sissy," Mollie said. I closed the door, and I asked Daddy to open it again. They were still there!

"Pretty cool, right?" Daddy asked us.

"Cool," I agreed.

"Wanna come see my room, Mollie?" Seth asked her.

~~~~~~~~~ MolliePOV ~~~~~~~~~

"Yes!" I said. My Seth took me to his room and it was right next to mine, and it was nice. There was lots of my stuff from his other room in here.

"When you guys move to your new house, I'm gonna keep living here. But you can come visit me whenever you want to. We'll be way closer then before, and for a few days we'll get to be right next to each other!" I smiled, I liked that. I wanted to go play with my kitchen so I wiggled for Seth to put me down. "Whatcha doin?" he asked as he followed me. I turned the knobs on my stove and got out a pan. I put my apron on so that I wouldn't get my clothes messy, that's what Mommy does sometimes. My apron has my name on it! Seth gave it to me. I looked in the fridge for something my Seth would like.

Sometimes when Xandra tried to sit in his lap I had to tell her; he's MY Seth. She gets mad, but it's true.

I found some pieces of lettuce, and an egg so I put them in the pan. He likes those things, I do too. We always like the same things, I don't know why.

"What are you cooking?" Seth asked, and sat on the floor next to my fridge.

"Dis, and dis," I said pointing into the pan.

"Mmm it smells yummy!" he said.


I poked at the food with...I forget what it is. But Mommy has one and it looks kinda like a spoon but it's not round.

"Is it ready yet?" he asked me.

"No, no, no!" I sang. I had to get out my spices. My kitchen came with pretend spices, but Seth got me real ones.

"Called?" I asked him, holding up a red one.

"That's paprika," he said.

I sprinkled some on, then grabbed another one and held it up to him. "I dunno, turn it around so I can see the label...that one is coriander." So I put some of that in, and some nutmeg. Then it was ready. I put it on a plate and gave it to him. He pretended to put it in his mouth, but I knew his trick.
"No, taste for real!" I insisted.

So he licked it, and his eyes got real small. I think that meant he really liked it. Because then he said, "Thanks, that was very tasty." He clapped and said, "Yay Mollie!" I clapped too. When it was time for dinner Seth carried me downstairs to the table, I like it when he does that. He sat next to me too. When we were eating, Grandpa told us the rules of the house. I forget some of them, but one he said was, "You may go in to any room with an opened door. If it is closed, you must knock. If there is no answer, it means whoever is in there is busy, or that is a room for grown ups only." Like grandpa Carlisle's office. We aren't supposed to go in there.

Mommy and Daddy were very tired, so they kissed me goodnight and Grandma tucked me in. She did not get tired she said. That must be nice. Sometimes I get really tired, and I just need to take a nap.

When we were in the car, Mommy said that she hopes Grandma isn't too sad because we had to go to Alaska.

"You sad?" I asked her as she sat on my bed. She didn't really look sad until I said that. Then I was sad because I did that.

"Oh honey, don't worry about me. I am a little bit sad, yes. But I'm very happy to be here with you." Then she smiled. "Do you think you'd like a story, or a song tonight?"


"I'll sing you one of Grandpa's." The song she sang was very pretty, and I went to sleep but when I woke up, there was no sun outside, and the house was quiet. I did not like to sleep by myself.

I jumped up and opened the door to Xandra's room. It was dark, but I could see a little.

"You sleeping?" I whispered.

"No," she whispered back. "You sleeping?"

"No," I said. I jumped and got into her bed. Xandra gave me a hug, and then we both fell asleep for the rest of the night.

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