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"No, I can't! Grandpa fell because he got too big... I don't want you to fall, too!" little Italy exclaimed. He wanted to go with Holy Roman Empire. But as much as turning down his friend's offer hurt, Italy knew that if he caused Holy Roman Empire any harm, he would never be able to forgive himself. Holy Roman Empire looked devastated. Italy forced himself not to look. The next thing Italy knew, he was alone, watching his heartbroken best friend run off. Little Italy cried out for one of the last times...

"Holy Rome!" Italy's eyes shot open, and he sat up in Germany's bed. "Wha... Why... I..." Italy muttered, trying to dry his tears. I haven't had a dream about him in so long... So why now...? Finally drying his face, Italy sighed and looked over. It appeared that, yet again, Germany had woken up before him. Oh? What's that? Italy wondered. The blonde man had left a note.

I just got word that my idiot twin brother finally showed up after leaving a few centuries ago- gone to get him. I'll be back around 3 P.M. or so.

I... Err... I love you.


Italy smiled, a feeling of determination filling him. He had no idea his lover had a twin brother, but so what? He was going to make him as welcome as... Well, he couldn't think of a good simile, but he was going to work hard anyway! Cleaning the house until it was spotless, and making enough snacks to last a year.

Meanwhile, Germany and his brother had just experienced enough akward silence to last them a decade. "Where were you?" Germany finally asked.

The elder twin shook his head. "...It's not important."

Germany groaned. "Damn it, I had plans today, too. You disappear on us again, and I swear I'll slit your throat."

The elder twin simply nodded. "...Oh? What plans?" he asked, curious.

The younger blonde shrugged. "Italy had been wanting to go visit Japan with me..." he replied.

"Y-You know Ita-chan? Where is she? Is she doing well?" the elder asked, frantic.

Germany stared, unsure how to react. "...Yeah... I know Italy... He's fine. Hopeless as ever, but he's been well. But... You know him, too, brother?"

"Of course I kno- wait, "him?" ...Never mind. Where is sh- he? Can I see he- him?" the twin asked, excited.

"Uh, yeah. He's been staying at my place..."

"Let's go!"

An hour later, back at Germany's place, Italy headed into the bath. He, for one, was quite satisfied with his work. Easing himself into the hot bath water, he let out a sigh and relaxed. The only thing missing was some music, he thought. Why not fix that?

"Maru kaite, chikyuu! Maru kaite, chikyuu! Maru kaite, chikyuu - boku Hetaria! Aa, hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai~"


The door flung open, and Italy's amber eyes widened. "Holy Rome?" he whispered in amazement.

"Italy!" Holy Rome cried out happily. He had lost almost all hope of seeing his only love ever again. Italy started tearing up, and jumped out of the tub to tackle his friend.

"Holy Rome! Where were you?" he cried. He didn't care that he was still naked; his best friend and first love was back! "I... I thought I'd lost you! I thought you were... Eh? Holy Rome?"

Germany went to get a first-aid kit as Holy Rome lay on the floor under Italy, unconcious, a river of blood streaming down his nose.

A few hours later, they all sat at the table eating dinner. The older twin was overjoyed. "Ahh! I missed Italy's cooking!" he said, enjoying the pasta to the fullest. Germany's eyes drifted between the two uneasily.

"So... How do you two know each other, then?" he finally asked. Italy finished swallowing and smiled.

"Holy Rome was my best friend when I lived in Austria's house! Oh, and he was my first kiss, too!" he exclaimed as the two blondes simultaniously began choking.

"Y-Y-You remembered that?" Holy Roman Empire asked, face as red as the tomato sauce on his plate.

"H-HE was your first kiss?" Germany asked through coughs.

Italy smiled. "Yep! I'm so happy! The two people I love the most are here!" he said, giggling. Holy Rome stared at him for a few moments.

"...So... You really are a man, huh?"

Italy looked at him in confusion. "Of course I am. I always have been!" he replied. Holy Rome looked down, taking a few minutes to take in the information.

"...I see." he finally said, beating himself internally, both for not realizing, and for not being able to come up with a better line. He looked up at Italy and smiled. "But regardless, Ita-chan is as adorable as he's ever been." he said warmly.

Germany, beginning to feel a bit jealous, decided to interject. "So then, brother. About your sleeping arrangements. You'll be staying in the guest room." he said, his voice much colder than he had intended.

Italy frowned. "But we don't have a guest room." he commented.

Germany sighed. "You always decide to sleep in my bed, so the room I had prepared for you remains unused. Same goes for Prussia's room." he replied.

Holy Rome's eyes widened, blue eyes flashing with jealousy. "Wait... You two sleep in the same room? The same bed?" he asked.

Italy nodded happily. "Yup! We are lovers after all!"

Germany went red. "D-Don't say things like that so easily, bakatalia!" he exclaimed.

"Eh? But isn't it true?"

Holy Rome stood up and walked over to Italy. He closed his sapphire eyes and leaned down to give the redhead a kiss. Moments later, he retreated and glared at Germany, wrapping an arm around the confused Italian.

"I won't give him up. For centuries, I have been waiting to see Italy again. I cannot and will not give him up to anyone." he declared.

Germany looked at him. "Are you serious?"

"As a heart attack." the elder replied, tightening his grip.

Italy began tearing up. Why are they fighting? This wasn't what was supposed to happen... We were all supposed to get along. "W-Why are you two acting so scary all of a sudden?" he asked quietly, voice cracking. The twins' eyes widened, and Holy Rome released his grip on the Italian.

"I'm sorry, Italy. I just... I'm sorry." Holy Rome said quietly, looking at the redhead gently.

Italy simply nodded. "...I'm going to bed early, okay? Goodnight, ve." he said, excusing himself. And so, the brothers sat at the table, finishing their dinners in silence.

"Just what I need. To be caught in a love triangle days before Prussia's coming over." Germany muttered.

Holy Rome set his fork down. "I apologize. However, I love Italy. Since the 10th century, I have loved him. I..." Holy Rome paused. "I only have a certain amount of time before I have to leave again."

Germany stared at him. "Under what circumstances...?"

Holy Roman Empire shook his head. "It truly isn't important." he said quietly. Germany, not knowing how else to react, stood up to take his plate to the kitchen.

"Are you finished?" he asked, offering to take his brother's plate.

Holy Rome nodded. "I think I'll be heading to bed as well."

Germany put the plates by the sink. "I'll show you to your room, then."

In what was meant to be Italy's room, Holy Rome sighed and looked out the window. A full moon... Then, something caught his eye. Hiding under the bedside table was a little journal. His curiosity piqued, he reached down to pick it up. He blew on it to see past the thick layer of dust. The cover finally visible, his eyes widened. Italy's diary...? Though he knew it was wrong to go through someone's private, personal things, he simply couldn't help himself. He flipped to a random page.

January 13th, year 1XXX

Uwaah! Today was really cold. But the snow is so pretty! Oh, oh! Today, Austria came to visit me! He seemed kind of sad when he arrived. But we played lots of pretty music today, and he looked happy when he left. He even laughed a bit! He should be like that more often. It suits him a lot better than being serious all the time. Hungary came, too! We talked a lot, and all three of us shared the cake she brought. It was almost as yummy as pasta! But in a different way. We talked about Holy Roman Empire a bit, too. We all miss him a lot. I wonder what happened to him. Is he alright? I hope so. Even if he's somewhere far away, I just hope he's alright.

March 26th, year 1XXX

Aah! Today was so nice. Me and Big Brother France played together today! He taught me some new words, too. But I don't really know what to think now. "Intercourse" sounds weird. But Big Brother France seems to like it.

At this Holy Rome promptly shut the book and buried his head in his pillow, trying to silence his painfully perverted mind. He stared out at the stars. Why? Just why. So much time has passed, and Italy has experienced so much. And I wasn't able to be there. And now, now that I'm finally allowed to be reunited with him... Holy Rome began tearing up. ...No. No, no, no. I just can't accept it. I can't. I... I can't give up. If there is one thing I can never, ever give up, it is Italy. I don't care if Germany is my brother. I won't lose Italy again.

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