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Images flashed in front of her eyes. Hands, glowing eyes, evil grins flashed in and out of view. Dove threw her hands up, trying to protect herself, but they didn't stop. She tried to remember what Ruby taught her but it wasn't working. He still caught her. He still hurt her. Spot still walked away from her.

"Spot!" Dove sat up panting. Breathing hard she tried to remind herself that Sot didn't hate her, he loved her. He said so. She was safe in her house, no one was going to hurt her. Mathew stumbled into the room and staggered over to her bed.

"It's ok Vienne, I wont let anyone hurt you." Mathew gathered her in a hug, while Dove went stiff. She knew Mathew wouldn't hurt her, but it still made her uncomfortable, the only one she allowed to touch her was Spot.

Morning came, Mathew and Thomas left for work, leaving Dove home alone to wait for the young man they didn't know was coming. Dove waited for the rap on the window from the King with a gold tipped cane. Soon enough it came, and Dove slipped out the window and followed the Newsies to the lodging house so she could clean and watch the younger ones while she waited for Spot to finish selling.

She had just finished making the last bed, when she heard the loud whispers of some of the smaller newsies. Slipping out the fire escape, she quietly makes her way down to the alley way. Three of the newsies that were around eight or so were sitting in a circle smoking cigarettes.

Walking up behind them she puts her hands on her hips.

"What do you boys think you're doing?" A feminine voice sounds behind the boys, spinning around they look up at their big sister.

"Um, nothin'?" The older of the trio asks, trying to hide the smoke behind him.

"Put it out."

"Aw, Dove do we gotta?" Still holding the item behind him.

Dove raises her eyebrow, looking down at them.

"But why?" Whines come from all the boys.

"One, you are too young. Two, you know I don't like them. Three, I said so." A new sternness was in her voice that they young newsies had never heard before. Quickly they put out their lights and looked up at their sister. Dove held out her hand expectantly. The boys tried to pretend that they didn't know what she wanted, but they couldn't look in her eyes. Motioning with her fingers, the culprit handed her the remaining smokes.

Satisfied, Dove walks back into the house and resumes cleaning.

" 'ows was your day, Dove?" Jack walks in to the bunk room where Dove was mending cloths.

"I had a pretty quite day. Although I did catch three of the smaller ones trying to sneak a smoke." Dove sets down the pair of trousers she had been working on, and looks expectingly up at the leader.

"Really? Hu, fancy t'at." Jack slips his hat off his head and flopped on a bunk.

"Jack, they really shouldn't."

"Who shouldn' do's what?" Racetrack enters the room, smoking a large cigar.

"The littles ones shouldn't smoke. And while we're on the subject I would love it, Race, if you wouldn't smoke in the lodging house." Dove glances over at the teen who was registering what was saying. Blushing slightly, Race put sout his light and places his stogie near his bed.

"Is t'at betta Dove?" He asks, looking for approval.

"Yes, thank you Race." A small smile graces her lips in praise for the teen.

Spot walks Dove back to her house, making sure they were home before her brother. They sit on the roof top, watching the people as they went about the end of their day.

"How's you'se holdin' up?" Spot could see the dark shadows under her eyes. But all Dove does is shrugs and hide her face in Spot's worn shirt.

""ey, I'se wanna teach you'se somet'in'" Spot shifts so he can look down at her. Focusing on him, Dove listens as he sounds a three tone whistle.

"T'at's t'e signal for 'elp, If you'se eva need somt'in' you'se just do t'at and help'll come."

Dove nods and resumes her position on Spot's shoulder. He wraps his arms around her, holding her close. Dove relaxed into him, closing her eyes.

Spot looked down a little while later, noticing that Dove had fallen asleep in his arms. Gently, Spot pulls her into a more comfortable position. Kissing her hair, he brushes a strand out of her face. For a while Spot just watches her sleep. Then he notices her beginning to dream. Her face starts to form a frown, her eyebrows draw together and her breathing starts to come in sort bursts.

"Shh, it's ok, I'm 'ere." Spot brushes her cheek with his finger tips. Dove's face began to relax and she shifts closer to him, sighing contently. Gently, Spot gathers Dove up in his arms and picks her up. He carries her down the fire escape, through the window and sets her down softly on her bed. Smirking proudly at the fact that she didn't wake up, he slips out the window and heads to Brooklyn.

"Spot!" Dove sits upright, breath ragged, her body in a cold sweat. She hadn't slept for months, and it was beginning to take it's toll. Slipping out her window, she sits on the roof, facing Brooklyn. She couldn't see it, but it helped to calm her down just knowing that he was there. She jumps when she hears someone approach from behind.

"It's ok, it's jus' me." Spot holds his hand out in front of him. Dove holds up her hand, which Spot takes and sit behind her, cradling her in his arms.

"I thought you went home." Dove leans in to him, letting his strong arms protect her.

"I'se t'ought I'se would give Whistler a break t'night."

Dove turns so she could look up at him.

"T'eres always a newsies up 'ere wa'chin' over ya." He looks down at her, trying to make sure that she understood how much she meant to everyone. "How you'se sleepin' Dove, really?"

Exhausted tears form and fall.

"I'm not, every night I have the same dream. I haven't slept since it happened." Dove curls into him and cry. Spot wraps his arms around her and just let her cry, he didn't know what else to do. Dove cried. She cried for the pain she still had, for the walls she had created, for the guilt she carried, for the fears that haunted her, and for what she had lost. What she couldn't give to Spot and how it had changed their relationship. The fear of being worthless was swelling up inside her. She tries to push it down but she felt like she was drowning in her tears.

"Shhh. I'se got ya. I'se won't let no one hoirt ya no mo'." Spot's voice breaks through, pushing down the fear. She leans closer to him and hides her face in his chest. The warmth of his body chases the cold of her pain away. Slowly the tears stop as she falls asleep.

Spot is thankful that it was warm out and he didn't have to worry about keeping her getting cold. Shifting Dove in his arms, Spot leans against the chimney.

The sun was barely beginning to make it's journey across the city when Spot wakes up. Glancing down at the sleeping girl in his arms he can't help the smile that forms. She hadn't woken up. Standing very carefully, he carries her back to her bed, leaving but not before he softly kisses her forehead.

Dove sweeps the second floor of the lodging house slowly. She knew she had fallen asleep with Spot on the roof but she woke up in her bed. But what she was really thinking about was that she hadn't woken up till Mathew came in her room asking about breakfast. She opens one of the windows to air out the stuffy room and hears a scuffle outside in the alley. Rushing down the stairs and out the side door she follows the sound and finds Rags up against a scabber. He was trying his hardest but the older boy was bigger and stronger then him.

Dove watches them and she feels tired. Tired of the fear, the hurt, but she was mostly tired of how New York had walked over her. She was tired of feeling worthless.

"Leave him be." Her voice fills the alleyway and the scab drops Rags.

"Who might this be, hu?" The older teen saunters toward Dove. Rags begins to head toward the boy, but a look in Dove's eye stops him. Glancing toward Brooklyn, Dove looks pointedly at Rags. Glancing over his shoulder, he could see the Brooklyn bridge from where he was. Nodding, Rags took of as fast as his legs could carry him. Dove gave off the whistle that Spot had taught her while she eyed the scabber coming toward her.

"I's gonna have fun wit' you'se." He was close now, scenes of her attack were flashing in front of her.

"No. You're not." Dove brought her hands up they way that Ruby taught her and a hardness, that only Brooklyn could teach you, settles in her eyes. He takes a swing and she dodges. Again and again he tries to get her, but she was too quick. Ruby had taught her skills, but now, Dove had attitude.

He was staring to get tired, Dove ducks and put all she had into a upper cut. The scab reels back at the impact. Two months of laundry and labor at the lodging house had given her strength. Now angry, he comes at her, but was more careless. Dove watches and waits, waiting for the right opportunity to hit, landing good strong strikes where they counted.

Finally giving everything she has, Dove lands a punch that sends him to the ground.

"Stay away from my boys." Panting she looks down at him, green eyes flashing.

"Dove!" Spot comes running down the alley, cane ready and seeing red for the man that would hurt his girl. Stopping next to her, he looks down in astonishment at her handy work.

"Dove?" Spot looks her questioningly.

"It's ok, Spot. I think we're done here." Dove turns to leave. Spot smirks as he walks over and looks down at the teen on the ground.

"You'se betta be countin' your blessin's t'at it wasn't me you'se was figh'in'." Taking his cane, Spot hits they boy in the side, "Stay aways from me goil."

Spot walks over to Dove and takes her under his arm looking down at her proudly.

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