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CH 1

Talon was screaming.

In a dark room with a single beam of light shining down on him, Talon thrashed in his restraints binding him to a straight-backed metal chair. Sweat dripped off his young face after hours of struggling, creating small puddles at his feet. Hundreds of wires were attached to the back of the chair, while some were injected underneath the skin of his arms, legs, and neck. Withering in pain and groaning from an intense headache, Talon swore he would make his captor, (or captors for all he knew) pay. But he could not see his tormenter, and settled for audibly cursing at his captor, spraying spittle everywhere.

"Who are you working for?" a deep, cold voice asks, cutting through his tirade of insults, and enraging him further, causing him to renew his struggles.

"I don't work for anyone, the Syndicate works for no one!" Talon yelled, glaring in the direction of the voice and narrowing his masked eyes. Damn right he doesn't. Anyone and any fool would know that. He suddenly went rigid in his chair, ramrod straight and his eyes squeezed tightly, gritting his teeth in pain.

"I feel there is more you wish to tell me," the voice carried on, "There is additional information you are hiding". "If I was hiding anything, I wouldn't tell you, dumb-ass!" Talon growled, clenching his fists. Talon endured another massive headache, this one more blinding than the previous one and a hundred times more painful, leaving him panting.

After a pause, the voice continues, "I know who you are, but answer me this," the voice chuckled darkly through Talon's gasps, "Would you sacrifice yourself to anyone?" Talon froze, thinking quickly for the first time in hours."Hell no," Talon concluded, spiting in the direction of the Voice, knowing full well he wouldn't. Not for her. "So be it," the voice said, ominously ringing and rising in volume, as if speaking to an unseen audience, "Turn on to maximum power, I know we have the correct one here. The power of hatred is something just waiting to be tapped into".

A loud humming noise drowns out the last of the Voice's words, and Talon begins to glow brightly, screaming as the light intensified. Talon sees images of his life flash before his eyes, producing a jumble of information and memories tossed around in a chaotic jumble before his eyes.

All at once, Talon's scream dies in his throat and his heart ceases to pump as he loses illumination.

"We have achieved the unthinkable, but we now have to accomplish the impossible," the voice boomed, announcing to an undetected audience, earning a round of thunderous applause.

"Must you be leaving? Is it truly necessary for you to go alone?" Starfire asked Dick, a.k.a Nightwing as he packed his suitcase, throwing various things into it.

With her arms folded and hovering in Dick's doorway, Starfire already felt pangs of sadness as she watched Dick pack. There was some "urgent", (as Dick called it) business to attend to in Blüdhaven, and Dick said he only he could go because he knew the city better than anyone else, having lived there for a year or two.

"Just…please be careful Dick", Starfire sighed as he snapped his suitcase closed. "As always, Star", Dick replied, giving her a kiss as he exited the room. She followed him out into the hall and out to the front door, where several new and old Teen Titans are grouped. Dressed in his civilian clothes, Dick blended perfectly into society.

"If you need help…well, I think you know who to call…" Cyborg grinned, placing a hand on Dick's shoulder. "We will all miss you, 'Wing" Wondergirl, (Cassie), addded. "I have it under control, guys, just don't forget to patrol the city." Dick finished, and is lastly approached by Starfire who gives him a hug, earning a few snickers. He turned to walk out the front door to the waiting cab and got in.

"All systems are fully functional and operational" J'onn J'onzz spoke into headset on the JLA Watchtower."Understood." Green Lantern, (John Stewart) replied, moving one last giant piece of metal into position outside the station. Using his ring, he imagined a soldering tool and proceeded to solder the metal to the outside of the Watchtower.

"Man, why did that asteroid storm have to be so full of hard rocks made out of ice?" Flash asked, munching from a bag chips while leaning back in a chair.

"Because it's an asteroid storm from SPACE, Flash. Now MOVE, and take your crumbs out of my chair!" Shiera growled at Flash as she entered the control room, waving her mace menacingly. "Asyouwish, don'tgetyourpantiesinaknot". Flash shrugged, zipping out of the room and taking his bag of chips with him. Putting a hand to her face and sighing heavily, she sat down, asking, "How are the repairs coming along?"

"They are going according to plan and we are just about finishing the last of them," J'onn replied, pressing buttons on the control board.

"That's good to hear, good news is something we all need to hear sometimes" Sheira said, crossing her legs and watching J'onn finish his last systematic checks.

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