Dick climbed the stairs to his old apartment / hidden tech room, feeling a wave of nostalgia as he pushed open the door. Looking around, Dick noticed everything was the same as he had left it, except a fine layer of dust coated the furniture. The late afternoon sunlight streamed through the blinds, casting the room in a hue of orange.

"Look at this, no break-ins or surprise guests. Gotta thank Clancy for keeping this room vacant for me!"Dick thought as he dumped his bag onto the ground beside the bed.

Digging out his laptop, Dick immediately got to work, emailing his team and establishing the fact that he made it to Blüdhaven. Dick knew that with his re-appearance in this city meant the villains would be afraid to try outlandish things, but he came for only one reason. The Brotherhood.

Last week, Bruce, (of all people), had emailed him, telling him that the crime in Gotham and the surrounding area, (including Blüdhaven) had skyrocketed. This was not only from Dick's absence, but from the Brotherhhood establishing a base in the Underground. Bruce went on to say that while he has been looking into it, he has come up with dead ends, but says Blüdhaven is uncharted territory for him.

Dick had this area covered.

Nightwing needed to find out why the Brotherhood was in Blüdhaven, for their bases were mostly on the west coast, and what they were up to. Dick's high-tech PC suddenly beeped and Oracle's face fizzled onto the screen.

"Long time no see, stranger" Oracle laughed, eliciting a grin from Nightwing. "Just a little busy, busting crime here and there. How ya doing Babs?" Nightwing answered. "Wondering where the hell you were, what brings you here again?" Oracle asks, turning from light-hearted to serious.

"Bruce informed me that the Brotherhood established a base here, and crime has skyrocketed. I need to find out what they are doing. Any info on them?" Nightwing inquired, opening new windows with pages of information on recent events in the city.

"Nothing so far, but in the last three days, the sky high crime has been touching the ground."

Dick stopped typing, digesting the information. "The Brotherhood never tells villains to lie low, and they usually hold no sway over them. Unless, there is something big they are planning." Dick frowned.

"Well, that could be true," Babs agreed, typing away. "But how would they keep that information so secret; they aren't ones for keeping secrets hidden for long." Dick nodded, and stood up, stretched, and said, "It's time to get some information Babs, I will talk to you later."

'Don't kick 'em too hard Grayson". Nightwing fought a chuckle. "You know I will Babs".

Back at Titans Tower, the older Titans were discussing Dick's mission.

"Just checking up on Blüdhaven? I feel something else caused him to leave." Beast Boy said, disagreeing with Aqualad's suggestion that Nightwing left to keep the villains in line.

"Stop arguing and come and look at this," Raven said, typing at the computer, "He sent us an email, saying why he left." Starfire floated over to the screen and read aloud:

"I just arrived in the 'Haven, sorry I didn't tell you why. The Brotherhood has established a base here for some reason, and I would like to know why. Blüdhaven is my city, I know it better than anyone else, and having a team would cause suspicions to be raised. Don't worry about me, (too much), and I will hopefully be back in a weeks time."

"The Brotherhood? In the 'Haven? This is making me wonder…" Cyborg pondered, rubbing his chin with his hand. "We could do some snooping around of our own, we have our city to look in," Conner suggested, around mouthfuls of a sandwich.

"Wouldn't hurt to try. The Bro' does have a base in Jump", shrugged Beast Boy. The team agreed, and sent out the first patrol early to gather information, consisting of Beast Boy and Cassie.

"How are you doing, sir?" Alfred asked Bruce, presenting him a mug of steaming black coffe as he jumped out of the batmobile and sat down at his supercomputer. Wearily running a hand over his face, he replied, "Crime is getting worse, Alfred. Sure hope Nightwing knows what to look for. This secret has been secret for a long time. The 'Haven is good for large scale "projects"."

"I have faith that Master Dick can find out what the Brotherhood is up to".

"He'd better."

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