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Lost Child

In a castle in the clouds, a boy with blood red hair and narrow amber eyes ran along the grassy platforms, laughing as he spread his arms, his mid-back-length hair tied back in a ponytail. While he ran, others glanced down at him with a little fear in their eyes. He was so carefree for a boy with such a scary face. It looked as though he wanted to kill someone with a joyful disposition. Despite his looks his name wasn't anything fierce or strong. His name was…Yukimaru. A/N: This is a character that was taken from one of my weirder fics that I deleted (he's a cross between Kenshin and Saito in looks from Rurouni Kenshin which I also do not own). Sorry for interrupting so early on!

Despite that the first parts of his name meant "snow", he'd never seen it. He'd always wondered what it was, and if it was nice like flowers and sunshine. He was a very gentle kid, happy as could be and ignorant of how people looked at him. His mother had given him his hair and fair skin, while his father had given him his eyes and unnatural strength. His mother had been a beauty to behold, drawing many suitors, yet she'd only accepted one man as her husband, and he'd been the fiercest warrior in the skies. Half of the reason why her marriage to him had been so opposed was because of how bloodthirsty he'd been and his eyes were enough to frighten off many seasoned warriors. How such a man had caught the gentle woman's eye, only she knew.

Yukimaru looked over the side and smiled at the sight so far below. I wonder what's down there. It's forbidden for anyone to go down there, yet I still think as hard as I can about it. Do they have "snow" down there? Maybe it's not very bad although there are many stories Ka-chan told me about what happens down there. I may be a descendant of the person who made this flying city, filled with the last of our kind, but I want to go down there once and see what's down below.

His clothes, which were very loose with ornate patterns and symbols along with the crest of his family and city on the shirt and left hip of his shorts, and he hardly ever wore anything but thin sandals to protect his feet from being hurt as he ran. The cloth of his clothing was white and the symbols were light blue. Around his neck was a blue crystal with a curious symbol on it, which matched his shirt. He'd inherited it from his mother, who told him that it contained vast powers that he should only use in direst need.

He sat on the very edge, letting his feet dangle over the side as his fierce eyes surveyed the place he so wished to go to, but was unable to. He was too young to even try, plus he was special to the people here, young or not. He was the last living prince and thus the heir to the throne to this castle in the sky, Laputa. He wore the crystal as the symbol of his crown, so if he were to ever go missing, he would possibly cause a war between Laputa and the place beneath.

A cloud passed over the place he was sitting, temporarily blocking him from anyone's view. He stood up quickly, only to step wrong and stumble, just as some of the royal guards, who had been looking for him, to notice him and his fast-failing balance.


His arms windmilled, before he tipped forward and fell, straight down, with a scream that was quickly lost.

The guards ran to the side and shouted, "YUKIMARU-Ô-SAMA!"

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