Dear Kid Flash,

We are now on the same team, and the other Titans insisted that I apologize for punching you in the face yesterday when you flipped my skirt up. So I shall. I apologize that you are a boorish, ungentlemanly pervert who can't keep his hands from roaming.


Dear Jinx,

Why, thank you. So, of course, I'll also express my sincerest apologies. Forgive me for the fact that you can not take a joke and are such a prude.


Dear Slow-for-brains,

I can take a joke just fine. The hands of a pervert are another thing.


Dear Bad-luck-charm,

I am not a pervert! You just get all fussy when it comes to boys.


Dear Stupid-in-Spandex,

I am not fussy! I can get a boy just fine! I don't need your help with that, thank you very much.

Black-and-Purple Swirl

Dear Fashion Nightmare,

Oh yeah? Well I can get a girl just fine too! So there.

Buns of Steel

Dear Brains of Mush,

Oh, yeah? Then why do I see you act so sulky when couples pass you by? Get a girlfriend, low-life.


Dear Pink-Eye,

Who says I need a girlfriend? Why, then, don't you have a boyfriend, huh? Huh? Answer that.


Dear Stomach-on-Legs,

Maybe it's because the boy that I care for would never feel the same way for me and I know it. But at least, even when I was with the HIVE, I nicely turned down the boys who asked me out. So there.

Flip and Twirl

Dear Klutz,

Well, then... I'll admit, the girl I care for probably hates me too. Not that you care.


Dear Can't-Stop-Eating-Even-If-Robin-Yells-And-Complains-How-You-Eat-Enough-In-A-Day-To-Feed-A-Small-Country-For-A-Whole-Year,

I dunno... after all, I know how you feel. But who is the girl, anyways, huh? Bumblebee? Argent? Starfire? Maybe... Raven?


Dear Know-It-All,

Why would you wanna know? Besides, who is it that you like, huh? Beast Boy? Robin? Aqualad? Or... maybe Cyborg?


Dear Pervert,

Why would you care? It's not like it's you that likes me.


Dear Bubblegum,

Oh, yeah? Then what if I said I did like you, huh?

Fastest Boy Alive

Dear Idiot,

Well, then, I'd tell you I like you too. So there, ha.


Dear Thief,

Fine. We're dating now. Take that.


Dear Rose-giver,

Fine. That we are. I love you.


Dear Jinx,

I love you, too.

Kid Flash