Dedicated to : Maya, Summer, and Laura

He hummed, staring across his bed silently while he stayed curled against the wall his bed sat by.

It bothered him, how it looked so… empty, and vast. But why, why it seemed like that… escaped him—hell, it hardly crossed his mind. Though, he did wonder slightly how it could, he was right here—wasn't he? He took up the space rather well if he tried; but he wasn't, he was more or less trying desperately to leave as much space there as possible, pressing himself into the wall.

He sighed through his nose, a bit of the hair that had fallen in front of his face blowing forward before settling back into place. It almost seemed like that wasn't enough—like his body wasn't enough, here.

Almost subconsciously, he threw off the black comforter and tossed his red pillow to the side (he hadn't even noticed that he'd been hugging it) before making his way into the hall. He briefly glanced at the large black clock that hung in the hallway, ticking softly in the silence. It was one forty in the morning. Huffing, I moved down the hall and glanced over the railing briefly (confirming that nobody was working down there, and all the lights were off) before moving into a room just to the side of the top of the stairs.

I pushed the door open the rest of the way and peeked in, glancing first at her work bench, then at her closet (he didn't really know why) before resting his gaze on her maroon-clad bed.

He cocked his head at her position, sliding into the room and pushing the door near-closed as he eyed her rather… odd choice of positions.

The sight wasn't as… graceful as he imagined (not that he did!). She was laying with one shivering leg over the blankets and her arms over her head, the fingers slightly curled into her palms and her light blond hair simply all over the place; and beside her…

Ed frowned, disappointment clear I his arched eyebrow and narrowed eyes.

Beside her, was a wrench. Upon further inspection, the very wrench he'd bought her for her birthday—and the very same wrench she used to beat him on the head every time he bothered to come home (granted, because he broke her Automail).

He pursed his lips and removed it from the curve of her right hip before laying it on her work table.

Turning back to the sleeping mechanic, he awkwardly (and with a bright crimson blush) moved the blankets from between her legs and pushed her a bit to the side before innocently slipping his right leg under the covers alongside hers. He eyed her face slightly before following with his other limbs and nuzzling his cheek into her shoulder and letting the blankets fall over the new addition to her bed.

He smiled slightly and nudged his left arm under her right to weave up and intertwine his fingers with hers, hugging her loosely with his right flesh (oh how he loved that) arm around her hips.

Problem solved!~

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