I haven't been writing enough recently. Which is bad, really bad. I use writing as therapy and not having enough time to do it... Bad.

But, here's something. This is dedicated to Drishti3693. Because she's amazing.

This is Victoire and Teddy, a new couple for me to write but I kinda love them.



&&bright bluepinkgreen hair


(according to your mother)

You're making yourself so uglyugly

What she doesn't know is

It's because you're so damn tired of being

So damn pretty


But it's so difficult

You know

Being perfect isn't easy

So you shrink from the spotlight

You f a d e into your own shadow

And, oh dear,

You're gone (!)

In a flurry of hairdyeandpiercings

You've disappeared


This isn't a case of


(well, actually it is)

Being porcelain is difficult

And nobody wants to see perfection cry



You hold it all back

The tears




And you bottle it all up

Until you've completed the transformation

And you're no longer

P e r f e c t


Then you can c r y




There's a boy here who wants to speak to you,


He wants to know what happened

Why you aren't you

And oh!

He liked you just the way you were [before]

(but that was the purpose, you know

To get them all to stop liking you)


And so you explain

(because what else is there to do?)

E v e r y t h i n g


(except not quite)


((well actually,

You cover most of it

And he guesses the rest

[smart boy]))


And he's your happily ever after

Because he's the only one to realize

And really truly care

About how b r o k e n

You felt

And he healed you with butterfly kisses

&long hugs

&&long walks

&&&the response 'no you're not' when you said

You were 'okay'

(you had been waiting long enough

For someone to notice)