Single White Band Mate

Summary: When James saves Logan from drowning, Logan is grateful and sees James in a whole new light. But what happens when that light starts to burn brighter than he can handle?

Told in 3rd person omniscient. This will be mostly in flashbacks, with occasional flashes to present day, then it will pick up in present day in a later chapter and go from there.

The title of the story comes from the movie 'Single White Female' which has some commonalities

Rated M or NC17 (depending on where it is posted)

He wasn't sure when it started. Well, he was pretty sure it started when James saved his life but that isn't what he meant. All he knew was one minute, James was his best friend, and then, suddenly, he was unequivocally, undeniably obsessed. What he wasn't sure of was just how obsessed, or why? But that is getting ahead. It all really started on a hot August day. The boys were at the Palm Woods pool, fooling around and generally having fun. Carlos was helping the Jennifer's with lines for a part in the third installment of Mean Girls, Kendall was playing checkers with Jo and James and Logan were playing chicken in the pool with guitar dude and his drummer friend Todd.

August 17th

"AAAAH" Logan turned sharply upon hearing the squeal from Camille, who had run out to tell Jo she had gotten a part in Tori Missouri on the Dingo Channel. Unfortunately for Logan, it was distraction enough for Todd to grasp his arms and wrench him off of James' shoulders. He fell toward the side of the pool, hitting his head on the railing.

"Aw man Logie" James whined, watching the other two high five. He turned around to huff at his best friend, only to find he was not there.

"Log…," he questioned, looking around. Suddenly he saw his unmoving form under the water, "LOGAN" he yelled, diving down to pull him up.

The others looked over to the pool to see James stepping out with Logan cradled in his arms. They all ran over as James lay Logan next to the pool.

"Logie, come on buddy, wake up" James said, shaking the boy. When that didn't work, he tilted his friends head back, leaning down to press his mouth to the other boys, giving him his own breath. He pulled back, pushing down repeatedly on the smaller boys chest. He repeated this action multiple times, each time more desperate than the last. Tears prickled James' eyes, along with many others watching.

"Please," James pleaded, leaning down to Logan's mouth once more. He pulled away, about to press down again on the boys chest when he coughed suddenly, water dribbling out of his mouth. James pulled him up against his chest, patting his friends back. The people around the pair all sighed and smiled, seeing Logan was alright. Logan rested against James, eyes still closed. James sighed heavily, resting his chin on his best friends head, still rubbing his back. Kendall wrapped a towel around the boy, allowing James to pick him up and set him on a pool chair Carlos had dragged closer to them. James sat down next to the chair, wrapping another towel around himself.

"Logan," Camille said, rubbing his forehead. Logan moved his head to the side, his eyes slowly opening.

"Wha-what happened?" he questioned.

"You hit your head and almost drowned" Carlos said.

"Carlos" Jo hissed, laughing a little at the boy's bluntness. Kendall took over the explanation, telling him that he had indeed almost drowned, but that James had saved him, giving him mouth to mouth. Logan's eyes got wide, turning his head toward the pretty boy.

"James, you… you…" he started, taking a deep breath to catch his voice.

"Yeah Logan, but I mean, you would have done the same" he laughed, standing up and looking at his friend, "now let's get upstairs, I think you should rest" he finished, extending his arm to Logan.

Logan accepted James' hand and stood on shaky legs. James nodded to the others, saying he would take care of him. The others nodded and reluctantly went back to their previous activities. James wrapped an arm around his friends waist, supporting him up to 2J. Once they were inside, they headed upstairs to their shared bedroom. Mama Knight questioned them and James said there was an accident but that it was all okay and she told James just to get him upstairs.

"Here we go" James said, opening the door and leading Logan to the bed. Logan just stared after James as he went to his dresser to pull out a pair of sweats, long sleeved tee and pair of boxer briefs, handing them to the shaken boy. He helped Logan up, running the towel over his arms and head.

"You get dressed okay Logie," James said, walking over to his own dresser, pulling out a pair of track pants, tee and his own pair of boxer briefs. He turned to see Logan pulling on his shirt. He frowned, thinking how close he had come to losing his friend. He turned back to get dressed himself.

Logan looked up to see his friend and recent savior pulling his boxers up over his hips, reaching down to grab the pants he had pulled out. He couldn't help but stare at the boy before him. He had saved his life. He had always loved all three of his best friends but this, this was different. He was alive because of James. He had thought the pretty boy was nearly perfect before but now, now he realized that it was nearly, he was perfect.

"James…" Logan started, taking a deep breath as the boy turned to look at him. James walked over to his best friend, kneeling in front of him.

"Hey, no need to talk" he said, running a hand across Logan's still wet hair before moving to sit beside him, picking up the towel and running it over Logan's hair.

"Yeah, I do James… You saved my life, I can't… I don't…" Logan started, unsure of what to say. James stood up, draping the towel over his still unclothed shoulder. He reached a hand down, setting it on his friends shoulder.

"It was nothing, anyone would have done it, including you if it were me. It was just common sense… you are my best friend and you were in trouble so I helped you, I am just happy you are alright Loge's" James said, "now, I am gonna go hang this towel and you should lay down. I will be in the living room if you need me" he finished, reaching behind Logan to pull his covers back, urging Logan back onto his pillow. Logan climbed under his covers, smiling to James as the taller boy ran a hand across the smaller boys forehead. He leaned down to press a chaste kiss to his forehead, reminiscent of a mother and her sick child. James turned around and walked out of the room, turning back to smile at Logan. Logan was asleep within a minute of James leaving.

That was just over 8 months ago today. It was a cool March night as Logan thought back on the day that changed everything. And now as he sat there, watching the pretty boy sleep, he couldn't help but think the same thing he thought that afternoon.

James was perfect.