On a bright and sunny day, somewhere in the near future, there is a terrible tragedy. This is not the kind of day something this terrible should happen. On this day, there is a certain purple-haired teenager, all alone in an alleyway. She sits on top of a trash bin, the haunting images of her father's death parading through her mind. She never liked the way she treated him, it was always as if he didn't give a crap about what became of her and her brother.

Yet, she never willed for something this terrible to happen.

As tears stream down her face, out of the corner of her eye she sees ambulances still rushing to save her famous father. No, no… she thought, the gory images still haunting her memory, "how the hell could I let this happen? How could I be so stupid? I've caused all this panic, all this pain… I don't deserve to live… Dad was a famous scientist. Everybody loved him… I've let them all down…

Then she heard a scream from down the street. Dear God… Gaz thought. Doesn't he know when to take a break?

Right on cue, a certain boy with a "skin condition" came running past the alley, tailed by none other but Dib. Gaz leaped off of the trash bin and shoved Dib, knocking him down onto the pavement. "DON'T YOU KNOW WHEN TO STOP?" She yowled at him above the sounds of the city. "Gaz! You just let him get away!" Dib complained, referring to the Irken that had just disappeared from sight.

"That's so you, Dib," Gaz spat to her older brother, "No matter what tragedy has happened, so just won't quit chasing stupid Zim!"

"What's wrong, Gaz?" Dib said, shoving her off of him and standing up. "What's with you this time?"

"What do you mean, this time? What are you doing all day, shoving your head under a rock?" She didn't wait for Dib to answer. "Dad is DEAD, Dib. You don't know because you can't just quit chasing Zim for once. He's dead, and it's all my fault," Gaz said, tears streaming down her face. Dib stared at her with a shocked expression on his face, tears welling up in his eyes. "Gaz, I didn't know," he said shakily.

"Of course you didn't know! You NEVER know! You're always too busy contributing to a lost cause. Give it up, Dib. No one will ever believe Zim's an alien, "She said, fuming. With that she turned and ran away, tears still dripping from her face. Dib attempted to grab her by the shoulder, but due to the fact that she had just pretty much destroyed his glasses, he grabbed her necklace. It broke, and clattered to the ground as she disappeared from sight. Dib bent down and picked up the skull shaped necklace, clutching it in his palm.

"Gaz-human?" Zim said as Gaz ran past him. "SHUT THE HELL UP, ZIM!" She screamed as she sped away. After a brief argument in his head, Zim decided to attempt to help her. His robo-legs extended from his PAK, and enabled him to run faster than her. He caught up to her quickly, grabbing her by both shoulders and spinning her around to face him. Gaz struggled, but Zim had a death grip on her shoulders.

"What do you want?" she muttered at Zim.

"I want to know why you saved me from the Dib-stink."

"Save? Who?"

"You tackled him when he was about to disable my PAK."

"Oh, well, ummmm…" Gaz started to blush. She had to admit, although she hadn't the slightest idea that Dib was trying to kill him, Zim was quite the attractive Irken…

Without waiting for an answer, Zim turned around and carried her back to his base.

"What's all this about, Zim?" Gaz asked upon arrival at Zim's house. Zim didn't answer. He just opened the door, and a little green "dog" came rushing to the door, with a big plate of pancakes.

"MASTA! MASTA! LOOK AT THESE! THEY EVEN BETTER THAN WAFFLES!" GIR shoved the plate into Zim's face. "TRY SOME! TRYYYY SOME!" Zim shoved the plate away. "No, GIR. Go watch TV." GIR started screaming.

"It's not working, GIR." Gaz grumbled. "GAZZY!" He screamed, latching on to Gaz's leg. "Get the eff off of me!" She growled at him, shaking her leg around. GIR let go and ran off towards the couch.

"Once again, Zim," Gaz said "What are we doing here?"

"How do you feel about me?"

"Well, right now, I feel that you're INSANELY annoying."

"Quit it with the insults, Gaz. You're making my mind act funny. I can't get you out of my head. You're in all of my dreams, and I love you immensely. I say it again, how do you feel about ZIM?"

Gaz stopped to think. "Well…" she started, staring at Zim's crimson eyes. Without waiting for a full answer to come to her mind, she struggled to try and get out of Zim's arms. Zim just gripped her tighter. "Tell me!" He barked. Gaz's amber eyes widened as he leaned in to kiss her.


Zim stumbled away, a pink handprint visible on his face. "What was THAT all about!" She screeched at him.

"You CREEP!" She screamed at him half-heartedly. This was partly because she was worn out from the depressing day, but half of her felt the same way about Zim. She growled to herself and shook her head, to clear all the thoughts that weren't about her escaping. Zim stood, rubbing his face where she had smacked him. Now your chance! Gaz thought. Run! Gaz made a mad dash for the doorway, but Zim was quicker. He blocked the door and advanced towards her as a sadistic smile crossed his face…