Dead people say it was destiny for them to die. Living people say it is destiny for them to live. But what happens to the people who are living, but have no life? Was it really destiny for them to be abandoned and betrayed? Isn't that the real question?

I guess it would be normal for me to begin my story at the beginning, but then again, I am far from normal. I live in New York. New York is more different than most people know. The most common knowledge of New York is that its big, it's cool; it has the some of the best shopping centers in the whole world! But the biggest and most anonymous differences... are the Vampires.

Now that I have told you one of the reasons I am alive today, let me explain how I became I Vampire hunter. Oh, and by the way. My name is Josephine Dalton.

It was dark. Way to dark for a regular summer evening when Sam and I were sitting by the beach enjoying the last few weeks before the horrible uneventful school year.

I looked up at my hot, smexy boyfriend. Being blonde and blue eyed made Sam was the typical dream boy for any girl.

Being in 7th grade at West ridge Middle School, the "seniors" of Middle school, basically everyone looked up to Sam and I as the "it" couple.

And, of course, being this super awesome couple had its benefits. We got invited to every party and had more friends than I could count. But, like everything in life, it had its disadvantages. Sam and I hardly ever got time alone, so moments like this were hard to come by.

Sam. Oh, Sam. The love of my life since I had been in third grade. When he had little dimples, and huge buck teeth while I had my black hair and green eyes. Hardly any difference from how I look now. It's such a shame that these precious movements were going to be our last.

Sam looked down at me, a concerned look on his face. "Is something wrong?"

Yes, something is wrong, a voice in the back of my head whispered. Something is going to happen and I won't be able to do anything about it.

"No… Nothing's wrong," I sighed.

Nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong. I repeated. Oh I wish.

"We should get back to the party." Sam smiled.

I nodded. "Yeah."

Sam helped me up and we slowly made our way back to Kelly Zimmerman's end of the summer party.

About half the way back I heard something... unusual. Abnormal.

Sam did too. He stiffened and I squeezed his arm, as if trying to secure him.

"Who's out there?" Sam yelled. His warm, sea blue eyes darted from place to place, trying to find out what was out of place. Those beautiful, comforting eyes almost looked black in the pure darkness.

A black figure stepped out of the bushes, just barely showing in the faint light.

It took another step. The figure kept taking steps forward until I could explain in full detail what the shape... or should I say, the teenage girl, looked like.

Her sweeping blonde hair and brown eyes stood out like a star in the blackness of the night. She seemed around my age, in a way.

"Sorry for popping out of nowhere," she apologized, a smile on her face. "My name is Lara"

Sam stared at Lara. His shoulders dropped, losing all the stiffness in his body. His eyes were full of lust, and his lips were stretched to a grin.

I, on the other hand, was still shocked and surprised. Lara was just so... perfect. There were no other words in my head that could describe her.

But for some odd reason, I couldn't seem to calm down. Just the sight of her sent chills down my back, and her eyes seemed cold, dangerous. It felt as if darkness seeping out of her, hovering above her head, and blanketing her.

"A-are you f-rom Kelly's the party?" I stammered.

"No." Lara said plainly "I'm here for another reason." Her eyes flickered towards Sam's, an evil, planning smile pasted on her lips.

I glared. The glare I have her was not one of those joking glares that I would usually give to my best friends. No, this was a stop-staring-at-my-boyfriend-you-stranger glare.

It seemed that Lara had no interest what so ever in my so called "death glare." She only simply was appealed by Sam, which irritated me even further.

"Now," She giggled. "Why don't we go straight to the point?" This "Lara" girl smiled, showing her teeth. I gasped as her canine teeth grew an inch longer. She became more bigger and stronger... She became... a monster.

She was a vampire. One of those mythical creatures from the dark, lurking in the unseen corners, preying on humans in silence.

Lara had grabbed Sam in less than a second, and had quickly brought her mouth to his neck. I stood frozen, watching my soul mates life be ripped away from him.

He became frightening pale, and it looked like all hopes were lost for Sam when a branch snapped behind nicely trimmed hedge.

Lara glanced at the bush. I could see she was startled. In a split second Lara had stopped drinking from Sam, grabbed him and darted into the opposite hedge, and took Sam from me forever.

I was alone.

I am still alone

I will always be alone