Chapter 5

I woke up in a dark room. It was pitch black, no human would be able to see a thing. Good thing I wasn't human. I felt a throbbing at my head, and a whole series of events came flying back at me. The hunting, the Vampires, the vampire. I still wasn't sure what was going on though.

Am I in heaven?

Geez I sure hope not. What is good about heaven? Well, it is better than hell. But either way you're still dead.

The room was mainly the colours of red and black, typical Vampire colour.

Vampire's. It makes so much more sense now. I'm not dead, I was captured by Vampires.

Uh, I'm starting to like the sound of heaven.

I heard footsteps down the hall and got out of my bed. I was still wearing my slut suit. I checked my boots, yup my knifes were still here but both my jacket, stakes and gun were gone, nowhere in sight.

Well at least I still have my primary weapons, my teeth and claws. I thought and smiled to myself, taking up a fighting position as the door quickly slammed open.

I was the first one to make the move. Changing forms in mid-air I slammed into... four vampires. A quick check at the door confirmed that there were no more.

I sprinted on all fours down the twisted hall, only stopping to smell my surroundings. The place seemed to only have about twenty Vampires in it, and it seemed that other than the four I mauled they were unaware of my escape.

The hallway was long and confusing, without my acute sense of smell I would have never found my way out, lucky for me the front door smelt like a forest and in minutes I was coming down the stairs leading to freedom.

My close freedom lasted about five more seconds until it tragically ended when a tall, strong male vamp calmly step in front of the stair case, causing me to crash, burn and almost kill the vamp at my speed. I was the first to recover, hoping back up to about half his height.

He obviously wasn't aware of a shape shifters presence at this vamp coven because he was still staring at my black beauty.

I took it to my advantage.

I jumped over his crouching form and came to the front door. It was closed, and I had no opposable thumbs to open it. I growled and looked for a different escape route. There about a metre from me was a large open window. Unfortunately the recovered Vampire and his four previous friends were coming at me. I weaved, jumped and dodged through the parasites and quickly jumped through the window to freedom.

The forest was just metres away, and I reached it! I was ecstatic; I dared to glance at my pursuers and realized I have none.

"Strange" I thought, they would have caught me now if they decided to hunt me.

After about half an hour from running I soon realized why no-one was chasing me.

There was no-where to go!

I hundred foot fence soared high in the air, preventing any forms of escape.

I turned to face the castle, now barely a shadow against the foggy mist.

I have two choices, find a way to live out here or go back and surrender myself.

I already knew the answer to my question; I was going to become a real panther, hunting out here in the woods and hide from the parasites people call Vampires.

Well, I better start working out a hiding spot!