A/N: Ok so after a couple of years reading fanfic, I finally decided to take the plunge.

This is the first story I have written, that isn't for children, since high school.

Originally I was only going to write it as a one shot but decided it would flow better

as a chapter story. It won't be long, but hopefully it will be good.

Stephenie Meyer owns the characters, I'm just applying them to my little story.

No copyright infringement intended.

How Can I Help You?


With a tearful glance back at the place I called home for the last several years, I loaded my last box and suitcase in the back of my truck, made sure Riley was secure in his seat and got behind the wheel. As I clicked my seatbelt, the back door opened and Jake kissed Riley's head. "Be good for Mom, champ." Tears fell from his face and he wouldn't look at me. "Be careful Bells, keep your phone on and let me know once you make it. I just need to know you both arrived safely."

"I will Jake…I'm, I'm sorry for everything. Maybe…"

I glanced in the mirror, trying to catch his eye, but he was looking at Riley. "I have to go. Goodbye Jacob." As he kissed Riley once more, he finally looked at me through mirror. The pain in his eyes tore my heart out. I couldn't take it. "Bye Bella." He closed the door and I drove the car out of our neighborhood, towards I-5, heading back to where my life began.

The radio station I was listening to must have been in a mocking mood. Every breakup song imaginable seemed to be playing on a continuous loop. Why is it that when you are in love, all songs are filled with hope and joy, but when you hurt all you hear are sad songs? I switched to my iPod, pulling up one of my audio books. There is nothing like a good mystery to take your mind off your troubles. As I looked into the rear view mirror, I noticed Riley was already falling asleep. I hoped he would sleep for most of the trip. I had a little over 800 miles to drive, and knew I wouldn't be able to make it with a 10 month old in one day. Riley was my saving grace, he kept me grounded. I know what I am doing is the best thing for my son. If I can just make it to the Washington state line by tonight, I'll be happy. This was going to be a long trip.

Leaving Sacramento, I was going back to my tiny hometown in the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula. I was leaving a job I loved as a copy editor for the Sacramento Bee, and taking a chance on my dream job, writing children's literature. My best friend from high school, Angela, already submitted a couple specs to her boss at the publishing house. Just in case the writing doesn't happen right away I am also going to be working part time for the Forks Weekly newspaper.

I actually made decent time, although I am sure Riley will keep me up all night. After all he slept about 8 hours during the trip. I checked into a small hotel on the Oregon/Washington border, then after feeding and bathing Riley, I ate a quick dinner. Just being this close to my father I was already feeling like I was home. I put Riley in his pack 'n 'play, and then left the bathroom door open while I showered the day's grime off. I was stalling. I have been making plans for this trip for a couple of weeks, but I still had not informed the second most important man in my life that I was coming home.

It was time to call Dad and let him know I was coming home.


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