disclaimer: Pokemon ain't mine.
notes: I think Lyra is one of my favorite female characters for no apparent reason.
title: I just like the band. And their song Rocketeer.

far east movement
(she's already ten and knows that this was always a goodbye)


She fell in love with his kisses when she was ten, even thought it was just a kiss to a cheek. There was a Champion coming to school that day, before they got their trainer license and everything. His name was Lance, and he had a fiery, red mane and she thinks he was a dragon tamer.

Later she gave him a sunflower, because Momma said that sunflowers are the prettiest flower, before they shine towards the light.

In return she received a kiss on the cheek.


She was eleven when she meets him again.

A better trainer now, she grips her pokéball tighter and unleashes her Espeon. The psychic pokémon quickly follows her as she breaks out into a run. She sees him again, with a girl with the sky's blue hues in her hair.

And somehow knows that this is goodbye.


She is twelve when she meets Will.

She thinks that she might be maybe sorta in love with him, because the stars said so. (So did the psychic trainer across from Sabrina's gym- but she didn't tell him that.) But Will is maybe sorta in love with Caitlin, the pretty girl in the Battle Frontier whose quiet voice is like porcelain.

Caitlin makes her feel like broken glass.


She is twelve and a half when she forgives Will.

She forgives him enough, to steal a quick kiss while he's sleeping. She thinks he was awake— when her lips touched his in a childish romance.

Lyra is glad, he feigned sleep.


Lyra is thirteen when she finds out her best friend is in love with a girl far, far away and so is his rival.

She thinks she should feel heartbroken.


She is fourteen when she kisses a convicted criminal.

It tastes like cigarette ashes and lightning flashes.


She is fifteen when she first meets Steven.

He gives her a sapphire, he found. She gives it back to him, because she thinks that it reminds him of someone he cares about. Someone who he wants to forget— but she tells him, to be happy that there is someone who loves him.

(Instead of being in maybe-sorts-of-loves because she's sick of being in maybe sorta love.)


She's sixteen when Steven gives her hug.

She thinks that they are better than kisses. (He lets her choose a Hoenn starter, as well. And she chooses are Mudkip. Even though she wanted a Torchic, she saw the painful look on his face and changed her mind.

It is okay, she thinks. Mudkips are cute too.


She's seventeen when she meets Red and Green again.

Discovers that both are in love with the same girl, who disappeared years ago— reminding her of the girl that Silver and Gold are in love with, whoever she is.


She's eighteen when she decides to stop believing in love.

Because no matter how far the path of life is, there isn't anyone willing to walk with her all the way through.