Night High

The new student Hound Nor

In the town, of Nox, there lies a school, called Night High, the school houses demons, and Night creatures. The school will not allow any humans to enter its halls, for the reason of they may die. A boy soon starts running to this school. "Oh no if Im late, on my first day, I might be in some real trouble." The boy is wearing a gray hoodie, blue jeans, and blue pants, his hair is black, and he is running as though his life depended on it. It kind of did, he was now a student of Night High, Hound Nor. As he continued to run, he heard howls, he looked up, to see bats flying to the school, and what looked like wolves running on the rooftops. "Aw great, I am not going to be left behind!" The bell began to ring, when Hound ran into the gates of Night High. As he got there, he begin to huff and puff, like he was out of breath. "Hehehe, a simple human has been let into our school?"

"The principle must be getting soft in his old age, that or he is a meal for us." Hound looked up, to see a giant wolf, it's fur was black, it had a huge body, and it was walking on its hind legs, the other guy, looked like a human, but his skin was blue, his hair red, and he was wearing shades, he also had on, black jeans, black shoes, and a red tank top. The wolf grabbed Hound by the collar of his shirt. "Listen you little runt, you better run home to mom, and paw, you will die in this school." Hound looked at the guy with an irritated look in his eyes.

"Who exactly will kill me? Because if its you, then I must be soft." He had a small grin, as he grabbed the wolf's arm, and threw him into a big tree that was in front of the school. The other guy launched at Hound, he dodged his attack, and punched him in the face, then swung his body to the ground with his fist. He got up, and shook his hand, he then put his hood on, and started to enter the building. "My that was interesting." Hound stopped and looked behind him, to see a girl in the trees. She had bleach white hair, a green long sleeve shirt, and blue skin tight jeans, and brown female steel toe shoes. She was reading a book and looked at Hound with red blood shot eyes. When Hound saw her, his jaw dropped, when she smiled she showed her fangs. "Whats the matter?" She suddenly vanished and quickly appeared in front of Hound. "You look as though you've seen a ghost, or where you mesmerized by me?" She soon put her hand on Hound's face, and then walked off. Hound was still there speechless, until the bell rang. When he snapped back to reality, he noticed the time, he then ran to class. Luckily he was a new student, so he was given a brake, when he made it to his class, he sat at the wall. Soon the teacher open the door. "Well here you are, its about time, come on class has already started. My name is Cross Lin, Im your new teacher here." The teacher, looked kind of weird. He looked mostly human, his hair was blond and covering his eyes, his right arm looked amputated, and wrapped up, he was wearing a military vest, black pants, and shoes, and he had the number 14 on his jacket. Hound got up and went in the class after him. "This is our new student, Hound Nor, he is, well I guess you can say he is human." Most of the students started to question what the teacher said. "Hound why don't you take a seat." Hound nodded and went to the back. Class went for a bit, when it was over, Hound was bumbarded by many of the students. "Wow so your a real Human? I never thought a human could make it to this school!" One of the students said.

"Your kind of cute, mind if I neck you some?" A girl said, Hound looked confused by the question. Many of the students asked him questions, soon the teacher came. "Now, now students, give him a brake, and also no he is not lunch, he is here as a real student." All the students seemed kind of down and walked away from Hound. He was really confused now, Soon a boy came to Hound.

"So Your Hound Nor Nice to meet ya." The boy was kind of weird, he was darker then night, and he seemed very happy for some reason, he was smiling really wide, Hound could see his fangs, he had on a long red sleeve shirt, with a black triangle at the base, were his abs were, black pants and black shoes. His sleeves were so long, that they went over his hands. Another guy came, he had bandages on his face, and a purple sleeveless shirt, his pants were blue, and he had on brown and black shoes. "I never seen a human stupid enough to come here, but its good to see you again Hound." Hound started to smile at them both.

"Its good to see you too Wolf, and Coro, you have been staying out of trouble right? I mean you were kind of crazy when I first met you." Coro smiled allot and Wolf took his bandages off, to reveal a wolfs face. He then shook Hound hand. "It seems the gang is all here, well this is a big surprise, I cant believe were all in the same class, that means we can take on missions together right? Right?" Hound said excitedly. Wolf, smirked some, and Coro just had that big smile of his on, soon that girl Hound met at the door came in. "I didn't know you had a pet Wolf, he does seem cute, mind if I take some of his blood?" Wolf looked at the girl.

"Yuuki, I would advise against that, I mean, there is a reason he was let in, even if Coro and I begged the principle, he would never let a human into this school."

"Yeah, Hound is no human, he is something else, his blood would burn you from inside out." Coro said. Hound looked at the girl, as though he was under a spell. She looked at him with a expressionless look on her face. "Fine, I will see you later Wolf, and I will see your pet later as well." She licked her lips and walked out of the class. Coro waved his hand in front of Hound. "Coro knows that look, Hound is in love with Yuuki." Coro said snickering. Wolf put his hand on his face and looked at Hound.

"Look try not to get involved with her." Hound snapped back to reality and looked at Wolf.

"Wolf what can you tell me about that girl? You called her Yuuki, so is that her name?" Wolf looked like he was just talking to a wall.

"Her name is Yuuki Bori, she is one of the top students in this class. She is an excellent Gymnastic, a vampire, and a assassin, she worked with the shadow clan for a bit, until recently, I dont know why, but she ended up quieting a few weeks ago." Hound looked at the door she was at.

"A cursed angel..." Hound walked to the door, but Wolf soon grabbed his shoulder. "Hound, she is trouble, her nickname was the devil angel." Hound looked at Wolf, and smiled.

"Dont worry, I will make her less trouble." As he left the class, he bumped into someone. The guy was wearing a red shirt, and brown cargo pants. His feet looked like fox feet, and he had a tail, his ears were showing, and his eyes were red. His hair was blue, and he was juggling some sort of ice balls in his hand. "So your the new student, you dont seem like much to me." Wolf pulled Hound away from the guy. He didn't seem interested at that moment, as he walked off. "Be careful around that one Hound, he is trouble, all the night creatures are, they will try to kill you, just because you look human."

"I know there were these two guys, at the gate who tried to pick a fight with me, I think there still out cold though." Wolf looked at Hound with an are you serious look. It seems things will soon start to get interesting for Hound, as he continues his school years.