Night High

Hounds power, is he really a human?

As the train entered the port to Victora, some werewolf's, jumped on the top of the train. Most of the passengers felt it, and started to freak out, as the werewolf's started to brake into the train. "Hay um guys, we might have a problem." Hound said. He then looked over to them to see them sleeping still. "Oh yeah. Guess its up to me then." He said as he punched his palm. Hound ran to a door, and looked up, one of the werewolf's spotted him, and growled, as he jumped down and attack Hound. Hound dodged his attacks, and jumped back, as the werewolf threw his claws at Hound. "Ok ugly, time for me to attack." Hound soon moved forward, and blocked the wolf's attack, and punched him with his free hand. As the wolf was pushed back, Hound grabbed his arm, pulled him in, and then grabbed his neck and choked him some. The wolf started to yelp as it threw its foot at Hound's face, but Hound blocked with his other arm, and slammed the wolf of the ground. That sound could be heard from on top of the train, as the other wolf's started to brake through the train. Hound climbed up the side of the train, and saw the werewolf's. "So you are the wolf's causing a ruckus in this town. I was sent to deal with you, so I suggest to you to stop killing innocent people, and leave." The wolf's just snarled at Hound, as they charged him. Hound put his guard up, and charged back. One Wolf, threw his claws at Hound, while the other attacked him from below. Hound put his foot on the lower ones jaw, and caught the others arm. "You both are too weak, Nothing like the Viking wolves I trained with!" He said as he threw the first one off the train, and punched the other one away. It regained its balance and charged Hound again, but this time, Hound grabbed its neck, and threw him behind him. He then put his foot on the wolf's neck. "So do we have a deal or what? Its obvious that I am stronger, so why dont you just except it." He said with a smile, the other wolf smirked some.

"They were made to kill or be killed, they wont stop if you ask them. There nothing but mindless puppets. Programmed to do as I say." Hound looked up, and saw a man covered in scars, he had blue, ripped up some, jeans, and his feet looked like claws. His fist seemed big, and he looked human.

"You are the one who infected them? Your a pure Vermine werewolf, guess I have to take you out then." Hound said as he started to get up, when he did the guy appeared in front of him, and punched him to the next train. As Hound rolled back to his feet, the guy attacked him, he was faster then the other wolf's by a long shot. Hound could barely dodge his attacks, as the guy attacked him repeatedly. Hound could only guard himself, as the guy mercilessly beat on him. "Damn I can barely retaliate. He has a strong offense, and I cant even tell about his defense." As Hound thought, the guy kicked him to the ground. He walked over him and grabbed his collar.

"A human like you would make for a interesting minion." He said as his jaw widen, he teeth ready to bite Hound. As he was about to, A gust of wind hit him from behind. "What the hell?" Coro was standing behind him, with air coming from his long sleeves.

"Let go of Coro's friend, or you will make Coro angry." He said as he smiled and watched the guy. Soon Wolf rushed him, and started to swing his sword violently at the guy. The guy clashed with his arm, and blocked the sword strike.

"Your Gadiell, the only Vermine Wolf to assent the boundary of wolf and human, to become this abomination. We are students of Night High, and we have come to put an end to your rain of terrine." Wolf said as he pushed Gadiell away, Gadiell jumped back and put his guard up.

"For a cub you know allot. I see your tail is missing, I guess you were band from your clan. Tell me, what clan are you from cub." Wolf glared at Gadiell, as he held his arm out.

"My name is Wolf Drix, I dont have a clan anymore." He said as the quills in his arm started to extend and shoot outward. Gadiell dodged and jumped back. When he did Hound charged him.

"Your not getting away!" He said as he punched Gadiell in the stomach, however he blocked the attack, and kicked Hound away.

"The school must be mocking me, if it sends its cubs to deal with me, it must be one of the weak survival schools then." He said as he jumped off the train. Hound ran to the end of the train and lost track of him. He gripped his fist tightly, and bared his teeth.

"Damn it, he got away." He said as he punched the ground of the last cart. "He has no right to speak of our school like that. Wolf, Coro, I am going to kill him." Hound said as he jumped off the train. Wolf and Coro ran after him, and caught him.

"Dumb ass, you cant go after him like that. He would crush you again." Wolf said holding Hounds arms.

"Dumb ass, dumb ass, dumb ass! Haha!" Coro said laughing his ass off. Both Wolf and Hound looked at Coro a bit irritated.

"I think he takes pride in laughing at others misfortune." Hound said as Wolf nodded. "Well he is in that town, might as well look around some." Hound said getting up. "But remember I am taking him out when we find him." Wolf nodded as they went into the town of Victora.

In the town, Coro went strait to the closes candy store, he started to drool as he hit his head on the glass. "Hound, Wolf, can Coro have some money to by Candy?" He asked with excitement in his eyes.

"No Coro, we only have money for food, not sweets. Use your own money if you want it." Wolf said walking to the inn next door, he soon heard a crash, as he saw Coro eating the stocks of candy in the store. He ran outside, and flew to Wolf and Hound. Wolf sighed, as Hound looked around, he then looked at the sky, and was barley able to see the moon.

"There will be a full moon tonight, best time to fight that guy," Hound said as he punched his hand. Wolf looked toward Hound with some worry in his eyes.

"You dont mean Gabiell do you Hound? Fighting in the moonlight will be suicide. A werewolf if faster and stronger during a full moon."

"As are some Vampires." Coro added. Hound nodded, he already knew that, but he felt he could go all out if he fought him in the moon light.

"We should attack him while its still sunny, he will be weak, and he will heal slower. Attacking him at Night is out of the question." As Wolf was talking, Hound looked out of the window in there room.

"We have 2 days to get this done. That means we have one night, the day is almost done, and it will be night soon. Sorry Wolf, but we dont have the luxury of time. I will take him out the next time I see him." Hound said, as he ran outside. As Night fell, Hound could hear Gabiell howl in the moonlight. Hound fallowed it to a hill top, were he was face to face with Gabiell.

"So the cub returns, this time I will kill you, and use your body to make another minion to do my bidding." He said as he charged Hound quickly.

Kind of short, but to the point, Hound shows his mastery of his fighting style, I will leave the rest to your imagination before you read the next one. So between the three who do you like the most? Wolf, Hound, or Coro. Anyways comment and tell me.