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Authornote-Yo, well, before I get any hate reviews for this new story, this is actually a story a promised in the first poll I ever did on my profile which where I asked which animal Naruto should be if I did a male Naruto where he is found as an animal by a female ninja in an AU to his own world… And, boy, did this story go way off track from the original storyline. However, I'm fine with it. Still have male Naruto and a chibi-kitsune. Though, this will be probably one crazy story, especially with Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? provided the last things I needed to get this story going, hence why I am not just posting a new story, but the prologue and first two chapters thanks to this brainstorm. This is sort of a mega crossover of themes thanks to the lovely fact there isn't enough witch anime around that isn't silly magical girl styles. Now, onward to the story!

"Normal Talk" 'Normal think' Normal Speech

"Familiar" 'Thoughts' Flashback/dream/etc.

"Don't know yet." 'Don't know about this either.'


Magic is the power of imagination, dreams, and one's will. Though anyone can use magic, only Witches can use magic without any need for a median like a magic tool or such. However, witches stand on the border of chaos and law in the element of magic, some often giving in to the destructive and addicting side of their magic and becoming evil. Wars have been caused by witches… Witch hunts had been made to kill witches. Sadly for humans, because of a witch's magic power, a witch will always be reborn with her memories of the past to continue on with her life, forced to live basically forever as if it was a curse.

However, one witch was once known for her powers and knowledge. She was nicknamed "The Witch of Grimoires" because of memorize thousands of spells and potions from many ancient tomes and grimoires of magic. However, her knowledge of spells was not the only thing she was known for. She creates hundreds of magical tools and weapons of great power which even to this day humans and witches alike search for since she spread them far and wide. She also had a wide range of familiars in her service in which she could summon to her side to battle and so skilled at casting magic that she could even cast spells without chants and even concentrating.

"…" A adult figure wearing a long, worn cape that was orange with black structures all over to keep it together with a sliver, but very old pin the collar with a matching on the matching witch hair walked through a pitch black darkness. However, through face and all the rest of the figure's body was hidden, oddly the person was bare foot. The person looked around the darkness, looking for something.

However, this powerful witch disappeared several decades ago along with eight other witches that made up a powerful cult. Rumors have spread about the Witch of Grimoires since… If a witch was to drink her blood, they would have everlasting beauty. If a witch was to capture her mind and knowledge, then they would have all the spells of hundreds of thousands of books… And, if a witch would be able to capture her magic… They would become the greatest witch of her generation.

"!"The figure was shocked when a bright light suddenly engulfed the void before seeing two teenage figures falling downward from the hole of light as it began to close. The figure jump up and flew over to the two teenagers to see one was a raven hair boy clutching his shoulder with his eyes shut as he he was out cold and the other was a barely conscious blond hair boy with whisker like birthmarks.

"…" The whiskered boy looked at the figure as the figure floated between the two of them. "...You…"

"…" The figure glowed and turned into a small orange flame before it shot into the whiskered boy's body. The boy's eyes widen before a mad grin form on his face.

"Fu fu fu… Nothing seems to go my way…" The whisker face boy sighed before glaring at the unconscious boy before him. "… Tch… I consider you my friend?... But, then again, everyone says I have a weird taste in friends and that curse on you surely is corrupting you… Cough!" The blond hack up some blood onto his hand and frowned while looking at it…Before grinning again. "You hurt me… Well, I guess now you owe me… So, you'll serve me!" The boy shouted while grabbing the raven hair boy by his neck with his bloody hand and sparks came from his hand as the raven hair boy screamed and his body began to glow. "You'll be my new familiar! Huh?" The boy noticed another flash of light and saw a complete pattern within a circle of light was in the path the two of them were falling towards. "Heh… Oh, well, you'll be serving m-EEEEEEE?" When both boys hit the circle, sparks came off of the whiskered boy's back and he let go of the raven hair body as they disappeared in the circle and the abyss turned back to complete darkness.

However, the Witch of Grimoires name known appearance is vague, with many witches and even humans knowing her name. Her name is Majo Naruto, one of the most powerful witches known of her time and also the Mother of Magic Tools and Weapons.

"Tch!" A twelve year raven hair girl was crying as she ran away from the village she has always believed to be her home… Though, now she no longer knew if that was true. She was tired of her life… She was just tired of it all.

"…Even magic can't help me." The girl sighed before fury took over and she increased her speed, no longer caring about anything.