Short story based on what Stahn tells you when you accept his request to fight you. I'm using Aegis (Fem Descender) for this.

I don't own Tales of the World it belongs to Namco Bandai.

Aegis walked towards the plaza of Doplund. She was a little nervous about having to fight another member Ad Libitum. Mock battle or not, she had seen Stahn's strength and it would not be easy. Not that Stahn would intentionally hurt her, oh no.

'I'm just worried I won't be strong enough to protect Terresia.'

Her metal greaves clanked against the stone steps that led up to plaza. Underneath her helmet, Aegis scanned the place looking for Stahn. He wasn't that hard to find seeing as he dressed in a... unique sort of way. Aegis grinned and ran over to him when she saw the magic swordsman, "Stahn!"

"Hey Aegis," he greeted, "Are you here about the request?"

"Yeah. Though I am curious," Aegis started, "Why me? Wouldn't the others be able to spar with you?"

"I want to see how strong you've gotten. And I don't think I'll be able to beat Garr and Leon and I would get way to heated up," Stahn listed off. Aegis's green eyes blinked twice. Leon, she could understand, but Garr? She'd never seen him in battle and couldn't guess how strong he was. Shrugging, Aegis asked, "What about Rutee?"

The blonde made a face, "Rutee? No way! I could never fight a girl!"


"...? Aegis, what's the matter?"

"Stahn... I'm a girl."

"Well... you're different."

"How?" Aegis asked evenly. Green eyes glared at Stahn from underneath the helmet.

"Uh... you're... not... like a girl?"


Aegis saw red. Stahn felt a sense of doom as the other went silent.

"Um... Aegis?"



Aegis looked up and Stahn swore there was a menacing black shadow being projected around her even though she was smiling sweetly, "Are you ready to spar yet~?"

"Um... uh... A-Aegis... I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!"

The smile widened, "Sorry? The only apology I need is our fight."

'Oh no...'

"Well then," Aegis drew her sword and shield, "Prepare yourself!"

She charged.

"Demon Spiral Hammer!"


Mormo lifted his head at sounds of someone pleading for mercy and maniacal laughter coming from outside the city. Everyone was staring in confusion.

What on earth was going on out there?

Short and simple. I find it hilarious he says that even if your Descender is a girl. Thanks alot Stahn! But we love you anyway.

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