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One ordinary day birds singing, sun blazing with just the right amount of heat , blooming flowers green luscious grass, people laughing and smiling on a Tuesday morning.

"Everyone line up! All devices off." Mr. Brooks heard a text message alarm. "I said OFF!" Mr. Brooks barked at his class. The raven hair girl rolled her chocolate brown eyes and texted back her friend. 'If this old hag keeps shouting at me any longer I swear I'll shove a jaw breaking down his throat and choke him to death.'

The raven hair tapped the 'Send' button with her nicely french manicured nails she got done at her famous nail salon she told her mommy and daddy to get her. She slid the latest iphone into her jacket pocket she got for getting a B+. She zipped up her pink bench coat and slipped her hands into her TNA short shorts. Even though it was early September the half Mexican half Italian raven haired girl still decided to wear black cotton leggings.

As the raven haired girl started to lead the line to the bus and was about to step on the bus she got a shove to side as a boy was about to run onto the bus, wanting to get the back seat obviously. You see other people would have let it slide. But with this girl. Not a chance. She grabbed him the back collar of his shirt, yanked him back and threw him onto the ground. She looked at boy and spoke "That stunt you just pulled may work on other people, but sure as hell don't work on me." She walked onto the bus and looked at her nails trying to see it got ruined or chipped.

It may seem that she's bitch...well she is but that's not the point. She doesn't let people tell her who she is. She tells them who she is. She doesn't let people push her around. She shows them that. She doesn't lie to people. She tells the truth straight up. Only if she wants too. But besides all that shes pretty much an okay person. Yeah shes rich, duh. She does show off but she doesn't get...too annoying. Shes may not seem popular, and the queen of the school. It's cause shes a new girl. But shes gonna make that all change.

~~~~~~~~ Another part of the Country ~~~~~

The prince charming. All the girls want their boyfriend to be like him, look like him, talk like him, have the same personality as him, same interest as him, same talents as him. Well basically they just want, him. Prince charming ran his hair threw his curly dark brown locks. Which you'd wonder if he curled it every morning but nope, its all natural baby.

He walked onto the bus, of course girls gawking over him and body as usual as if it was the best thing out there. He smirked and winked at the ladies. Some turned there head and started giggling. Some started to blush. Some were pissed off how other girls thought it was to them. They all wanted him, and they were planning on getting him. He knew it too, but he had a girl friend. But you think that would stop them? Not a chance.

Prince charming sat down in his seat right beside his girlfriend and gave kiss on the cheek and smiled "Hey baby." She blushed and giggled. Shes always been doing that, and they've been dating for 5 months. She wasn't over the fact that she was prince charming but she also didn't mind the fact that girls were after him, because she knew he was hers. She was in love with him. But you see the problem is, love is suppose to go two ways. She loves him and he loves her. That's how its suppose to be, two ways. Not one.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Some where Else in the country~~~~~~

Class clown, everybody just loves him. Everybody goes to him when they need to smile. He's got a thing that will just put a smile on peoples faces. Although that's not what he was doing now class clown had ran out off the class room as soon as possible, someone pulled a stink bomb and man was is repulsive. He stopped outside and took deep breath and exhaled. "Ah. Fresh air." He said with a smile. Than he realized he was suppose to be inside.

The smile on his face dropped. He ran back inside hoping his teacher wasn't back yet to see that he was gone. Man he would be in deep trouble if he got caught, he looked up at the clock they were suppose to leave at 8:20 am. 8:15 am was on the clock, he sprinted down the hall he looked at the clock again 8:18 am it read. He looked down the hall and could see it wasn't that far way and he would have made it...if the bell hadn't rang.

The hall's filled up with students 9's, 10's, 11's and 12's. It was a nightmare. He had to get to that class room and fast. He pushed through people in the hall, and could see he class walking out. He thought 'Yes! I can make it!'. He hopped right into the line, had a great big smile on his face he turned his head to the left and saw...Miss. Westling. She had her arms crossed and a stone face look. "Uh oh."

And 'Uh Oh' was right. During the bus ride there he had to sit right up front with the teacher's pets and Miss. Westling. Just because everyone loved the class clown, doesn't mean he got treated differently. The class clown looked at the back seeing everyone talking and laughing having a good time being with their friends. While he had to sit up front and had to hear the crappy music on the radio, the bus drivers disturbing breathing and the teachers pets who were talking about school and all that other stuff that never really took interest in. The class clown sighed, laid his head on the window and took a nap. Nothing better to do on that 2 hour drive.

~~~~~ Different part of the country~~~~

"Okay class today is the big day! We finally get to go the world trade centre!" Miss. Remple told her class. Earning groans all over the class room. They were happy to leave school the whole entire day, but spending it at city centre isn't exactly what they have in mind. "C'mon guys be happy, trading is the most popular thing in world! Now, I want you to put on your jackets and head to washroom, because we are not stopping!" Miss. Remple said to her class. As the usual loud bell rang, that every single child loved meaning they could have freedom of that class, the teenagers ran out of the class room. "Oh! No electronics! Remember were not the only ones on this trip!" Miss. Remple shouted after them. "Oh what am I saying, there going to bring it anyways." Miss. Remple told herself with a sigh.

The ocean eyed brunette walked out of the class and headed to her locker. She put on her leather jacket over her aeropostale sweater, slid her blackberry storm into her skinny jeans pocket and headed to the school yellow bus. The ocean eyed brunette wasn't the queen of the school, popular, geeky, a princess charming, a bitch, a class clown, a skater, one of the 'normal' people. She's a loner. Not because she can't make friends, because she can only trust herself. In the end of the day all she can truly trust is herself. She has no reason to lie, no reason to have a secret, no reason to act like someone shes not. All she needed was to be her, and trust herself. And only her self. She doesn't even mind not having a best friend or even not having a friend at all. Shes fine with it. It's not like she has no emotion on her face, always depressed shes actually the most happiest, kindest person you could meet. Has she gotten mad before? Of course. Does she do anything about it? Yup. She lets it slide.

People didn't even bug her about not having friends because shes a great, nice, sweet person, polite too. They just let her be, sure some people saw it weird at first but they understood it after awhile. Now people were in their seats chatting like they had all the time in the world. Talking over each others voices so they could hear one another. Some were taking pictures, making videos, texting, and you know, what ever else you could do on the bus. But there was a one who wasn't making a sound, texting, making something. Just silent looking at the captivating places they've driven past. Although everything looked beautiful she had a feeling that this day. Wasn't going to end well.

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