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The Masks we Wear

Chapter 1

There it was again.

That grin.

The same grin that made his adorable dimples show.

The exact same grin that made her heart flutter.

She hated it.

Scratch that… she absolutely loved it. She just hated the way it made her feel. If only he could just stop flashing that grin when she was around... Maybe she'd be able to think about something else.

"Earth to McNally! You still in there?" An amused voice broke through her thoughts, bringing her back to reality.

"Huh?" She shook her head and quickly straightened herself in her seat.

Sam took his eyes away from the road and gave her an amused look. "Are you feeling ok?"

Andy cleared her throat, unable to keep herself from blushing. "Sure, why?" she answered quickly, shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly.

He focused his attention back on the road. "You were staring right at me." He chuckled and lifted his eyebrows in curiosity. "And from the look on your face, I could've sworn I'd just insulted your family honor or something."

The grin was back. She tore her eyes away from his lips to look out the window. "I was miles away, I guess." She had no idea how long she'd been staring at him before he'd realized it. She had to start being more careful. Not that she stared at him all the time.

Andy let out a long sigh. She couldn't help it. If her eyes weren't glued to his lips, they were on his arms, his eyes, his hands…

If only he'd let her drive. She wouldn't have a choice than to focus her attention on something else. But nooooo, he was way too stubborn to let her get behind the wheel.

She heard him chuckle, making her realize she'd zoned out again.

"Want to talk about WHY you can't seem to stay with me for more than twenty seconds?"

She grinned and turned her attention back on him. "Trust me, you don't want to know what's going through my head sometimes."

Sam snorted. "Ok, NOW, I'm really curious." He glanced at her again, but seeing as she wasn't about to start talking, he shrugged his shoulders and looked away. "Fine, I give up." He sighed. "You hungry?"

She nodded her head eagerly, jumping on the chance to get out of the car. "Sure, I could eat."

At the end of the day, Andy was more than thankful when her partner finally parked the car back at the station. She was exhausted. Not physically exhausted, but mentally.

Sam always told her she thought too much.

Everything always came back to Sam.

She'd been blinded by her relationship with Luke, but now that it was over, there was no denying it anymore.

She wanted him.

At first, she'd thought it might have been infatuation. She'd actually contemplated the idea of spending one night with him, just to get him out of her system.


A one night stand with Sam would only ignite the burning desire she was already feeling for him. She'd never be able to get a taste of Sam Swarek and not want more.

"Are you planning on getting out of there or do you want to spend the night in there?" a muffled voice interrupted her thoughts. She glanced up, only to see Sam standing outside the car, staring at her through the window with an annoyed look on his face. He rolled his eyes and opened the door for her. "Gosh, McNally, just get out!" He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out, chuckling. "Now go inside, take a shower and GO HOME. Have you been sleeping alright lately?" He started walking quickly towards the entrance, leaving her behind.

Andy shook her head and caught up with him. "Yeah, that's it." She answered way too quickly.

Sam opened the glass door and turned around to look at her. "You're giving me a headache." He told her. "And you're lying." He let out a long irritated sigh and waved his hand to show her he was holding the door open for her.

The brunette gave him a tight grin and walked in, quickly making her way towards the women's locker room. Only when she was inside did she let out the long breath she'd been holding. "Get a grip, girl." She muttered under her breath, not believing the way she was acting. She quickly took off her uniform and got in the shower, eager to go home and get this day over with.


"Girl, what's up with you tonight?"

"Huh?" Andy rolled her eyes at herself. She definitely needed to start working on expanding her vocabulary. "I'm sorry, I'm just tired."

When Traci had joined her in the locker room after her shift, the first words that had come out of her mouth had been 'drink' and 'stat'. Even if she'd planned to go straight home and jump into bed, Andy had had no choice but to invite her over, since there was no way she was going at the Penny.

Her friend snorted. "Yeah, right." She answered, taking a small sip from her red wine.

Andy cocked her head to the side. "What!"

Traci threw her head back and let out a long groan. "You aren't tired." She pointed her finger at her, a knowing smile playing on her lips. "You have that 'I-want-me-some-Swarek' look plastered all over your face."

Andy opened her mouth to answer but found her voice was missing.

"Ha HA! I KNEW IT!" Traci raised her glass in victory. "You really need to do something about this, Andy. You like him."

"Maybe I DO like him. A lot. But I can't…" She took a deep breath. "I'm just not ready to do anything about it." She finally admitted her, staring at her drink. Realizing her friend wasn't saying anything, she glanced up and rolled her eyes. "What."

"What's keeping you." She asked her, coming to sit at the other end of the couch.

"I JUST came out of a pretty serious relationship. I need some time by myself… really know what I want." She wasn't completely truthful. Thing was, she had already moved on from her breakup with Luke. It hadn't been too difficult. One day, she'd woken up and realized he wasn't what she wanted. She needed a man who would always be there for her, no matter what. Luke had proven on more than one occasion that he couldn't be that person.

Sam, on the other hand, was always there.

She'd been working with him for long enough to know she could always count on him.

She wasn't ready, that was true. But she wasn't ready to start anything with him, because she knew that, unlike Luke, he would be able to break her into a million pieces.

Right now, he was her friend and a great partner. She was fine staying that way for a little longer… until she felt ready.

"You know he won't wait for you forever."

"Who says he's waiting for me?"

"Trust me. He's waiting." She snorted. "He has the "I-want-me-some-McNally" look on his face whenever you're around."

"TRACI!" Andy nearly shrieked and threw a pillow at her friend's head. "Shut up!"

"Wow, great idea! Let's throw things at Traci while she's holding a glass of red wine." She reached out switched her own glass with Andy's. "I think you need this more than I do."

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