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Chapter 9

A shrill ring broke the silence, causing Andy to groan in her pillow. Lying on her stomach, she extended her free arm and groped around blindingly for the offending object. She swore under her breath, swearing she'd left on the bedside table last night. She finally found it and slowly turned her head to look at the screen. She grimaced when she recognized the number, having no other choice than to answer.

She flipped it open and pushed herself in a sitting position, holding the covers over her chest. "Hey Trace." She grumbled into the phone, rubbing her eyes tiredly with her free hand.

"Woah… is this a bad time?" Traci chuckled at the sound of her friend's voice.

"Nah, it's fine." Andy recovered quickly, trying to sound as natural as possible. "What's up?"

"I should be asking YOU that question." Traci shot back, sounding amused. "It's almost two in the afternoon and I apparently just woke you up."

"I wasn't sleeping I was… I was… um... making muffins." She rolled her eyes at her poor lie, knowing her best friend would see right through it.

Which she did. "Since when do you bake?"

Andy could easily imagine the look on her friend's face. "Since… always." She lied again. She hated baking. And apparently, she must've told Traci she didn't bake.

"What type of muffins are you making?" She asked her.

"Carrot." she told her, waving her hand around. Carrot was good. She liked carrot muffins.

"You're making carrot muffins." Traci repeated in disbelief.

Andy groaned, getting irritated. "What is this, an interrogation?"

"Alright, alright, I'm letting it go. I was just calling about tonight."

"Tonight?" She grimaced at her own stupidity. She brought her hand up and hit her forehead. "Right! Tonight! Yeah, it's all good." She told her, hoping her friend wouldn't notice her temporary amnesia.

"You forgot about tonight, didn't you." Traci deadpanned. She knew her too well.

Lying wouldn't get her anywhere this time. "Yeah." Andy told her sheepishly. There was no point denying it, she HAD completely forgotten about their plans. Traci had invited her over for supper the previous day. She'd accepted of course, since she'd had no idea how the day was going to end.

She heard Traci sigh. "It's ok. I was calling to cancel on you. Leo has a fever and I think it would be better if I spent the evening with him. My little man gets cranky when he's sick."

Andy grinned and glanced at the other side of the bed. "Oh! It's fine, Trace. I totally understand that you'd want to stay with your son."

Traci chuckled through the phone. "Why do I have a feeling you're happy our plans didn't work out?" She teased her.

"What? I'm not happy… I'm… um… you see, I..." Andy stuttered, knowing she was just making things worse.

"Andy, it's fine." Traci interrupted her. "I'll see you tomorrow, alright?"

She sighed. "Yeah, ok."

"And you BETTER tell me EVERYTHING, got it?" Traci added, showing her she knew more than Andy thought she did.

"Fine." Andy said a quick goodbye and shut her phone, pouting at the offending object before setting it back on the table.

"You are the worst liar. Ever." A sleepy male voice broke the silence.

She turned her attention on the man lying next to her, frowning. "What? My story was fine." She argued back, pouting childishly.

Sam grumbled and turned on his side to look up at her. ""I'm making muffins?"" he repeated her words, raising his eyebrows in disbelief. "That's the best lie you could come up with?"

Andy leaned back against the headboard and shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever. I'm sure you wouldn't have done better if it was YOUR phone that had woken you up."

He gave her a cocky grin, raising his hand to caress her naked leg. "I really wore you out, didn't I, McNally?"

Her pout slowly turned into a saucy grin and, without warning, she pushed him onto his back. She threw the covers off him and climbed on top of him, effectively straddling his hips. Palms flat against his bare chest, she gave him a mischievous wink. "I think I wore you out." She rolled her hips against him, rewarded with a deep throaty groan.

Sam grabbed her hips tightly, preventing her from moving. "You're gonna be the death of me."

"Are you saying you can't keep up with me old man?" She teased, biting her lower lip as he moved against her, showing her exactly what she was doing to him.

Sam's hands travelled over her torso, his fingers lightly brushing her breasts, making her moan with need. He threaded his fingers in her unruly brown hair and guided her down to his mouth for a passionate kiss. Tongues battled for control as they both grinded against each other in an attempt to drive the other crazy.

In one swift move, he had her on her back and was grinning proudly over her. "Who were you calling an 'old man'?"

Andy let out a small giggle and pulled his face back down to hers, crushing her lips to his.

The phone ringing interrupted them, making them both groan in irritation.

"Don't answer it." Sam mumbled against her neck, biting and then licking at her bruised skin.

Andy squirmed under him, barely able to think properly. "But... I have to." She told him, reaching blindly for her phone.


She finally caught her phone and brought it closer to her face. "Might be important." She told him, looking at the caller ID. "It's Jeremy."

Sam pulled back quickly, glaring at the offending object. "Give me that." He grumbled, reaching for the phone.

Andy tried keeping it out of his reach, afraid of what he'd do. "Sam, don't say anything stupid." She told him when he finally got hold of it.

He flipped the phone open and groaned as Andy rolled her hips against him, teasing him. "Thomas. She's making muffins. Call later." He nearly barked into the small cell phone, before shutting it off and throwing it over his shoulder.

Andy's laugh was quickly swallowed by Sam's mouth covering hers for another passionate kiss.

Hopefully, this time, Officer Thomas would get the message.

Andy was his.


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