I felt pain coarse through my body. Flames erupted in my chest and my eyes felt heavy. My mind lost some of its control of my body.

The pain was worse than bathing in the river Styx. Then finally it all stopped. Kronos was now completely in control of my body.

But my thoughts where still there. " Very good Percy Jackson you will make a very good host. And with your body we will definitely be able to take down Olympus.

Inside I felt the happiest I have felt since Annabeth dumped me.

See my names Percy Jackson, son of the terrible arrogant Poseidon. When I was 16 I helped save Olympus and now I was out to destroy it.

As soon as I fulfilled the prophesy no body wanted anything to do with me. I was just another piece in there games. Peter, the child of the next great prophesy, was now destined for greatness.

And so Annabeth had dumped me for Peter and Poseidon who had once loved me left me for all of his new GREAT children.

So where does that leave me, alone with my mother and her abusive husband Paul Blowfish.

See when they first got married everything was great but all good things end. And so Paul started drinking and ever since he has been abusing me and my mother.

But one day he got out of control. I had been out for most of it but when I got back I saw my mother lying limp on the ground with Paul clutching her throat.

I was terrified I could see she was still breathing faintly so I charged. I lunged for his throat but he had a knife. He slit my arm and then he finished off my amazing mother.

Even to this day I can see her body laying there with the knife sticking out from her chest. I had nightmares for months. Paul was still out there though so I always had to be on the look out.

And so I was left with nothing and no one in this gods forsaken world. I lived alone on the streets not old enough to rent my own place.

And then one day I got the message.

It was from Kronos he had heard of what happened to me and he knew I was in need of getting revenge.

And so we got together and started planning how we would take down Olympus. Finally after three months of persuasion I agreed to let Kronos have control of my body.

And so here we are now with me having my body possessed by a great Titan god.

In only three weeks I would finally get to see all those people I hated so much at the mercy of my sword. I looked into a mirror and smiled with satisfaction.

It was still my body but I had piercing gold eyes and I radiated a glow of power. My body was ripped and my face was etched with lines from hard work and wisdom.

But what had changed the most about me since I saved Olympus was the deep amount of hatred in my eyes.


It had been a year and a half since I had left Percy for Peter. At first I thought I loved Peter but now I knew how wrong I was.

He had cheated on me with my ex-best friend Katie Gardner. And then he hit me when I broke up with him. I knew I would never have the connection I had with Percy with peter but I never thought he would hit me.

I haven't been the same person ever since. I have often tried to IM Percy but he would just block me. Grover had tried reading his mind with the empathy link they shared but Percy had disconnected it.

No one had heard of or from Percy ever since he left camp. Rumors of him being dead have been going through camp for a long time but I could never bring myself to believe them.

Besides me and Grover Percy only had one other friend, Nico Di Angelo. But no one had heard from nico in a long time.

Nico had been so mad at me when I broke Percy's heart that he promised me a long painful death when the time came.

This kind of scared me knowing so many of my friends now hated me. Thalia caught wind of what happened between Me and Percy and disowned me from being her friend.

And so I am now completely alone. Even Chiron hates me ever since I made his favorite camper leave. Even though he wasn't allowed to say it everyone noticed how he treated me differently.

I hated it so much I had thought about killing myself but knowing I would then have to face nico in the underworld I decided against it.


Ok so I just wanted to write this I like the stories about how Percy goes against Olympus J