Ok guys this is JUST an author's note. I don't know if I should do a sequel or not. So if everyone could just PLEASE give me your opinion on whether or not I should write a sequel that would be great!

Also a lot of people had some important questions so I would just like to answer them so everything makes sence.

XsecretmangawriterX; The gods were at camp half-blood because of all the monsters. I know the whole Hestia never leaves Olympus thing but that is absolutely a lie. Even in one of the PJO books Hestia was not in Olympus; therefore, she does not have to be in Olympus either. And someone WAS in Olympus watching over. Nemesis was watching over Olympus while everyone else was fighting alongside the demi-gods at camp half blood.

Nicoluvsme; OK first of all yes there are quite a few things unanswered, that is why I am doing this chapter right now. Remember this story takes place after the first Titan war when Percy had made that wish that all of the minor gods get a thrown in Olympus. SO; therefore, Hades and all the minor gods and goddesses DO have a thrown on Olympus now. You will find out what happened to camp half-blood if I DO make a sequel. The mortals went on as if nothing ever happened. And Thalico is NOT incest because gods technically do not have DNA. And if they did then Percy and Annabeth never would have been able to be together. Also there are a lot of other stories out there that have Thalico in them and no one complains about them.

Ok those were really the only big questions I got but if anyone else has any coments or questions I will make sure to answer them via personal message

~Jessica Sandalaz La-Rue~