In a far away land much like our own, a horrible war was going on. The fighting was between the Elemantalites and the Elementalbeasts to see who would be the ruler of their country called Elemantaila. (In the previous war the rulers of Elemantaila got assassinated by the enemy's strongest warriors.). Some Elemantalites betrayed their own kind to join forces with the Elementalbeasts and the same with some Elementalbeasts. Whoever becomes the ruler of the land gets the two strongest weapons called Darkanius and Lightmia. These weapons were stored in the rulers palace hidden and would only be revealed to ruler. This tradition has been going on since the beginning. These weapons are strong because inside they have a special stone that grants it and whoever wields it special properties, but not only these weapons have special stones but there was 4 great stones that were used to power the country and give special powers two weapons. These stones were red stone- obtained the element of fire, blue stone- obtained the element of water, gray stone- obtained the element of air, and the brown stone- obtained the element of ground. But one day a war broke out because people were getting mad because people were taking too much of the stone so a bunch of people broke the stones and made it's pieces shatter all over the country. Now the only way to get some of the stone is to find it or if you own the family weapon which usually has a certain type of element inside. The reason why the legendary weapons are more powerful is because they have special stones, Lightmia contains the stone of light which fell down from our sun Solorpris and Darkanius contains the stone of darkness which fell from our moon Lunarpris. This legend has been told by our forefathers for centuries.


Ten years ago the second child of the great Energital family (Energital means energy and spiritual) was being born in the "birth room" of a hospital. The first was born two years before the second and she was named Sheryl. The new born child, he was named Maxwell or Max for short. Their parents are two great Elitrons which means warriors or fighters in our language. These two children are two of the 6 Energital family members still alive. This was a bad time for Elemantaila because the Energital family is the strongest Elitrons because of their natural fighting trait the Chibotara which gave them the power to combine their power with another of their family member's power. Many other great families wanted this power, and they were jealous that they couldn't be born with such great power.

Later that night someone in the hospital screamed in terror and in pain. So Oryan M. Energital went to go see what was wrong and left his exhausted wife and his two young children. A moment later another scream was heard in the hospital it sounded like a man who gave his all to try and stop the culprit. The sounds of footsteps were getting closer and closer. You could tell there was more than one person by the pattern of the steps.

At the door two figures appeared at the door of the room with evil smirks on their faces and weapons in their hands covered with blood. You could tell they were human because of their Elemantalite-like features. As they walked closer Meredith S. Energital put the sleeping baby Max next to his terrified sister and got up and tried to make a barrier between her and her children with her body and her arms and legs spread out. At that moment a shriek of horror came out of Sheryl's mouth as she watched her mother fall to her death. Then the figures started to come toward her and another figure appeared in the blink of an eye in front of the children. As the figure came to view it was the other member of the Elitron family Oryan's little brother Kenkared D. Energital. At the sight of him the two figures fled into the shadows in fright. Since Kenkared was the only one left to take care of the kids he took them in and raises them like they were his own. Ken couldn't have any children of his own because he had a disease that he got during war so he has to stay home instead of fight so it doesn't get any worse. That is how the legend of the last two children of the Energital family came to be.

This is the intro of my story and the back story of the main characters so I hope you liked it and I'll be posting the first chapter soon.

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