Blood X Love


A little girl with honey orbs gallaped to the head of mid-night blue hair,obviosly enjoying his acompaning she tripped over a rock crying, and the boy paniced running to her side immeadiatley.

She stuck up a nubby finger to his face, he froze. Voice like silk she said " It hurts.

Shamefully the boy looked away fearful of what he may do if he were to try to looked into his saphire pools, her eyes begging.

Regrettfully he stood telling her the truth behind him." I can't help you,I'm a vampire". Silence stood for a mere second.


He stood there stunned while the girl sat with the purest look on her face. He was dumb-struct. This girl really had just told him that it was alright that he was a vampire? He stood there with the dumbestlook ever possible of be on his hamsome girl of pink hair strode over to him with her plump finger in front .

"Here. Doesn't blood help you?", she asked innocently.

He nodded his head in turn, seeing the girl was serious about the siuation he had to ask her this question. " Would it be fine for you to be my wife?"

The girl was dumbfounded not knowing what to say. Shortly after she straightened.

"I Hinamori Amu accept"... she looked over at him for help, he chuckled...

"Tskuyomi Ikuto."

she continued "as my lawful and loyal soon be blah", she chanted. Ikuto laughed at her sudden laziness

to finish the last statements.

Haistily not forgeting the girl's open finger, he gentley place her fragile limp nub into his awaiting lips. A unknown sensation filled the girl, because of this she blush furiously . He looked at her pitiful face and his signature smirk wdnt right on.

He loosened her nub and chuckled a throaty laugh, causing her to blush redder if he couldn't help it. He laughed so hard he could of he rolled on the ground holding onto his stomach, leaving the pinkette pouting in return.

Angrily she put on her scariest face, this caused more laughter. Then when she was about to chase him she fell face first in mud, even more laughter, then she finnaly got up and bear hugged a tree thinking it was him, he laughed so hard she could have sworn he peed himself:; and suprisingly he did.

His laugher died, but she erupted. She toiled on the ground until she heard whimpering. She looked up to see the boy flooding rivers,blushing in embarassment.

She stood and hugged the boy, ( obviously avoiding the pee I mean eww germy )her face simpathedic. Luckily she had an extra pair of pants, a little over her size. She trashed her bag until she discovered her item of wanting, sweatpants. She gingerly entwined he legging of the pants in the flushed boy's hands.

His face lit up, still embarassed but overjoyed to find a person so kind and loving. He thankfully hugged her and trotted behind a tree to change. Within minutes he returned, still with a tint of pink painting his cheeks but otherwise he was emotionless.

Amu examined the pants to find them on the tight-side, she giggled startling him from the other world his mind was in. He tried to act as if nothing happened and utterly failed.

"So 'pee man' say your last words", she whispered. He growled at 'pee man', but stayed confused at her last words until she tackled him( like Micheal Vick on he Eagles ).

"Ow",he grumbled forgeting to be embarassed. An idea the popped into his head taking advantage to the situation. He flipped them so he was on top and began a tickling attack on her.

" Ah-haa-ha-I-Ik-Ikuto -s-sstoop-p",she cried out, tears of laughter forming at the corners of her kept control for a little while longer until he heard the call of his name.

He had to to his dismay but before then he had to break it down to the girl.

"Amu?", he inquired.

When the girl turned, she sawregret pool in his sapphire had the knowing feeling that good-byes

would soon be said.

Before he retaliate, he saw tears threaten to soak her young face. Concern filled his gaze. Tears poured in a river, tears of him about to depart from something else filled Ikuto's face. Love?

Before the rivers became lakes, she felt warmth on her lips. Her honey pools widened. Her face now flushed was full of shock and somehow, happiness. The kiss was full of passion, and when it ended the girl's face was a rose on a green stem because of her green shirt and trousers, the boy with his heart-stopping, signature smirk on, but love filled his azure eyes.

He squirmmered in his pocket, scavenger hunting for the object he'd been waiting to begift to the one who held his heart.

"Here",he called.

Ikuto placed the object of purpose in on her strands of hair near the crook of her neck. A bell to stand for uniting and a white dove for future love.

He looked within the depths of the speachless girl's amber orbs. She returned the gaze unwavering.

"Keep this on and never take it off. When I come to claim as my wife, I'll know it's you by this", he pointed to the threaded bell-dove charm.

With this his gave her forehead a parting kiss and he dashed off , but before he left he voice drifted across the field..

"I'll wait for you",she also quickly added,"..and don't take 20 years." She stuck out her tongue.

At this he chuckled saying his 'alright', the dove into the rose bush and was gone.

xxflashback overxx

Normal Pov

'That was the last time I saw him', she thought.

Her mind whirlded that was 10 years ago when she was 9 years old. 'Maybe I should move on, get a life', she battled with her own mind about the whole affair.'Mabye he'll come back', her good side thought. 'Keep a tough face and move on', her bad conscious debated. She was so undeciding.

"He's obviously taking his time if he is to at all come back", she spoke to no one.

Now since she was faith in him was quickly dropping. Exhausted from her mind battle, sleep beckoned to her like a silver road of destiny. In no time she was out.

Amu's dream

In front of her was a masculine looking man, strong biceps-long,sun-kissed skin,muscular limbs- and in his glory a SIX_PACK! He was the type of guy who would be seen on the front of people magazine.

Amu drooled to her dismay and when she noticed he could see her she blushed like a tomato. The man smirked while strolling over to her. Amu's blush deepened when he made eye-contact and looked deep into her pools.

'I've found you my kitten', was his words before Amu was awoken to the nagging sound of her cell.

End Of Amu's Dream

Normal Pov

She rose from slumber to the sunlight of morning fitering through the window's blinds. What annoyed her the most was that her cell was still emmitting the aggivating country song she couldn't delete.

Amu's Pov

My phone was still going off.."Uggh", I grumbled.

I snatched my cell from the table and grumpily anwser.


What I didn't know was what helped cause the change of my life.

"Hello my Kitten"...


Zion: Don't cha' love cliff hangers?

Amu:NO, I hate them and why is he here?

Ikuto: Because I am

Zion: *Sweat drops* Well please R&R