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Normal Pov

The mysterious figure bounced from roof top to roof top through the bustling city. He and his target remained completely unnoticed by passing pedestrians and honking cars and taxis that were a mere 100 feet below them. Finally, as his headquarters became within eyesight, he dropped onto an unoccupied street and waited patiently for an unmarked car to arrive. Within five minutes, a black Escalade bounded through the street and stopped directly before the retriever and his unconscious target. The window rolled down, "I see you've successfully retrieved the girl, but did you leave any other evidence except the Clan markings behind?" the voice questioned from the car window. "No sir, everything is in order," the retriever replied calmly, "May I enter the car, it's quite cold and I'm sure the boss won't be happy if the cold were to affect our target." He also added, lifting the shoulder holding the pinkette to add emphasis. After a few heartbeats, the door unlocked and the party of two enter the Escalade just before it departed.

"Now, I'm sure your father will be pleased with your performance. We also have another objective for you to complete by the end of this week. Will you be able to handle this?" The unnamed voice asked. "Of course we could wait if you feel that this is far too soon." The voice added. "No sir, the timing is not an issue, the objective shall be completed before the deadline." The retriever responded carefully, void of emotion. "Very good, I shall contact headquarters before we arrive."

The car traveled through darkened streets, avoiding the main roads where several people were, seldom a car would pass them, but the streets were barren of light, life and noise. During the ride, the pinkette was carried to the trunk area of the car where men wrapped her in ropes, blind folded and gagged her in preparation for their arrival back to base.

"Also I forgot to mention," the voice interrupted the silence, "here's a portion of your reward." He handed the retriever a bag of red liquid. "This was one of the reason why we avoided streets filled with pulsing heartbeats. Even the most self-controlled vampiric citizens can become tempted with potential 'livestock' surrounding them." The voice said darkly and cunning. "Thank you." Came the curt response.

Within minutes they arrived at the front of a large corporational site. They pulled through the nearby parking garage, killing the engine in the darkest part. Two scouts were sent to secure the area and came back declaring 'all clear' before all occupants exited the car and scurried towards the back of the skyscraper. The man who seemed to be boss stepped towards the only back entrance of the building. He seemed to perform a secret knock when the door opened immediately afterwards. All six men and one female prisoner entered the door and followed through the path left by the row of guards. Once everyone entered the building, the last to guards followed the end of the group, two guards also escorted the front of the group.

After what seem to be an eternity of winding staircases, secret hallways and elevators, the grouped entered a room to find a door guarded with heavy security. Cameras littered the walls above the door and guards were posted from East to West. The moving group stops a couple legs before the door when one of the guards posted along the wall radioed through his headset. "We have a group of seven seeking to enter, sir; should we allow them entrance?" The guard questions. After a few minutes, the guard leaves the wall and opens the door, but only allows the boss, retrieve and the prisoner to enter, the others remain outside.

"Very good, Yoru. I see you've completed your assignment." The voice counters from across the room. "Yes sir, it is done. I've brought the girl of question to you, is there anything else involving this situation I must comply to?" Yoru, the retriever asks his superior. The cobalt head releases a laugh before replying. "No, you've done all involving this matter assigned to you. You may do as you wish, but I do ask that you'd not speak to me so formally. I'm your father after all, Yoru. Family doesn't speak to each other like Dictator to Squire Boy." He chuckled towards his son/employee. A noticeable tension leaves Yoru's body. "Well, I'll be off and back before dinner. I see to mom before I head out though." Yoru throws over his shoulder. "Dinner starts at 10 pm and no later." His father shouts to be heard.

The door shuts softly and the two men left inside the room wait until footstep are no longer heard before they continue their affair.

"What are we to do with the girl, sir?" Asked the man. Yoru's father sighed before sliding down low into his seat. "I don't know. She's not useful to us dead yet, but she can't be treated too poorly or too great. Let's put her into one of our under-furnished guest rooms." He responded. "And stop calling me sir since you know it makes me feel old. 450 years into too great a lifespan." He counter humorously. The other man released a light chuckle.

"As you say Aruto."

Ikuto Pov

They got her, I thought in panic. What am I going to do, what should I do? I knew I was near borderline crazy/ hysterical and pacing around and ripping out my hair wasn't going to help me in my situation, but it was all I could do. Managing to do different actions little by little is what I should be focusing on anyway. "Think Ikuto, think. Where would they go, where would they station at?" I questioned myself. Thinking rationally, I knew they'd probably be located within reasonable distance. That being said, reasonable distance for vampires can be several cities or even a country away. "Wait, my father is a corporation owner!" Yelled, earning back some confidence. That means, he'd be in a bustling city where his business would thrive, I though wittily. Now, I just need to remember the name of his corporation.

Suddenly, the ticking of the clock became the loudest agitating sound in the world. Tick, tick, tick, tick. "That's right! It's called Multi-Wards, previously called Easter, but changed since every contracted employee is talented and receives at least on award within their career." I shouted with glee.

After my unearthing the company's name, I dashed up the stairs into Amu's office, punched on the computer (which was a very low grade desktop I should mention) and pulled up Multi-Wards website. I skimmed through the website. "Multi-Wards quest for the most promising and talented began blah, blah, blah." I started to read faster, anxious. "Multi-Wards hosts several events and tours including concerts, sports and plays within the heart of Tokyo; especially during cherry blossom petals litter the streets." He continued. "Multi-Wards also travels internationally to expose different cultures the talents it possesses. Blah, blah, blah." I thought I'd never find the information I actually needed. Until… Multi-Wards has three main headquarters because managing with millions of employees was found to be impossible. That being so, only to headquarters are actually open for the public listed within the hyperlink."

Bingo, I thought with glee. I click the hyperlink and read...

Multi-Wards Headquarters- Americas

555D Fame Walk Avenue

Las Angeles, California 12345

Multi-Wards Headquarters-Eurasia, Africa, Australia

345 Cherry Blossom Road

Tokyo 111-222

Multi-Wards Private Headquarters

123 No Trespassing Drive

Bucharest, Romania

Why would they list the private headquarters' address? I thought. Then read the tiny, typed portion under the address.

Although the headquarters is listed as private, request for visits or invitations allow entry

(Request for visit would cause pended entry until request is given the clear, of course).

OK, I thought. Now I understood. I guess that makes sense. Obviously where the headquarters was located at would be in Romania, I mean I should've expected it since I was born and raised within the country. I'm an idiot, I thought with disdain. My father's own homeland and I don't even think to suspect it would be there, I thought scolding myself.

I quickly scribble down the address before contemplating whether or whether not I should write down the phone number typed under directions for visit requests. I thought against it. After all, this would be an in-out procedure, no time to pester anyone or 'diddly daddle' anyhow. I finished up with the computer and slid downstairs, grabbing the doorknob and flying outside in one fluid motion. I pulled open the Escalade's door and hopped onto the seat. The engine purred to life. It's better not to arrive within the country abnormally, since it would be easier to sense me, I thought tiredly. It takes more effort, but it's a safer option. I started for the nearest airport, but remembered I'd come ill prepared for Romania if I didn't bring a heavy winter coat and extra layers. January is cold and the temperature can hit the negatives. I ran into Burlington Coat Factory, grabbed necessary clothing off racks and shelves: gloves, winter coat, pants, sweaters, hats and the unnecessary watches and a pair of sunglasses (Ok, I have a watch fetish. OCC much right.)

Immediately after, I sped to the airport and book first class for Romania. I waited a LONG hour before the flight became available for boarding. I went through pat down and bag check before I was finally able to go deeper within the airport. I walked down a long path, handed my ticket to the nice blonde lady, and made my way towards the steps leading into the plane. I walked up the steps in haste and settled into my assigned seat. I released a sigh, resting a little before I had to secretly make arrangements without alerting my father. While caught in my thoughts, a flight attendant giggled and waved towards me. As usual, I ignored the antics of hopeful young women, Amu was all I needed. Amu, I'm coming so you just wait, Ok? I thought earnestly.

Amu Pov

I woke up, moaning in slight pain. My head throbbed and thumped, obviously the pain subsided before my awakening. Had I woken up earlier, I'm sure the searing pain would win the battle.

I stood slowly, testing my leg strength and stretched for relief. My stiff back vertebrae popped eerily (I would have been concerned if it didn't feel so amazing) and my legs and arms cracked loudly the more I properly stretched them. I moved my arms in large circles to get my arm sockets and shoulders moving properly again. After finalizing my stretching session, I realized I really was awake and clear-headed now. Now I began to observe my surroundings.

I stood in front of a decent mattress furnished in white sheets and two fluffy pillows, to my left was a dresser and to the right of the bed was a night stand. The dresser had a small box TV, although it wasn't old, being it was modern. I spun around to see two large windows draped in curtains and on the left wall of the windows was a closet and to the right a bathroom. That being said, I quickly dashed into the said room and returned outside with the noise of a 'flush'.

Soon I began to notice red flickering lights along the ceiling. Cameras. One was placed in each corner, one by the room entrance, the closet, and bathroom and by both windows. I guess that pretty much explains that I'm not home and I'm under surveillance, I thought with a nervous chuckle. "Great! I've been kidnapped." I stated under my breath. I jumped, startled when one of the cameras moved and turned directly towards me.

An intercom announces, "Hello Hinamori Amu-san, how's your stay so far?" When I don't respond a sigh loudly projects along the walls. "Now that's no way to treat your host who show such hospitable nature towards you, is it dear Hinamori-san?" the voice continues, "You'll be here for several overnight visits, but we won't treat you poorly. After all we must treat a guest properly until we receive what we want in the end." The voice stops. "You'll have access to many amenities within the resort you are located in, but remember you are a prisoner of course." The voice speaks almost cheerfully.

"Why am I here?" I ask. The voice laughs mockingly. "Don't you know? You've been involved with a certain person for the last couple of weeks Amu." I notice the voice drops my last name and the honorific. "By chance, this person is a blue headed beauty. You've encountered someone like this correct?" I was questioned. Wait, does he mean Ikuto. I must've looked surprise because the male voice laughed, almost seeming to die of humor. "You poor thing! Well, I really must be off. Two guards will escort you to where you'd like within the building." He pauses. "Now that I think about it, you'll need an ID card. You can find that in the upper left dresser drawer. It has your information stored and grants you access to permitted places within the building. Meals are also covered with your ID card so you won't have to worry you little pink head." I look at the camera with questioning eyes. He chuckles. "Expecting warnings instead of info about your stay. Well, I merely assumed you were a smart girl, even though you seem to be dense. I must also mention there aren't any gimmicks and you will be under constant watch of the guards, privacy not being an issue since you're all girls." I continue to stare. "Farewell." The voice become scratchy and static fills the room until it become silent.

The entrance of the room opens and two well-muscled ladies walk in to retrieve me. Once both in the room, the first speaks up. "We'll now take you to the buffet room. I assume you are hungry Miss Hinamori?" She asks me politely. I begin to walk towards the door until the second stops me. "I'm sure you'd like to dress in something more appropriate, elderly men here aren't shy." She says giving me the 'look'. I take a glance at what I'm wearing and thank her for telling me. I run into the closet and grab a simple sundress with flat and hurry to them, not washing or brushing my teeth I might say. But damn, what can I say? I'm hungry and a girl's got to eat. I bounce back and grab my ID card before leaving, then I follow the first woman down the hall to the elevator, ignoring my bedhead-and all its glory- and can't wait to dig into some grub. Maybe this won't be too bad, I thought with hope.

Aruto Pov

I've got so much work to finish, I thought with absolute dread. Can't an executive boss get some free time? No matter, I'll take my long needed vacation once I have Ikuto under ropes once again.

I take a swig of my coffee for relief to recoil in disgust. "Momikine!" I bellower. "You've screwed up my coffee order once again." I heard scurrying feet when suddenly she arrives at the door of my office. "I apologize a thousand fold sir, I'll try to not make this a reoccurring error." She responded professionally. Since I like how responsible and polite a young girl as herself is, I never truly reprimand her since she's an excellent worker with great work ethic. She always tries her best. I sigh. "Just go down to the cafeteria and request 'Boss's Special Joe' and they'll finish the rest." Momikine walks to my desk, removing the mug and bows before departing. Within ten minutes she reappears-that being record breaking time with me in the skyscraper's top floor (21st) and the cafeteria on the first- with my correct order. "Thank you," I say. "You're dismissed to continue with the faxing records. After releasing her, she bows again and speed walks way to her duties. Now I can refocus.

"Social Media site wants a private interview to post on their website of Utau Hoshina of her Black Diamond tour," I summarized through the details. "I suppose I can allow this, but I must monitor the questions, sometimes the turn out non-work relate. I sign the paper and turn to the next. "LittleDreams Studios (A/N: Mine, well I thought of it on the top of my head without look ups.) wants a song and music video collaboration with Kagra Tameki -pop artist, Tiffany Strong -dancer and Turner Tim- also pop artist." I read. I grip my hair. Tiffany is free, I thought, but Kagra is not at all available at their listed moment and Turner isn't available until a month past their written date. I write a letter explaining the situation, sign it and put it into the mailing stack.

Hours later I exit the corporation and a chauffeur escorts me into my awaiting limousine. "Take me home." I demand of the driver. We take off. "Long day at work I suppose?" My driver asks. I nod in agreement. "You have no idea." My long time drive chuckles and turn right at the light. Within a half hour, we arrive at my mansion. "Good night!" My driver yells and I wave him off repeat him the same. Good night, I thought. I can't have a good night until Ikuto is back!

I walk inside and my wife approaches me lovingly. "Welcome home, dinner's ready!" She cheers. Walking over and looping her arms around my neck. I lift her and fill the space between us. Our lips stuck together and our tongues battling. I separate us, looking at my fragile wife lovingly. "It's good to be home."

Normal Pov

Ikuto jolt awake as the flight attendant jars his shoulder lightly. "Get up sir, we have arrived." She says with a gentle smile. Ikuto thanks her warmly and exits the plane with the other passengers. He enters the airport and retrieves his luggage.

A taxi awaits him, ready to depart for their destination since he already make arrangement before caving into to slumber on the airplane. Ikuto pops his luggage into the trunk and hops into the back. As soon as he's in, the car leaves the airport for its destination. "You look of from here. Romania your home country?" The taxi driver asks, appearing to try to create conversation. "Haven't been back for years." Ikuto gave the driver a sad smile. "The country's so lovely at times, but the past made me leave." He finished, turning to the window and watched as a light drizzle began and a large storm was born. The tapping of the rain drops lulled Ikuto back to sleep and he dreamt of Amu back in his arms.

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