Chapter 3

Amu Pov

I gapsed as pain and weariness masked my weak body. I was unable to move a finger over the force of paralyzation that streamed beneath my skin. Finnally after the period of time of weakness, strength built through my muscules as I moved a limb.

After a large amount of effort and pain, I sat upright groaning inwardly as pain still envoloped my connected limbs. Somehow I managed to hop out of the mountain of warm cover and pilled pillows, to the cold crackled air from the opened window.

'Wait, I didn't open a window',she thought internally.Now when she thought about it, she didn't even remember the part when she came home.

I stood in the middle of my room confused, then vivid images of last night's events swhirled like whirpools in my brain. The obiese guy with blood-shot eyes, the unbearable pain coursing throughout me, and the scent of irony blood fill the air around me. They came clear as if the scene were happenning right now.

Heat crashed into my over-worked body, my temprature increased dramaticly, and consciousness crept from under me. As the process of sleep increased on my falling courpes, to muscular arms gently caught my fragile body. I felt safe in this hold as it rocked me to sleep

Normal Pov

Amu awoke to wet-coolness on her forehead as a washcloth soaked in cold water stood in the center of her heat source. A major headache clouded her thoughts of what recently happened. She sighed as she gave up the struggle to remember.

The aroma of food interrupted her thoughts as it strengthened, navigating closer to the room. Drool slouched out the sides of her lips, pure delight overwhelming her curiousity. The door popped open (literally) and slammed across the room. Now her mood changed to frightened she duck under the covers, shaking slightly in fear as the footsteps neared.

Amu heard muttered curse and giggled lightly at how stupid the person, thing, or anything else sounded at the time of being. As her giggle fit continued the person on the outside cluched the bedsheet in their hand, still cursing lightly. Amu's gigle fit built stronger, clutching her belly while, clamping her over sized mouth.

Finnally the covers flew of and an handsome figure appeared above the pinkette's face. Concer masking it's pure man had shaggy mid-night blue tresses and muscular arm. He had a drop-dead-gorgeous face with charming azure pools. Underneath his thin under shirt was a ripple of a six-pack abs. To finish it off he had a slender figure and muscular structure. He was irresistable.

Amu store for the longest time unit I felt his gaze drift directly towards she snapped when she heard a chuckle.

"Like what you see ?", came a husky voice.

Heat rose to her face, a blush painting her cheeks.

Honey met cobalt as the two eyes sunk into the others electricty-like feeling swifting through the other at the power of the gaze. Amu sat dazed at the man before little did she know she fell into his web. Him the spider catchinf his prey, her the juicey fly. During the stare he scooted closer, closing the unwanted space between them.

Amu's Pov

This guy pulled away the covers, he was... gorgeous. Drooping dark blue locks and sapphire orbs, not to mention his charming facial appearance. He had a brawny build with muscular limbs, and he had a slender figure to finish the show.

I guess I've been staring too long, I felt eyes bore into my head, but not in a threatning state, like from 'Slutzilla', but of curiousity and question. I levered my head up to meet his cobal eyes to find lust and desire. He careed over filling the vacantcy between us. His face traveled closer that's when my head came out of the the clouds.

'What does he think he's doing', I complained inwardly. 'I don't even know the guy and he's getting close.'

I stuckmy from out of my ass and acted.

" Umm...what arrr..."

I couldn't finish. Warth had suprisingly clashed onto my lips. My eyes widened his lips crashed onto mine, my hands pinned to the bedpost behind me. I moaned as his free hand traced the curves on my body, but the kiss stayed strong.

His kiss became passionate. Lust and desire still lingered within the lip lock, and I moan louder with ectasy as his feelings became of wave crashing through my wallof defenses. This kiss drew out a make-out session we moaned in chorus during this event. He licked my bottom lip constantly, begging for entrance which I gladly (suprised) excepted. Our tongues dance together, rolling and clashing together.

I started to gasp at how good this felt in side. My eyes were clamped shut from the passion and rouhness of the kiss. He had to be a bad boy, because all bad boys are always good kissers. I shrieked when his cold touch grasped my breast and molded the other in his now other free hand aswell.

Noticing my hands were free, I slipped them around his neck locking his head in place. His tongue thrusted into my moth as we bobbed our heads back and forth. I moaned in pure pleasure as he sandwitched my breasts together, then twist and molded them in any way he pleased.

I felt a throbbling sensation as I aroused slowly from this seductive strange, I thrashed beneath him in order to containment from screaming in pleasure for the alien impression. Suddenly I felt coolness travel down my thigh after navigation from my boobs, the length of my short nightgown, and my delicate hips.I melted in ectsay. My breathing hitched and my temprature increased. The throbbing between my thighs ampified my pleasure off radar. My feeling of discomfort long from materializing.

His cold touch pause when his finger tips skinned my inner thigh. I whimpered in disapointment, when he stopped his actions and tumbled off the bed. If he had continue, I'd probally let him have me as he pleased. I was sort-of glad he stopped, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed when he stood up the moment.

He strolled to the whole at the 'door'of my room and paused.

"The name's Tsukiyomi Ikuto.. if you wanted to know. And I'll be staying for a while", he threw over his shoulder huskily.

Then I watched him leave throught the 'door'.

Ikuto's Pov

I tugged on the covers to have my beauty laying beneath. Her slender waist was perfect, she had shoulder-length, strawberry hair, and let's not forget her double D sized chest. She had a curvy and lushious structure, her hips met perfectly with her waist and her slender legs conncected finely with her hip. She had the face of an angel, thick lashes, thin brows, and plump-kissable lips; that gave me an idea.

Before I drooled, I traveled closer to her, hovering just above her angelic face then with haste dived for the kill. This was all I could do to tame my lust and desire for her.I held her hand on the headboard of her bead and crashed lip to lip with her. I lip locked, then shortley, licked her lip begging for entrance. Once she opened her mouth I plunged my tongue through her mouth, tasting her, exploring all there was.

I grasped her boob with my free hand and dropped the other from it's hold. She slipped her hands around my neck and I took that as a sign she was enjoying my tourment. I molded her breast in my hands, sending them any direction as I pleased.I heard her moan in pleasure, hearing this I losened my grip on her right breast and slid my hand to navigate down her body.

I smelt her arousal nice and clear like fresh air. I travel my hand to her thighs then moved into her inner I could continue I felt my arousal. My meat sticking up like a ruler. I collected my self from ravishing her body, she is too innocent to take away.

I popped off the bed and walked to the 'door'.

'Damn',I thought. 'I'll have to repare that.'

Before I left, in a seductive whisper I said, " The name's Tsukiyomi Ikuto, if you wanted to know. And I'll be staying for a while."

With that I left the horny girl to battle with herself while I went downstair to eat the prepared breakfast.

Amu's Pov

I sat there on the bed dumb-founded. He, I mean Ikuto just came and made-out with me. His name sounds fimiliar though, but the personallity is totally far from the one I'm waiting for.

"How am I going to survive with something like that."

Before I could think anymore, I became hypnotized with the smell of food and let my nose lead me downstairs.

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