Trapped In Metal

Subject Delta stood over the defeated Big Sister, his right arm encased in a frost covered heavy mining drill and his left arm coated with dancing electrical lights. This Big Sister proved to be a tough one, as she shakily pushed herself up to her feet. Blood was spilling from a nasty looking gash in her side and air was escaping from the large oxygen tank on her back as well. The Sister's blood red porthole was cracked and her suit was charred black.

The Sister threw her head back and screamed as loud as she could, extended her right hand and telekinetically grabbed a wandering Thuggish Splicer. The Splicer was sent flying through the air, it waved it's limbs all which way in an attempt to get back control of it's body. It's struggle ceased when it was impaled on the six foot serrated ADAM needle of the Big Sister. A sickening squelching noise, similar to when Delta uses an EVE Hypo, sounded throughout the blood stained streets of Pauper's Drop.

Delta released a blast of electricity from his fingertips, stunning the Big Sister as it attempted to drain the Splicer of it's life's blood and then smashed his drill over the side of the Big Sister's head. The 'one-two punch' still proved to be a simple but dangerous battle maneuver as the Big Sister was sent careening to the left and hit a concrete wall with a sickening CRACK.

The Big Sister slid to the ground, clutching her helmeted head in pure agony. The Sister has never, EVER felt pain like this. Not even when they had fused the Syringe/Gauntlet onto her arm had she cried.

He just wouldn't die.

This Alpha Series had removed the two Sisters she was in charge of watching over from their rounds with their Big Daddies, she had no choice but to take direct action and recover the ADAM that the metal man had stolen. She tried her hardest, she tried…but she just couldn't beat him. He had the strength and speed of a Bouncer, the tactical intelligence and marksmen ship of a Rosie, and the fire power and aggressiveness of a Rumbler.

It was like he was a combination of all three, not even the Lancers could compete with this…this…


For in her warped, psychotic mind that is what he was. Hollow, no emotion, not a single ounce of regret, even when he was leveling the barrels of a double barreled shotgun right at her cracked porthole. Her body was shaking. Her body shook in pain and fear, their was a constant ringing in her left ear that wouldn't stop and her long gangly legs twitched ever so often from the after effects of being struck by such a high powered electro bolt.

That and she was just exhausted.

As the Big Sister looked her killer straight in the eye she couldn't help but let inky black tears run down her face, she didn't ever think that she would be killed by one of the men she held in such high regard. Big Daddies were not only looked upon as knights by Little Sisters but their Big Sister counterparts as well, this whole experience was traumatizing for her. She could see the Alpha's gloved finger on the trigger of his heavily modified weapon, she could see that she was in for another electrical shock if the high power electrical dynamos mounted to the side of the rifle were any indication. And if that didn't kill her, he would probably bash her skull in until she ceased her twitching.

The Big Sister let out a small whimper and closed her eyes, awaiting her imminent end, she braced herself for the shotgun rounds that would not doubt pierce through her armor and flesh…

But they never came.

The Sister cracked open an eye to see the Demo Daddy…hesitating. The Big Sister whimpered again, and attempted to wipe her tears away, only to be thwarted by her helmet. The Big Sister clutched her helmet in both of her hands and detached it from her shoulders, air escaped her pressurized suit with a hiss as her face was revealed to the world.

A blank yellow porthole met hellish glowing red eyes. The Sister's face captivated Delta…immensely. She had fiery blood red hair and her eyes glowed with a red light that looked as if they emitted from the deepest bowls of hell. Her face was unnaturally pale, due to not being exposed by ultraviolet rays AND to being confined to her Big Sister suit. She had a couple of scars here and there and her face was littered with freckles. As the Sister finished wiping the inky black liquid from her face, she looked up at Delta with her full plump lips parted. Her lower lip quivered as she stared into the barrels of Delta's shotgun.

"M-Mr. B-Bubbles, p-please…D-don't…."

Delta's eyes widened behind his visor as she attempted to converse with him, but why was she trying to talk to him in the first place? The last Big Sister he fought, fought to the death. Delta looked to his left then to his right then slowly put his shotgun away.

The Big Sister wiped one last stray, inky black tear from her eye then when she looked back up to the Alpha Daddy he had his gloved right hand extended towards her.