An author's note from another dimension:

It's been forever since I've been on this account and forever since I've written a short story or fanfiction of any kind. I have been in a major funk, that is to say, a perpetual writer's block for months and I had long since thought my fanfiction stories had been forgotten. I had just finished playing Bioshock Infinite and when the credits started rolling my thoughts wandered back to my old account and all my unfinished stories. I'm in college now, I've been reading like mad, and I think I'm finally ready to continue where I left off. Not this very second though cause I have to go switch into a math class, lol.

Bioshock Infinite's ending still has me in a state of amazement and confusion so my grammar probably really isn't all that good. Plus I've been reading some White Wolf game books such as Mage and Vampire the Masquerade and they got some really funky wording and concepts, lol.