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Pfanee, Shenshen, Fiyero and I rounded the corner, babbling on about whatever thought graced our heads, when - BAM! - we got our first glimpse of our common room through the open portrait hole. Jostled forwards by the girls behind us but trapped by a gangly group of no-way-ever-a-boyfriend-prospect-type boys (including, of all things, a fourth-year boy in a skirt and a black bob-wig!), Fiyero and I shuffled towards the opening in the wall at a snail's pace, climbed through the hole, and into the brilliantly lit common room beyond.

And what a room!
Maybe fifty metres long by thirty metres wide, decorated in gleaming gold and rich reds. Portraits (moving, of course) lined the walls, beaming and waving at the students.

There were couches, beanbags and armchairs all in shades of red, and the thick, soft carpet was a warm, soft gold. A tall, skinny boy with ginger hair was giving us directions to our dorms- girls upstairs and down on the right, boys upstairs and down on the left- and he 'advised' us to go straight to bed, as lessons would start first thing the following morning. I turned and looked up at Fiyero, meaning to say goodnight, but he bent down (drat being so Oz-damned short) and kissed me bang on the lips, before turning and walking away and up the stairs to the boy's dormitories, calling, "goodnight, Galinda" over his shoulder.

I think I need to lie down.


Hermione and I took the downwards set of stairs first, only to find that those dorms were already occupied. We turned and climbed up the stairs, but the first, second, third and fourth dorms were also taken, and we were starting to wonder if we would have to sleep on the couches in the common room.

The very topmost dorm, however, gave us some success. Three other first-year girls were already there, but there were two spare beds, and they were happy to let Hermione share. She stuck her head back out the door to tell this to me, for I had been talking to some fifth-year girls who had knew me from the Munchkinland School for Privileged Girls, which I had attended during my childhood. When the first-years in the – my – new dorm saw me, they squealed, but quickly decided that, as there were no other beds available, I would have to live in their dorm.

I think Galinda would have protested, but she was too busy writing in a hideously pink and disgustingly fluffy journal to notice what was going on around her.

"'The amazifying and fantabulous journal of Galinda Upland'" Hermione read, "What's up with her?"

"Oh, she just got off with the Winkie prince, and apparently he kissed her goodnight." Shenshen sniffed, clearly a case of sour grapes.

As if in response to Shenshen's words, Galinda rolled over, hugged her diary to her chest and sighed in contentment.

We unpacked, Galinda too deep in her romantic daze to notice Hermione and I clamber into our new beds. Hermione waved her wand vaguely, and the lights dimmed. I rolled over, buried myself in the soft, fluffy blankets and fell asleep.

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